Can I?

Can I become lucid even when I’m not dreaming about myself?
How Can I use tricks like looking at my hands, when I’m not dreaming about myself?

Usually at the point of realization or questioning, your hands would automatically appear in front of you , even if you weren’t dreaming that you were yourself.

Its a dream anything is possible :smile:

How can I get to the point of realization or questioning, without a technique? Y in the dream I’ll ask myself if I’m dreming or not?
Do Ineed 2 ask myself during the day if I’m dreaming or not, so automaticly I’ll ask the same question during a dream?

thats what i like to call RCILD

No :puh:

:wink: You don’t absolutely need to make RC, looking at your hands while awake. Of course, as Ballogan says, RCILD is perhaps the best way of finding your hands in a dream.

But another technique is to convince yourself, before sleeping, you will find your hands in a dream. For instance, saying loudly “I’ll find my hands in a dream” three times, and imagine strongly you see your hands. You can use any technique you find convincing enough.

I found this trick in Castaneda’s books, and had my first LD with it.
The first times, I had dreams where I saw my hands, but it didn’t make me aware I was dreaming. :grrr:
But after that, I found my hands and became lucid. :smile:

10x, but I have 1 more quiesion.
do I have 2 want to dream (I needed to ask this 1 first, I’m in the remembering phase, sorry…) all day long, thinking about it and talking about it,
I need 2 do that when I go 2 sleep?
because, during the day I do a lot of things such as playing basketball, watching TV etc.

for remembering, actually, you should think AFTER you sleep mainly…
and some advice for thinking bout LDing

The more you think about, and the more RC you do the better… Of course you don’t have to miss any basketball matches or TV programmes :smile:… if you use the RCILD method, any time you check the time during the day (naturally) you may do a RC with the clock…

If you use the WILD method (with/or MILD), it is enough before going to the bed.

Personally, I use the WBTB WILD technique, and i usually check the forum, plan my LD and imagine what its gonna like, while im on WBTB for an hour, and since i usually have a lot of FA s, i do a RC every time I wake up…
hope you’ll find the best method for yourself,both for remembering dreams and to trigger LDs later! Best wishes!

I will do the things u wrote in ur message and hope 4 the best.
I really think that what u wrote is very useful and I just wanted to thank u.
Thank u :happy: !