Can you bring back objects from your dreams? [Part II]

I was wondering and it came to me on number of occasions, is it possible to bring with you an objest or anything from the dream, I would like to call it and artifact, like in Donnie Darko.
(yes, that was in nightmare on elm street).
I was few times that close to bring it with me but no success till now.
This is how this should go, you dream and having an LD you just grab any object you see and hold it till you wake up, choose smaller object, more chances you will succeed, but I think size doesn’t mater in this. If you did everything right you will have this object with you when you wake up.
I should have put it in research forum, but his experiment is not likely to be taken serious, is it?
Don’t hesitate to bring any malevolent force, too; it is more important to do it then to think about it. Once when the force is here we will fight it. I am telling you because malevolent force is more prone to be brought to this world, because it is like that in movies.

Since what you dream of is a model of reality based on memory and expectation that your brain is making up, it’s impossible to bring a material thing back from the dream world, because what you dream of is immaterial. So no, this part of your experiment probably won’t be taken seriously :wink:
You can, however, bring ideas and thought back from the dream, like songs, stories, artwork, things like that, in you memory, and then re create them in real life.

Once I was dreaming that I hold a piece of paper and when I woke up, my fingers were holding nothing, but muscles where tight like holding it for real.
Of course my real target is area 51 next time, if they don’t erase my memory.

Correct. I’ve always thought about the possibility of memorizing a blueprint of something really cool (idk what, just anything) and recreating it, possibly over several sessions, then building the “device”. Just a thought…

i remember reading a thread once here about someobody who claimed to be able to bring physical objects back from the dream world. I am too lazy to look for it though. I wish it was possible.

Once I saw some numbers on my cell phone, so I wrote them on a piece of paper so I would remember them when I woke up. But the piece of paper didn’t make it to the real world :sad: … c&&start=0
is the link to the topic … (13 pages long)
"Can you bring object from your dreams? "

It sounds like Anna believed what she said in that thread, but I doubt the truthfulness to it. Like I said, you dream of immaterial things, they are just thoughts and ideas cooked up by your brian, so unless you have the ability to convert nural energy to matter using your own willpower, I doubt you can bring something back from the dream world :content:

/me face is blank.


Anyways - yah can’t bring an object. There is a set amount of matter in the Universe - you can’t create (or destroy) any at all.

The best you could do is transform it. However, this would require an obscene amount of energy.

Psionics claim they can make a pencil move after loads of practicing… and can’t move anything bigger then that.

Well, moving matter takes a lot less energy then transforming it - so even if you believe in pyscic abilities, it’s still impossible if the most you can move is a pencil…

This is really off topic, but all area 51 is, is a military aircraft test facility, so I don’t think you’d get your memory wiped, just beat up by some MPs or something :smile:

Yes, but who do/did the aircrafts originally belong with?

I like conspiracy theories, and I do think that something is being kept there that they aren’t telling us about. [Once again, still off topic. :tongue:]

Anyway, Here’s one way to believe you can bring back objects :razz:. Grab the object you want to return then have an FA. Sure enough your object made it back to the “real world”.

You can bring back ideas from dreams, ideas can be more valuable than object.

Area 51 is just to keep conspiracy theorists happy. So they don’t go looking for real secrets.

I tried very hard to bring a book back from one of my dream realities and just as I thought I did it, I had just taken the book into another dream.

Dreams are more real than this reality, if you ask me. But based on physics, I don’t think it’s possible to bring things back from dreams because of the different dimensions. But hey, anything is possible. Miracles happen all the time.

i think the best you could do is to put yourself into a sleepwalking state and attempt to write down ideas while still dreaming.

i’ve been sleepwalking (or i think i have ?) lately, it’s always real confusing, ijust realized i was stumbling about my room, felt real intoxicated, could hardly move, and considered that i needed to lie back down before i passed out.

once i was playing with a lighter :silent: i hope that happened 100% in dream.

I hope you all know I was talking about dream trip to area 51, not real.
In that case I thought if I get there in my dream they probably have some dreamers police for protection.

You should do it Matrix style, like ‘Kung Fu’ your way in and discover all the secrets :tongue:

I have merged “Is it possible to bring artifact from the dream? (U tried?)” into this topic now.

Real -> Dream Easy
Dream -> Real ??? (never really tried it, always assumed dreams were ‘too fake’) (I once ‘saw’ a dream object IRL but it disappeared)

I have brought a few ‘ideas’ and advice with me rather than material objects. :smile: (Inchworm had a point)

If I could where’s that million dollars?

Nope :smile:
You’d only be creating a representation in your mind of what you thought you’d really be bringing, because you cannot bring something that is material into an imaterial state of mind, you can only create another version of it from memory and expectation.
Things are non transferrable, between dreams and real life and vice versa.

I don’t think we’re capable of it, if there were another life-form that had an immensely powerfull brain then possibly, but thats just a bunch of sillyness as far as I’m concerned(at this point in time that is.) But relating to US being able to transfer objects, I’m not believing it. I mean, if one was able to transport objects from the mental world to the physical, then I highly doubt one would be able to control the power. Imagine if you travelled to Saturn(is that the big one?) and hugged the planet, then woke up. So long earth!