Can someone explain this to me?

Alright where do I start, before I got introduced to lucid dreaming I’ve experienced a lot of SP and other weird things. I will put down some stories as much as I can remember them.

First time it happend:
I was laying down in my bed and I saw that there was a spider on my ceiling, I didn’t care about it so I decided to look at my window. Behind the curtain was a shade of a ‘humanbeing’(?) who was standing there and it was somekind of “listening” to what I did. It really made me scared so I decided to go further down in my bed. After a while I was looking around in my room again and everything started to flash, like some lights going on and off like 4 times in a second. Then a face of a woman with really big eyes appeared in front of me and kept coming closer it dissapeared and a big ashtray showed up followed by a giant ‘stop board’.
I didn’t understand what it was standing for and I really wanted to fall asleep quickly so it would be over I again looked at my ceiling and saw that the spider was gone. When I tried to fall asleep I felt two hands on my legs, they turned me around in my bed, I turned 180 degrees and thought that I was really still awake. I really got scared and thought about the shade behind the curtain. I tried to quickly stand up from my bed and run to the door to the hall. When I got out of bed I was trying to open the door, at that moment I pulled the whole door out of the wall, I realised I was still dreaming and knew that I had to wake up again. When I woke up again, I tried to run away and open the door again, when I opened the door I saw dead people laying in the hall, one with a bucket filled with blood. Again I realised that I was still dreaming, I tried to wake up again. This time I looked at my closet, the closet was filled with blood and I really freaked out, I opened my door and saw that the hallway was ruined, the house ‘broke’ down on the other side and I heard someone screaming from above. I tried to climb up to that voice and saw that one of my house mates was there sitting, she was really scared so I said we had to go down, I helped her to climb down and from that moment I really woke up. I got out of bed quickly and turned on the light, I looked at my ceiling and I saw that the spider was still sitting on the same place it was before.

It really scared me, I didn’t want to go asleep anymore, it was the last day I slept in that room. The day after I got a new room upstairs in the same house. I wrote down the whole story and I kept reading it to get a logical solution on how this happened, but I never found out.

Another story:
I was laying on my bed in my new room, I again entered the SP stage and had a very weird feeling someone was looking at me, I got really scared and tried to wake myself up. I woke up and ran to my sink to put my head under the water. At that moment some giant monster stood next to me and lifted me up from my arm.

Then again I really woke up and again I didn’t want to sleep anymore, I was so scared.

And another one:
One time I entered the SP stage and I still had that weird feeling someone was watching me, I looked at my cellphone and saw that it’s light was flashing on and off every second. I saw all weird symbols appearing in the screen, but I can’t remember it because they disappeared in some sort of matrix style. At that moment I felt a finger rubbing in my neck, I really got afraid of it and again tried to wake myself up. I really woke up this time and I was really scared when I woke up again. I still had the feeling someone was looking at me.

Things that happened to me in a SP

  • I’ve heard a very hard vibrating sound in my ears, it annoyed me so I woke myself up.
  • I’ve heard loads of cellphones going off at the same time, it also annoyed me so I again woke myself up.
  • I’ve heard like a 100 kids laughing very loud at the same time, It annoyed me at first, but I decided to let it go then afterwards I still got scared and woke myself up.

I’ve really had alot more of these experiences, I experience them like once in two days for almost over a year now and I got introduced to lucid dreaming like the day before yesterday. I really can’t remember all of the experiences because they were just too much. I can only remember that each time I had this I couldn’t move my whole body except for my eyes.
One time I tried to move something else in my body and I felt that I could move one leg up and down while I couldn’t move anything else in my body.
My eyes always pop open when I enter a SP, When I close them I get scared because I can’t see what’s happening around me.


EDIT: Wow, last time I checked I’ve really put it in the helpdesk forum, how come it’s here now?

First of all, welcome to LD4all! :welcome:

You have posted a very good description of a common SP hallucination called the “old hag”. For me, it always took the shape of a black shadow or simply the sound of somebody walking towards my bed. I have heard many people describe this, especially in the phase of SP where we have just managed to open eyes. It can be a scary experience, and it used to be for me, before i taught myself to remember that it is simply a hallucination.

In REM sleep, our body is paralysed. It is a safety measure so we don’t act out our dreams. Our eyes aren’t paralysed, that is probably the reason why it is “REM” sleep: our eyes move along with the dreams. It feels natural to open the eyes in SP, because they feel awake. The hallucinations could be dream images that is still showing on top of the normal input from the eyes, because all parts of the brain aren’t fully awake yet…It simply shows that we are in half sleep, and this state can be used to start a LD. It is supposedly the easiest state to WILD from.

Try searching these forums for sleep paralysis, and you will probably find many stories about annoyingly loud sounds in half sleep. For me, it is usually loud knocking on the door, or my phone ringing.

Id say that first, it was old hag, as siiw described, and the dreaming part was a nightmare with false awakenings. And you said you woke yourself up, so you were lucid, right? :tongue:

I think I were lucid yes, but at that time I never heard about lucid dreaming before. That’s so weird about it. I think I had a LD without knowing it was really a LD.