Can you bring back objects from your dreams?

She’s Back! :cool_laugh:

Now you gonna make US feel guilty Anna?
You still dont see anything wrong with your attitude?
It does not matter now if you`re Susan or not.Its about how you were warmly welcomed here and i guess thats obligatory thing.
You need to understand that making statements like you goes with responsibility.Are you suprised we are dissapointed at you?Its because you didnt take that responsibility.
How would u feel if i told you i know how to make your life different and seeing how interested you are gave you nothing but words to prove it?
Know what i mean?
Hope you do and if u decide to post here again you will be responsibile for your words.

hmm it’s interesting that people only talk about anna’s posts because she is new and can therefore be called “troll” “hoaxer” etc.

but when i stated having similar experiences - a long time member - everyone looks the other way and continues to bash anna.

Funny that.

this topic should be locked because all i have seen is people bash someone - hoax or not this thread has done nothing but make me feel ashamed to come to the forum and certainly this post.

If anna is a troll and hoaxer so be it, but if that is a reason to become rude and arrogant then i want no part of the forum.

Thanks for the warm welcome (she’s back!! :cool_laugh:) …

Sorry if i disappoint any of you but my aim was never comming here and prove to you that i’m speaking or telling you the true, i only wanted to get your help and advice (and you did!) and to tell you the true? i hoped in the deep of my heart that there will be someone here that will tell me that he also got this ability to bring objects from his dream, this would have make me more then happy. to know that i’m not alone on this.

All i can say is SORRY for your feelings about me, but all my words where real and true, i’m not going back on what i said in this tread.


It all boils down to the old adage, that a prophet is never accepted in his own home town. Only people who experienced the paranormal truly believe Anna like myself and others. None the less, it is difficult Anna for many good people to believe something so far beyond the world of reality as we know it. So their skepticism is understandable. What I hear from reading this thread are voices crying out to you to help them understand your situation better and to aid them in achieving this remarkable gift you have. Keep in mind that opinions will vary and a little occassional criticism is to be expected and is nothing personal. But most importantly I urge you to continue working with the wonderful people on this site and not lose heart. Thx

Your Welcome, it’s suprising to me; that once you decided this was your last post, we pull you back :smile: . Now, i wanna ask, how recent have you pulled something out fo your dream? and what was it?

Dear Hubbs,

I really did’nt planed or wanted to write here again, but i didn’t stop reading this tread becouse some of you wrote interesting posts and i find lot of posts here helpfull for me, as i wrote in ny first message today -

“I read your last messages in the thread and i feel that i must reply it although i did not wanted to write in this thread again


Tell us more about the dreams you have.All of them are lucid?How were the ones that ened up with you having objects from them?
Why did you pick up just those objects?Did it on purpose or without giving it a thought?
Lets skip the objects realness part for now.tell us more about your dreams:)

This is because you’ve proven yourself to be an active participant to this forum already, whereas Anna has not. We can only form an opinion from what we’ve been given, and so far I guess a lot of people haven’t seen any evidence to support Anna’s claim. She continues to neglect any details whatsoever, yet for some reason was under the impression people here would accept her bizarre pitch with open arms. Perhaps if she posted in at least a couple of other common-discussion threads, they’d be more willing to accept her contribution as a friendly discussion, and not a cheeky attempt to generate controversy.

It also seems unlikely that someone from her ISP would register an account here just to post a single message in praise of the author’s one-off statement.

Well, this time i really think this would be my last message here. I don’t know who is Susan and why she said what she said, and i don’t know what’s likely and what’s unlikely, all i know is that i didn’t wrote Susan’s message.

Susan, whoever you are and whoever you’ll be, if you are reading this messase - i think that you own me an explenation for your words, please explain yourself, you can send me a provite message, i will wait for it.

Best regards all,

I really dont understand this thread, once i think i understand it, I’m back to being confused. I thought the whole idea of this thread was asking [i]

[/i] We all gave are answers, and you told your story, and that was that. Now, after 7 pages of knowing the same facts, i dont know what to think or believe (i’m very open minded, even for the impossible). And i think im done caring, if you wanna explain the full situation that’s cool, but at this point, i dont even think that’s relevant anymore. But I’ll say 2915 views is alot of attention, so I guess the 15 minutes of attention are done. So long ANNA , I hope you enjoyed your stay, and hopefully the questions you asked were answered. :peek:

And what are the odds that both would happen to be from the same ISP… indeed, strange. It would indicate possibly a friend or someone who had seen Anna use this board. Her mother perhaps? Who has access to the PC you use to post here, Anna, if I may ask?

This story reminded me of the John Titor hoax - the guy had posted to a forum too, claiming he was a time travellor.
There’s the possibility IMHO that perhaps someone is doing “research” for a movie on lucid dreams and they want to spice it up a bit. Perhaps it’s a horror movie - recall the references to dead people and wooden dolls…

I’m not saying this is for sure (such) a hoax. But in the Titor case, there was some evidence provided at least. Some photos from his ‘manual’, etc were made public. Even some information which was safely deposited with one of the time travel forum regulars.

