can i use MILD as a primary method?

plz read this carfully.because if you dont you will not understand what i am talking about :tongue:

can i use MILD as a primary method.because i heard that if i want to practise DILD as a primary method i have to learn ADA.i dont have time for that in my daily live.but in the other hand i sleep from 9 to 7 witch gives me time to practise MILD and WBTB.Sooo if i keep up with MILD every day before bed and after waking up from a dream.will it give the same resulte every time.for example 50% chance that i will have a lucid dream if i use it today.50% if i do it tomorow …or is it going to be better and better with time.

I would say that DILD isn’t actually a method it’s just a condition in which you induced LD. Because there are RCILD, MILD and CALD and those methods help you to become lucid once you are in a dream.

And yes MILD is good technique for start.

But what is ADA?!

you didnt understand my question…never mind
what am trying to say is that i am going to use mild every single day.[color=green]is it going to give the same resultes every night[/color] [color=red]or it will get better with time[/color]

ADA means all day awernesse.its to mantain the highest level of awernesse all day witch will make lucid dream normaly but its hard and very sterssing.also known as lucid living

Actually, some people would say DILD is a part of MILD in some ways. I believe the more you use a technique, the more chance that it will work for you. I mean, you can’t expect it to work straight away, but it will eventually. You can of course, use one method as your primary method. MILD is great because you can couple it with DEILD, WBTB and WILD (though WILD is harder). A lot of people find a good method and stick to it, which makes it easier for them to only have to remember that one. :razz:

Like Eilatan said… There should be better results with time but you can’t expect them to come over night. I think that MILD is in some way longer process then WILD, although WILD is somewhat harder.

Also like Eilatan said :grin: MILD is very good technique but even better if you combine it with other techniques…

Good luck!

thx dor the helpfull advices