Can someone verify this experience?

Sorry Mods, I didn’t know where to put this. >.<

But honestly, at this very moment I feel like utter crap. I think its because about… and hour ago? I was watching something on tv, and tried to do WILD with my eyes open. I’ve done it before, but not entirely. I can make my body paralyzed and see HI while still seeing what’s around me, for example the tv. But I haven’t done it in a while, and as soon as I aborted to get up to eat, I realized I had a powerfully rough tension headache. Also, right now, my body is basically completely drained. Yet, if I lay down to rest I feel even worse, so right now I’m sitting up at the computer. Can anyone verify for me if it was actually my aborting WILD that has made me feel so utterly crappy? Thanks alot! And sorry if someone’s asked this already.

I dont know. Failed or aborted AP and WILD always makes me feel exhausted.

Ooh, I used to feel something like that when I was starting out with WILD. I say you need to take your mind off sleep for like 15-30 mins. Play a quick video game. Watch some random videos on youtube. Look around this site for random stuff. But stay up for about a half hour so you can get back to sleep. At least, that’s what’s worked for me.

Personally, I can’t get back to sleep after a failed WILD. I was too stubborn about it once and decided to “tough it out”. 3 hours of sleep when I should have gotten around 9. That’s 6 hours staring at the ceiling. Don’t do that. Just sac 30 mins instead of 6 hrs.