Can Lucid Living interfere with normal daydreaming?

Daydreaming is considered very important for your mental health, and scientists agree that if we didn’t daydream we would probably feel really bad.
I was wondering, since Lucid Living in many ways is the complete opposite of daydreaming, can this affect you in some way?
Or do we still daydream enough without really noticing it?

There are many, many kinds of daydreaming, and I personally don’t think that it’s even possible to not daydream at all. I doubt that LL has a negative effect on daydreaming and if you think that LL interferes with your daydreaming, you can allow yourself to daydream now and then. Also, there’s Lucid DayDreaming, maybe you can use this instead of Lucid Living if you are really worried. :content:

I’ve been wondering the same thing… or, actually, the oposite: “can normal daydreaming interfere with Lucid Living?” :lol:

I don’t know, you can always practce LL every now and then and daydream in between. Or whatever.

But even if you’d be able to be living lucidly 100% of the time… I think you would still daydream. You might be more aware of the daydream though. I mean there are different levels of daydreaming, right? From the type that last a few minutes and isn’t anything serious to the type where you catch yourself and you missed two bus stops and think “where the hell have I been?”. I’m sure it’s possible to daydream while still being aware of things…

Yeah, that’s what I would expect as well.
I guess my point was that it could theoretically be harmful if you tried too hard to stay 100% lucid all day and therefore made it harder for yourself to daydream. :tongue:

It’s also going to depend on your approach to LL. Lucid Living is not the opposite of daydreaming. In it’s best form, the one people like Wyvern use, it’s the realization you could be dreaming at any time. You can daydream all you want as long as you’re still aware of the fact you might be dreaming. There’s a bit more to it than that, but long story short I would not be afraid of it messing with daydreaming :content: