Can Only Control Dream in A Specific Place?

I’ve had around six lucid dreams, yet there’s one issue:

I can’t control my dreams unless I enter my house, go downstairs, and stand on a certain rug. (Cue for laughter.) This makes no sense, it bears no relation to my life, and I have no clue why this happens. It’s like my brain is trying to justify dream-control. Does this happen to anyone else?

Do you really believe that you can control it elsewhere?
A lot of things in life actually follow mind over matter, specifically lucid dreams, (considering you can control the matter).

Just make sure that you really believe that you can control it elsewhere, and if it still doesn’t work, then come back.

My instinctive response is, use it as a flying carpet!

That’s odd. Once you get lucid rub your hands or spin around. That might work. Yeah what bones said, just believe you can and you will!

I don’t think those count as lucid dreams then? I don’t know but that’s really weird.

Really? a rug? Just say to yourself “I am in control.” and if you truly mean it, than it will work.