Can lucid dreams help you change your personality?

Can you change parts of your personality by practicing in lucid dreams?
Let’s for instance say that someone is very careful when it comes to conversing and flirting (like me :lol:) - can you practice those things in lucid dreams so that it evenually becomes easy just like that in real life?

I would assume that if you attempt anything in a lucid dream then you should get a boost out of that and be more inclined to do it in real life.
Actually it could be kind of fun to develop these skills during lucid dreams and then surprise certain people with acting in a completely different and more confident way during specific situations than what they would expect. :peek:

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I think that’s a great idea! I’ve read about musicians and athletes honing their skills with LD, so it seems like social skills could be improved also.

Yes, I would expect it to have some effect.
Some people argue that lucid dreams are insufficient practice material for social skills because “dream characters aren’t real people”, but would one really reflect over that if they feel real?
I think the social situations could have pretty much the same impact on you if they give the same feeling as they could in real life, just like overcoming phobias can be dealt with in lucid dreams even if the object of one’s phobia “isn’t real”; the feeling you get from dream events usually translates over to the dream world in some way.

I believe it’s possible, specially with insecurity/social anxiety. People that say “but none of it is real” don’t know what they are talking about, IMO. :tongue:

I remember a LD where I went to tell some DC’s that it was all just a dream, and suddenly there was a big group of people around me listening to me talk about it. As soon as I realized it I got the little anxious feeling in my stomach which I get IWL and would definitely get in a situation like that. I then told myself that it was all a dream so there was no need to worry. It was enough to keep me talking, yet the feeling stayed with me. I think one of the important parts of getting better with social anxiety is getting used to the feeling and learning to work with it and in a LD you can do that in a controlled environment.

Although, I haven’t seen my personality changed by this as I haven’t practiced enough :tongue: but I do believe it works. I mean, what makes you feel anxious (or whatever we’re talking about) isn’t something rational, you don’t feel it because you stop and think “hey, this situation is real”. So in a dream the feeling is a reaction to what you perceive, and we all know that that can be really vivid in a dream.

Yeah, it’s true that the feelings you get from certain situations aren’t rational, so it doesn’t necessarily matter whether they are “real” or not - the general situation is still the same.

Basically what I would like to become better at is to flirt spontaneously with girls that I like - I can’t actually say I’m “shy” of girls, but I am too proud to show my feelings for certain girls, so generally I only become flirty if they take the first step. :tongue:

Oh definitely.
The thing I still strive for with lucid dream is becoming a more sociable, amiable person.

When you talk to a person, experience something in lucid dream / dream, when they are pretty realistic, the feeling you get from conversing with people and experiencing the situations affects you in real life too.

Good luck mate, I’ve changed a bit through dreams, still wish to get more done. The possibility is just endless.

Thanks, Innhyu. :smile:
Yeah it’s actually pretty fascinating how vivid and realistic lucid dreams can actually be, in some of my past LD’s I thought it felt really absurd that everything came from my own head, I mean it really did feel like walking around in real life and seeing random people so I could’ve sworn it was at least some form of reality. :tongue:

Yes, just remember, your personality is not you. YOU are you. Your personality is just a mask that you can make however you wish.

Hope it can. I’m basically the embodiment of Socially Awkward Penguin :tongue:

I’ve never had a good quality LD, but I believe that lucid dreams can be used as a deeper form of self hypnosis.

If/when I get a LD, the first thing I’ll do is to meet “an older me”, who has already learnt to lucid dream at will, and ask him to teach me. :grin: