Can i say anything

im new at this lucid dreaming and im curoius to what its like, can u say anything instead of the qoute on the site can you say “im going to lucid dream” and keep repeating it please help me! :smile:

He means for MILD.

And yeah, you can. I use one different from the one on the site, and it works for me :grin:.

Yes. As long as you belief it will work it will. Lucid Dreaming is incredibly easy, and can be doen very quickly. So don’t let negative failures drag you down. A lot more people have good LDs. Just try to fill your head with posotive sucess and it will help a lot. OK, I’m, going “OT”

Yes, repeat the words in a mantra, over and over again. But the most important p[art is to remeber your dreams.

Yes. You can use any phrase you want. Some people will just say I’m dreaming over and over. All you are doing is: setting your intention to (realize your dreaming the next time you are dreaming.) What actual words you say are unimportant. Just keep it simple.

Look forward to hearing about your first LD.

Happy Dreaming

do i say it out loud or in my head? :eh:

It’s best that you do it in your head :smile: Otherwise it might be hard to fall asleep… and perhaps not for you alone :wink:
Just close your eyes and constantly repeat to yourself that you WILL become lucid this night (or whatever sentence you choose).

Good luck! :smile: