Can I meet him?

I’m a total noob at LD but the first LD I get I am going to try to contact a character from my flash movies that I make. Do you think I can do it? I’ve always wanted to meet him.

of course! i really do believe everythings the limit to lucid dreaming. Thatd be a great experience to meet a creation…itd be almost godlike.

i love how we all just dream and dream.

It’s not reallt that tough to do, as long as you know and beilive you can you will suceed.

Good Luck! :ok:

Cool! Now all I got to do is lucid dream!
Easier said then done, though. :sad:

My first advice is to make yourself very familiar with the list of Reality Checks given here and to do them literally every few minutes. Doing them so often was how I first became lucid only last night! :grin:

i really want to meet and play guitar with jimmy hendrix…or kurt cobain. might be a good idea for a RT…“wait…im playing with a dead guy…i MUST be dreaming!” lol :wink: that sounds really fun though, this is a really cool world not worth ignoring.


I’d like to meet Kurt too…very much…thanx for an idea!

He, he, I was confused when I read this:

I though it said “I’m a total nob” Lol.

I was thinking “what!!!”