Can it be done? - Dual existence in dreams.

-Note- I can’t LD myself, this is just an idea I had that I was curious to know whether or not was possible, so I’m seeing what you guys think of it.

So, the general idea of LDing is that you can do anything. I’m curious to know whether or not this is qualified by ‘anything that you can imagine’. My first reaction to this thought would be, “How could you try to do something that you can’t imagine?”, but I think I have something that fits the requirements.

Try imagine being two completely seperate people. Simultaneously. You have all the thoughts/feelings/etc. and you have complete control of both of yourself, at the same time. I’m having difficulty really describing how this would have to work, as I can’t conceive of literally being two people at once. I keep having trouble visualising how one could have two completely seperate trains of thought, simultaneously.

So, have any of you experienced this? Do you think this is possible? It seems like it could be a fascinating thing to do, if it could be done.

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It’s an interesting idea. Especially to have two trains of thought atthe same time. Ofcourse our brain works in many places at once outside of our awareness. The trick it seems would be to tap into another “system”, or split the one that’s conscious. well. that’s beside the point.
Something one can’t imagine, yeah. I can’t really imagine what it would be like to see in all directions, but it’s been done.

Seems possible. I also controlled two people simultaneously, but not in that way - I didnt felt their feelings etc. But seems fully possible, because two hemispheres can work simultaneously, even IRL. I heard somewhere of illness that caused that two hemispheres were able to work like they were two totally separate beings (or it was an accident :confused: I cant recall).

I’ve done that
I’ve done it in third person
and I’ve done it in first person
Also I’ve done it in third and first person with two people
and sometimes one person in third and first

Being able to do this; it could be interesting to see how where your limits are.

For example, how many people can you truly be, simultaneously? Can you create an entire civilization/world, with different copies of yourself. Can you then experience hundreds of things simultaneously? For example. Can one of you be flying, while another is reading, and a couple others having sex, and etc, while you actually still experience it all?

How far can multitasking be expanded in this level?

I did something like that. I was two times myself. One listening to a teacher and one talking to my sister. It wasn’t in a LD. It was a normal dream. I was listenig and talking about the same thing. I was in two rooms at the same time.

You’re probrably thinking of a case where someone had severe epilepsy and his hemispheres were seperated, this caused them to have no interaction with eachother and it meant things he saw with his right eye he could only interact with using the right hemisphere and vice versa, but it did increase certain abilities.

oh this happened to me, in a normal dream. At the time I had been thinking quite a lot about free will, quantum theory and Shrodinger’s cat experiment (’s_cat).

I dreamt I was pregnant, and at some point the dream literally forked into 2 threads. In one I had a baby, a family etc. In the other, I didn’t (I had an abortion). I had them at the same time, simultaneously. And the baby I was pregnant of was alive and dead at the same time. Like Shrodinger’s cat.

But that’s when I realized that either way I had killed something (the verb ‘to decide’ comes from latin and has the same root has ‘decimate’), I experienced the loss of something in both threads. If that makes any sense. Although I lived both lives simultaneously, in each I made a different decision and I felt that very deeply. Like a paradox, simultaneity gave me two lives but also two losses, in each life the loss of the other.

It’s possible and it is interesting.

In a LD I was myself along with a DC I decided to totally control. It was like having two cameras on a security screen, watching what was happening, but being able to control what happens on the screens as well.