Can you become lucid straight to a layer 3 or 4?

can you become lucid straight to a layer 3 or 4 or do you always start in layer 1 but you have to stabilise it? :confused:

^ I’ve noticed that you mention these “layers” in many of your posts. However, whatever numbering system you’re using, and even the concept of a layer itself, is subjective and we don’t all use it. Can you describe what you mean without that terminology? We might be able to help you better that way.

The numbers 1 through 4 are also called Normal Dream, Semi-Lucid, Fully Lucid, and then the “Highest Level” of lucidity, which is basically the clearest a LD can get. People say it’s more clear than real life.

I’ve heard the numbered layer system from GizEdwards, and the labeled system from World of Lucid Dreaming.

You can go straight to a “Level 3” lucid dream. I’m not sure about a “Level 4,” though. It depends how far into your REM cycle you are or how experienced you are with LDs, and practicing ADA can also help.

oh yeah sorry i might explain layers but maximum is basically right! i did get the system from Giz on youtube but basically . . .
0) dreaming about lucidity/questioning without becoming actually becoming lucid :sad:

  1. lucidity for a few seconds (thats me right now :gni: )
  2. forgot what this one was . . . probably a longer version of L1
  3. becoming lucid without fully understanding your surroundings (good for talking to subconscious)
  4. full dream control and complete understanding

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layer 2: becoming lucid but with dream logic still (if that makes sense). like thinking your DCs are real people and stuff. knowing its an LD . . . but not quite fully aware
layer 3: lucidity with a WL logic–knowing that you are dreaming and everything is just a dream but you dont have full control

I think “Layer 4” is like complete awareness, so I think in that state your not really anything but an awareness. I know it sounds confusing but I think Robert Waggoner talks about it in his book when he did it in a lucid dream.

From personal experience, this is very possible… At least for myself, I always begin my LD’s in “layer 4”. Though I cannot say I have ever actually experienced any other layer. It is basically a simple two sided coin for me. I believe however, that according to those layers, I am nearly at all times at layer 2 every night. The layer system is just a label to identify just how Lucid you actually are. Other than that, these layers are not actually a function of LDing itself.

Yes. My very first lucid dream ever was already a Layer 4.

I made a topic about the different layers. It’s not standardized, so I’d advise against coming into just any Lucid Dreaming community and hollering, “What’s the most interesting Layer 2 minor dream you’ve ever had?” and expect people to know what the heck you’re going on about.

But Reece Jones’ is my personal favorite.

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