can someone help me withmy dream

i recently had a dream about my father, he passed awyin may of this year, the dream was my younger brother coming to me and our mum and saying i just read that dad wanted to be cremated(he was buried) , so he took it in his own hands and dug my father up in readiness to have him cremated, my mum and i begger him not to do it and we where crying and we contacted someone and asked if there ws anything we could do to stop him, and the person said no because the funeral arrangements are always left to the youngest in the family. so we continued to beg him not to do it and he did it, i saw my father’s coffin heading on a conveyor belt behind a young police man’s coffin, and we cried as he was cremated. and then all of a sudden i see my dads legs they where smaller fromthe last time i saw him at the viewing of his body, and i mentally said to myself thats because he would of deteriorated being in the ground, i never saw his face, bt i knew it was dad because of the clothes he was wearing when we buried him. then my dream went to us getting the urn with his ashes in it and i could smell osmething as the person that gave us the ashes never put a lid on the urn and i said to my mum i can smell dad and it smells a little, i could see th eurn adn what was printed onit, it was small and sort of like i assume and olden day floral teapot looks like, the colours where blue and pink and white. we then asked the lady that gave us the urn to please put the lid on it and she gave us the lid to the urn. the dream then went to the grave site and there was lots of people at the cemetry and there was a orange danger sign around my dads grave site saying danger adn a man directing people away from the grave, i also saw my aunt and cousin visiting my uncles grave not far from my dads and they looked sad, we then put dads urn into the grave and had it burried… i woke up sobbing at this dream and i was hoping someone would be able to tell me somethng abot he dream, please help me i am scared of this dream
thanks all Paula :help:

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I feel helpless at giving you advice about this dream but…

if it was my dream…
the discussion about what my father had really wanted … would be highlighting some doubt in my mind that the funeral arrangements were completely what he would have wanted
my younger brother taking control … would be my feeling of not having any say in the decisions taken
putting the lid on the urn would be representing closure of the event … after he is re-buried in the grave … everything is put right. He was cremated and buried so either way his wishes were taken care of.

He only died in May, so you are bound to have a lot of dreams about him … in some he will have died, in others he will still be alive.

if you ever want to talk … feel free to pm me anytime.

thanks so ,much for putting a what i though horrible dream into perspective, it really helps… i sat in my car today and thought i have no dad left, i feel ripped off that i wont ever see or hear his cheeky smile and laugh again and i cried… nothing else to do but cry, i know he is in a better place now and out of pain and not suffereing the effects of being riddled with cancer did to him. i love him and always will