Can you be hypnotized to see things?

I’m getting interested in hypnosis, and after all my research this is the one question that I couldn’t find the answer to.

I have actually been curious about the same thing! until I seen a youtube video where the guy totally screws up on his skit by having too many people up, and their purpose was to look at each other and find a way to hate them… and like… you could totally tell it was sketch… it looked legit at first. until i started to pay attention to the ACTUAL people who were being hypnotized (typically the people who dont spend much time/ dont have much passion to practice until perfect like the ‘hypnotizer’) so idk. i could be wrong… just broadcasting what I have seen.

It’s a very deep type of trance you generally won’t touch on mostly, but it’s doable…
What exactly interests you about it?