Can someone help me? Theres a question.

First of all, thank you for reading my post.

-I’m trying to remember my dreams daily and note them to my dream journal.
-I can remember my dreams once in 3 nights.
-Yeah I want to be Lucid in my dream so much!
-I tried some techniques like MILD, WILD.
-I’m pretty new here (2weeks).
-And I can remember I was lucid in a dream 2years ago.

If this dream can help me , may you tell me ?
But the thing is that , My dream was a “Nightmare” …
And unfortunately, I was lucid… :sad:

My dream was something like this with details;
I was running from infected dogs and it was snowing, I could see outside but I was running on some “not completed buildings”.Then suddenly I teleported my self to somewhere else. When teleporting was done in miliseconds, I was tied from my hands to a chair and was safe in a room. But the room was dark and couldnt hear anything. I felt safer but scared also… Then I woke up.

After I dreamed it , I didn’t realize I was lucid. So I didn’t really care that dream…
So dear people, any of you have any advices to me? Should I try to be lucid with this dream again?!

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My advice is that you start to care about your non lucid dreams, you will remember more, and with that comes greater awareness, which can lead to LDs :smile:

I think you should focus on your dream recall too.
its often said that you should begin to induce ld’s once you can remember one dream every night. That is what i did and it worked for so long. Try to write as many details as you can so your DR will get better in no time.

Good luck