Can you be lucid but not be able to control your surrounding

yesterday i had my first lucid dream kind of. I was aware i was dreaming but i wasnt exactly in the place i wanted to be and people were there that i didnt want to be there and i got chased by things i didnt want to but i could make my own decisions.

are you sure it wasn’t a Fake LD? in that you just “thought” you had the ability to make decisions etc?

I have had a few similar experiences one or two i am still not sure whether they are real or not.

Hmm im not really sure, it was the clearest dream ive had in awhile and basically the characters in the dream went to sleep within the dream, and the chars in the dream realizes they were dreaming and i was controlling “my” characters actions i thought and it was just totally different from any other dream ive had sorry if that didnt make sense its really hard to explain.

yeah, it’s definitely possible to be lucid but not be able to effect your will. lucidity is knowing that you are dreaming, dream control is… well… having control of the dream.

lucidity doesn’t necessarily mean you have dream control, it’s a good start though, dream control is just something you need to develop, good luck :yinyang:

Yes, it’s easy to be in an LD where you don’t have total power over the dreams. If you’re in a very vivid, stable dream, it’s usually difficult to, say, make a skyscraper appear in front of you. The more dramatic the change, the more difficult.

The trick to know you can control it! You really have to convince yourself that you can control the dream.
It is not harder to levitate a feather, than it is to levitate a whole building, all you need is some faith. :smile:

In no dream you have total control.It might be under control of your unconcious thoughts and thats what creates a trouble.
Lets say u dream about the girl swimming in the lake,surrounded by forests,birds…beautifull but made of many elements scene.
You counciously control her making her to cuddle and kiss you,you can even try controling what birds do sing but thats about it i is left to itself.It might effect as i.e storm coming…or a stranger approaching…or…or…know what i mean?
And its GOOD thing!This way a dream has a power to suprise you everytime you enter this mysterious teritory:)

I disagree totally… Only reason why it is more difficult, is because you think it is… This rules do not apply to dreams :smile:

I have done some experiments myself, i found no difference between simple change versus dramatic change… I could as easily make a whole building appear, change weather than doing a simple action of making an item appear in my pocket… It all depends on what you believe, if you believe it is harder, then this comes true.

If you’re good enough sure, but I find it much easier to learn how to make small changes than big ones.

Personally I often find it easier to make major changes than the little sublime ones.

i think it works different on various ppl

yeah I have never really had control of the enviornment. Ive had many LD, but i always im only able to interact with the enviornment as i could in real life.

eventually i tried changing the enviornment, and i almost succeeded, but not quite. like i would say “i want a sword to appear in my hand”

but it wouldnt. Eventually, if i closed my eyes and then re-opened them, i could “re-draw” the enviornment, and the sword WOULD come.
But usually it would not exactly be what i wanted, like sometimes a hammer or something would appear in my hand instead of a sword.

i havent been able to continue the experiment because i havent had many LD in a while, im not sure why

PVDOAKIE…I’m sure you did have a lucid dream. But there are different levels of lucidity where as you probably weren’t fully lucid. A low-level LD usually consists of the dreamer being aware that they’re dreaming but not fully understanding the implications and not usually having total control of things. Keep trying and soon you’ll be levitating buildings like feathers!

I also disagree with the comment about “the more dramatic the change, the more difficult.” This usually applies to very low-level LD’s but to be having a true LD you would realize that ANYTHING is possible! In a true LD you don’t just know your dreaming and think nothing else of it…you know your dreaming and you understand where you are in the world and that your body is safely in bed! 100% of the world around you is controlled by you so nothing is difficult, not if your fully lucid.

I would recommend two things (of course, I always recommend without trying myself! :wink: )

  • Do a reality check, and a good one. The breathing-through-sealed-nose one is what got me lucid last Friday. Even if you think you are lucid do one. It should improve your lucidity. Also, if you dream that you are lucid (happened to me!) you were not really lucid. Doing a Reality Check (which I didn’t need, I’de taken some pills which said that I’de dream about something…) should get you to the “top layer”.
  • Try just reciting something to yourself once you become lucid such as “I am in a lucid dream. Everything I see is fake. I can control my dream.” and hopefully it’ll help!

Thanks for the replys guys, I havent had any dream that clear since i posted this but im still trying.