Can remembering my dreams help me have Lucid dreams?

Well, I am always good at remembering dreams. Just last night, as soon as I woke up from a dream, I knew what the dream was about. Can this help me in being Lucid? I don’t think I’ve ever really had a lucid dream, but I can always recall a dream as soon as I wake.

Also, will just repeating : “I will dream about ____” while I lie in bed help me have Lucid dreams?

Thanks for any help.

Lucid Dreaming would be very difficult for someone who doesn’t remember dreams, so that’s a first step for anyone. More like a passing grade than bonus points… It’d be better if you could remember 3 or 4 dreams. Writing 'em down is a good habit too. (I’m not trying to be mean, this is just constructive criticism).

The “I will dream about ____” part probably won’t hurt, but other things would probably work better. Napping/Wake-Back-To-Bed works well for many people (ie. sleep 6 hours, get up for 15-30 minutes, then go back to sleep). In general, the more stuff you do to improve your odds, the better your odds will be (makes sense, huh?).

Anyway, welcome to the forum, hope you stick around.

Thats a bit of a stupid question really, I mean if you think about if you don’t remmeber your dreams, then even if you do have a lucid dream you wouldn’t remember it. For all you know you could have had quite a few lucid dreams, and you just haven’t remembered them. So yes, it does help alot.