In Anna’s case, all we have are her words and not much more. Of course she should tell us some more about her dreams, etc, which would help us understand that she is not a hoaxer but someone interested in lucid dreams.

I think it looks (too much) like ANNA was aiming at becoming the next John Titor (hoax), basically…

That depends on where she is from i guess… Until a couple of years ago, we mostly only had one isp which had a monopoly… So is not that strange… Would be weird if it turned out that ips was in same town/city though.

wow everybody.
anna said she wasnt posting here anymore, as soon as someone makes the connection that they are the same person she comes back

Wooooooooow…woooow!! stop horses!! wait!

hahaha…come on! close the thread this is seriously ridiculous, especially those of you that started praising anna AGAIN lol

see this? no of course you can’t, but this is me punching myself


I find some of your last posts here very insulting. You want to know something? well, the true is that i told you only part of the story, I DO have an ability of sometimes bringing objects from my dreams this is all true if you believe it or not, but that is only part of the story, i didn’t tell you all the details about it, you ask yourself “why she can’t show us the objects?? what’s the big deal here?? why can’t she tell us about her dreams???” well I CAN’T! - and there is a very good reason for why i can’t do that, and there is also a good reason for why i can’t tell you all the details about my abilities, you can continue claiming that this is a hoax and that this is ridiculous and that this was a joke and so on, all i can tell you is that this is not a joke and that all that i told you here IS TRUE, you can be sure about that.

I think the best things for me will be stop reading this thread anymore, i already heard too much slander from some of you, sorry but i can’t stand it anymore although i thought that i could and i tried to ignore it, but this is too much.

Have a nice life, thanks for the help, sorry for your bother.


as you can see Anna, now most of us see you as a hoaxer.

If you’re telling truth: you can see that it’s hard to believe you now. It’s a pity you didn’t trust us so much to give us anything to confirm your words (and I’m sure that if you wanted to, you could do it). If you trusted us, things would go very different by now.

but it’s strange that you tell us for the THIRD time you’re leaving…

And what about that IPs? I thought that every user connected to the net has another IP and your ISP gives everyone unique IP, so they can be similar, but never identical.
What’s Anna’s “cantry”? I think mods who know the IP can try to check it, but I’m not sure if they have right to tell us about it.

There’s something else against Anna - he usually gives “post subjects” to her replies, which is unusual on this forum, and so did Susan…

I’m afraid of one thing: I think Anna won’t tell us anything, but now Susan K can start trying to convince us that she’s not Anna :neutral:

No offence to Anna or anyone,

But I dont think anyone in the history of mankind has ever been known to bring objects from their dreams, so I dont believe Anna can do it.

Not even Zen masters or any enlightened people who are fully aware can use their minds in such a way as to bring objects from dreams to RL.

Its like me posting on here and saying I flew in real life, first person to ever do it! was fun :smile:

i dont think so


Well, i can’t explain to you why did Susan choosed also to write in her subject, maybe she is the same type of women as me and we act the same about this things i really don’t know, about the IP i checked it today and what i discovered is that every time i connect to the internet i get a random IP, so even if i was writting under “Susan” name it wasn’t the same IP as me… if Susan is really from my cantry and she use the same internet server as me then it explains why we both have nearby IP number, but i guess that each one in my cantry that use the same server as me will have an IP close to mine.

Well, that’s it, sorry but i had to reply to this.


Dialup ISPs use POP (Point of Presence) which is basically separate dialup telephone numbers. Each access number (telephone number) that you use to connect has a specific range of IPs to use. Also, each ISP account has a specific range of IPs to use.
The IPs of Susan K and Anna are more than similar than the same ISP, they are also from the same POP. This doesn’t prove that Anna is Susan K however. It does make this whole “hard to believe” thread even more suspicious.

Anna, perhaps it was your mother that noticed this thread. Maybe Susan K is your mother, and asking you to express yourself to her. Or maybe even a friend or relative.

Anna, thank you for your well behaved manor and gentle attitude. The direction of this thread has taken a nasty turn and is now way off topic. Instead of creating a “Part 2” for this fast growing thread, it will be locked.

I’m impressed with the amount of passion to maintain the integrity of this forum, and the low tolerance of things that seem deceiving. Although, I’m disappointed to see the immature behavior how it is approached.

Respect towards each and every member is greatly encouraged. Respect towards our whole community is even more greatly encouraged. The intention to consciously deceive our members on a mass scale will NOT be tolerated!

End of the first episode. Will people be able to bring back objects from their dreams? You’ll discover it in the "Can you bring back objects from your dreams? [Part II]! :happy: