Can you bring back objects from your dreams? [Part II]

I can see your point, however there is nothing else but the immaterial state of mind, either during waking life or during a dream. All we ever perceive is a subjective representation of what we take for granted is reality, be it real life or a dream. Following this point of view, it is very possible to take objects from waking life into a dream, but otherwise probably not (since we still seem to be stuck with the laws of nature IRL :smile:).

Even if you use the whole ‘perception is everything’ viewpoint, it would still only be an object created by your own mind from memory, not from a source outside you own mind, so it still wouldn’t really be the real thing, or even a perception of the real thing, it would only be a perception based on the real thing from memory.

Possibly, depending on how you view dreaming: as being percepted through “RL”, or being seperate from “RL” (as in the astral plane theory).


(No way am I quoting all of that) Not the real object, but a representation (an idea, memory, etc) of it is easier to get in dreams; rather as if you wanted a ‘kind of real’ representation IRL it would be much harder (you could scribble a picture of the object on a sheet of paper then again).

I agree, but ppl hve fantasies…

I personally don’t think this will work. But it’s an idea and trying it would be fun. In a dream get an object you want to bring into RL in your dream take it to a second hand shop.

When you wake up go and buy it (btw add a small price tag in your dream too so you can rip the shopkeeper off).

one time i woke up and i felt kurt cobain’s guitar in my hands then as soon as i was totally awake it was like it vanished… but it felt really real right before it goes

If perception is everything there is, then you cannot put any quality to anything outside of it, so you cannot speak of real and unreal in this way. I know what you mean but i’m just playing devil’s advocate of this particular philosophical viewpoint :smile:.

That’s cool, I love a good debate :smile:
Something still has to be the ‘fuel’ for that perception, so you could say that external stimuli are what’s ‘real’ and what’s internal is imaginay or ‘unreal’.
Yeah, anyways, you know what I mean :tongue:

The boundary between reality and dreaming gets thinner every day. :tongue: (btw, my SP-faded off a bit early and I kicked the bed’s frame)

Dreams can simulate RL quite well (vice-versa), in RL I have a marble, I can dream up its form (idea, etc), but if I dreamed I had a marble I couldn’t just take it out of the dream; (it’s the idea). I would have to do something with the idea of the marble (go to a factory and make one, etc). In both realities I have the same senses, only in one do I really have a physical marble rather than a solely mental one. (Go make your own dream-object)

Well about real or not, internal and external are both ‘real’, because that is merely a subjective judgement you make. In the end, ‘real’ merely means ‘existing’, and something outside of us exists that gives us the inpression that it is there. But we can never be sure about its true nature because of the boundaries of our perception. On the other side, we know that we exist for we cannot doubt that we are doubting, so you could say this way that the internal mindscape is the one that is ‘more real’…

how could this work?, I don’t see this is possible just by you alone, I mean if there’s some kind of machine that could materialize things, ok, that could be possible in some future.
And the only way I think this could work by your own it’s that what we call reality it isn’t really a reality, and somehow you could bring things from the dream to the other dream we call reality.

I am just saying stupid things that I don’t believe.

I personally don’t believe it is at all possible.

You can bring stuff from reality to dreams but not vice versa IMO.

You can bring back good ideas from dreams. But I never heard about someone who brought back once some material stuff…

[Edit: I haven’t read the first episode up to now… :tongue: ]

yes…yes it is, once i fell in a dream onto my face to wake up with a bloody nose lol :razz:

I don’t think it’s possible, What’shisname’s law of constant matter, matter can never be created nor destroyed, besides what’s in your dream is in your mind, it can’t be brought into the world, although you might be able to make it.

I too think that you cannot take physical things from dreams. What would be the method by which matter is created?

Perhaps the realization that those laws of physics are part of a veiled conditioning which supposedly forces us to experience the world as we’re experiencing it right now, but which in the end is nothing more than our own creation. It’s the realization that the mountain too changes with every step you’re taking to reach its top. Imo such realization goes way beyond time and matter yet remains immanent within their apparent existence. So to summarize things: the mind is the limit, not only in dreams, but also in waking life. People who realized this were for instance the ancient yogis of India or Tibetan mystics. David-Neel for instance created a tulpa, a thought form, which could be seen by other people as well. Just because Western civilization banned those ideas long ago, it doesn’t mean they’re fundamentally untrue.

If it is possible (which I still doubt), I’d like to see some proof.