Can you bring back objects from your dreams?

Hi. it’s my first post here, i’m just interesting to know, did you ever managed to bring objects from the dream world into the real world? I’m asking this becouse now i’m 23, and i first heard about LD’s when i was 16 years old, first it was all just fun and i liked it a lot, until 2 years ago when i discovered by incident that i can bring objects from my dreams into the real world. After i discovered this i got very scared and i did not tell anyone about this, until now, usually it’s not working for me, but sometimes when i’m having a lucid dream and i know that i’m dreaming, when i fill that the dream is comming close to it’s end, i grab in my hands one of the objects in front of me and i’m holding it very hard not letting it go, then i’m waking up from the dream into the real world and the object from my dream is in my hands, but this time in the real world and not in a dream. What made me telling you about this is something very horror that happened to me last night - in my dream, for the first time i saw my dead grandmother, and very soon i become lucid, the first thing that i was thinking of was to bring my grandma back to life into the real world, i hold her right hand very tight and i started to wake myself up, but while doing this i suddenly realized what am i trying to do and right away i let go of her hand! than i waked up when i’m all sweat and shaking like hell!!!

What is going on with me?? is there anyone here that know what i’m talking about? did it happened to anyone else? can you help me?

I really need your help!

Can’t say I have.

Sounds interresting. Are the objects that you had in your hands ones that you already owned, or were they completely new? If so, that’s be pretty cool to have. Just grab money and wake up! yea! :cool:

Could you please elaborate on what objects you brought back from you dreams, and if you still have them? Or did you just mean that you could bring them back to waking life in the form of vivid hallusinations?

Anyway, the objects in your dreams are just electric impulses in your brain, and I am very sure that you cannot bring such objects into the real world. In fact, I am 100% sure. Why would you say that you can do that, are you joking with us?

And if you do find a way to prove this ability, I will of course take back all I said just now. :wink:

I wouldn’t want to make a crushing response like odd2k’s which could stop your hypothetical skill by placebo, so I’ll just say…

  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. You are older than many people here.
  3. If you did this under laboratory conditions, Stephen LaBerge would go totally crazy. I suggest you try to organise this.
  4. Do you have a shelf or hoard of these items, are they very wierd and could you get some photos?
  5. Atheist will probably have lots to say about this. Unless he’ll just dismiss you as a lunatic.

No i’m not joking at all, i thought that some of you will be skeptic about it and i’m not blaming you, i know that it’s sounds unreal and this is why i kept it a secret until now, i knew that people will not believe me on this if i tell them, but it is all true, sometimes i can bring objects from my dreams into the real world, and it’s scares me a lot, i don’t know why i’m not stoping with this, i’m not sure it’s safe, i don’t know what could had happen if i was manage to bring my passed away grandmother into the real world, i don’t even wan’t to think about it. Imagine - waking up from a dream and find your dead grandmother in your bed! bbbrrrrrrrrr…

Anyway, The objects i brought from my dreams are simple and small objects that where beside me in the dream when i started to waked up, i did not have any of them in my house before the dream and now they are all in my desktop drawer where i keep them, i have a round robe, a small strange looking key, small peace of shine metal, a small wood carved doll which i never had before, and some other objects.

What should i do? should i tell anyone about this?

Please help.

Well, if you have or have acess to a digital camera, take some pictures of these objects. I would like to see them.

I find your testimony to be fascinating but too far fetched for me. If as you say, you can transport solid material objects from a dream into the waking world, then this would be a remarkable achievement never known before. Are you certain that you are not sleep walking and picking up objects and carrying them to your bed at night? If these objects are new to you and you never saw them before in your house, is it possible that they belong to other members of your household? Or is it possible that you are a sleep walking kleptomaniac? For me to believe such a bizarre story, I would have to personally monitor your sleep at night. Perhaps you may consider using a camcorder and set it to run when you are asleep. If you truly can do what you say you can do, then It may be possible that you may not be of this world. Perhaps your parents are aliens and you don’t know about it.


It’s always talk, no proof.

I agree with the sleep walking theory :smile:

PS if you really can bring back objects from your dreams pick me up a few A Bombs, F16 Gets and some women… :happy:

ok anna, so you attracted a lot of attention

maybe now you can start with some pictures, perhaps a bit more about yourself…

Oh the pain, the pain.

The personal pronoun I is capitalized, BTW.

Hey Anna

As with most ppl taht have just read your post i am sceptical of what u claim. I agree w/ the ppl that mentioned a sleep walking theory. Perhaps it would help a bit or make your claim a bit more believable( if that can happen) if u show some video footage or something…otherwise u r just going to be deemed “insane”.

for one i suggest taht all of the poeople that are going to make fun of this i would suggest that you shut up.

In the past when someone says somthing and no one belives them, and they prove it then the people that look the worst are the people that made of the person. I am not telling you to not disagree just do it in a way where it cant back fire on you.

