Can Music Be Used To Have a WILD?

I sleep with music playing, can i use this to keep my mind conscious?

Very likely, yeah. Unless paying attention to the music keeps your mind too awake. But I guess that’s just practice :wink: Give it a try!

and welcome :smile:

I have had the most success towards WILDS when listening to soundtracks with simple ambience sounds, never tried with music. :smile: Still, I never had a WILD, but have gotten pretty close.

thanks, i tried last night, not sure if it help a whole lot, i’ll try something smoother tonight.

i havn’t done it, but i would suggest something soft, no lyrics, ambient noise sounds pretty close to what you want
some music can be too distracting

anything specific you could suggest?

There are tons of soundtracks out there with just ocean sounds, bird sounds etc, have a look around. :smile:

Can’t point you directly to anything im afraid, let me know if you find anything!