Right now that is out of the way. There have been people that have come to this forum in the past and said somthing that was just a entire joke, be warned what you say and how you say it, if you are joking then i suggest leaving before we all get angry at you.

I agree with sleepwalking, if you want to make such a statment like you have done then i suggest having some proof reading with you, set up a cam and record your self while you sleep, go lucid and bring back an object. once you have done that then and only then decide to go public. But if you do go public like you have done here i warn you of what will happen.

You know that $1 000 000 reward for anyone that can prove they are psychic, yes the money is good but think about what your life would be like after that. i would do it just to shut all the bloody people up that make game of it, but my tallent doesnt go as far as on command work. so i cant.

I do not belive you, but nor do i say that it cant be done either.

r3mot are you sure about #2??? i know a few that are older then that, but then i havent posted here in a bit :razz::stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you can do waht you claim you can then proof shouldnt be very hard to get, if you tell us that you cant get proof then i don t think anyone will be inclined to belive you again and then posts artir J will appear all ovber teh place.

Goodluck though


Ya know, I had a friend who could naturally LD and astral project. Once she had something like that happen with a toy pony she wanted. She questioned her mom about about it since she assumed it was a susprise gift and she knew nothing about it.

I would hope that it is possible. Take a digital photo of the item or try to create something small but is WAY out of this world, something you could never buy in a store. Then take a picture of it.

yep sleepy a top idea :happy:

Photos can be faked. Videos can be faked.
A laboratory setting is the only acceptable means of proving something
like this. Unbiased, repeatable, verifiable, doucumented evidence.
Until, then, I believe the entity “Anna” is having a bit of fun with us.

And I really do allow that almost anything is posssible, but I am a firm
believer in the scientific method as proof.
People who believe anything is possible, fall for a lot of garbage. The Jonestown Tragedy, the Heaven’s Gate idiocy, umm, Miss Cleo… :happy:

First just want to apologize for my english, it’s not so good, i know, sorry…

I’m not sure if i can do the things you asked me here, i don’t have anywhere any a digital camera (and i don’t know anyone who have) that can take my picture/video all night while i’m sleeping, also if i would i can fall asleep only when the room is totally darkness with no light at all, otherwise i just can’t fall asleep, so camera will not help becouse it cannot take video in the dark, also i’m sleeping with a blanket on me so even if i had camera and the room was with light it could not see me under the blanket, so it’s not so good idea.

Maybe you did not understood me so well or i did not explained so good, i’m not having lucid dreams every night, and also when i’m having a lucid dream i’m not able every time to bring objects and stuff from my dream, it’s happens only sometimes, in the 2 passed years (the time when i discovered about it first time) i managed to bring only about 10 objects or so from my dreams, it’s not easy and i don’t know what’s makes it sometimes works and sometimes not, is’t really an interesting thought. I’m sure by 1,000,000% that the objects i brought from my dreams where NEVER before in my house, we NEVER had them and i never before saw them, for example the wooden doll that i got from a dream i had some months ago, i remember seen this doll inside a toys store where i was in the dream (lucid dream) sitting on a small shelf, i took it in my hands hold it VERY tight and after only a few seconds i waked up in my bed holding the same doll exactly in my hands, the same doll i took in my hands in the dream, but this time it was in my hands in the real world.

At this moment i don’t think that i’m going to tell anyone about all this, they will think that i’m creazy, i don’t need this kind of things in my life right now, i know that no one will believe me and i’ll make fun of myself, the labretory idea does not sound good to me becouse i don’t know then will be the next time that i will bring objects from my dreams, and i can’t sleep all my life in a labretory untill the next time it will happen, i’m having a life… i don’t want to become a labretory mouse…

Sleepy, Hi! can you please tell me more about your friend that brought the toy pony from her dream? can you please ask her again about this and tell me back here in details? if i’m not the only one who can do that this would be great! by the way i read a little about the quantum theory in the internet and i think that i read something about that things like that can happen, i don’t remember where i was reading it but i remember i read that things like that are sometimes possible, does anyone know about this?

I hope for good, Sleepy please reply, i’m waiting.

Thanks all

Im gonna start by stating that as ever I will remain open minded. I have no proof that Anna has managed this…but I have no concrete proof that she hasn’t.

Anna, do you understand that your not just proving a few of us at the forum wrong if what your saying is true?

If this is true then you would be proving us, any serious scientist, any psychologist…you wouldn’t just prove it is poosible…you’d prove that dreams happen in a different way than we imagined…our brains work in a different way than we imagined…the universe and life itself would be questioned again if you can really do this.

If you can do this then get in touch with some local dream researchers and PROVE it. You could benifit the whole of humankind. Or if you are joking then you can stop with the act as I agree with what TimeLess_Soul is saying about people getting angry.

The sleepwalking theory is a very likely answer. Infact, not only could she be dreaming of an object and then finding it while sleepwalking…Perhaps she finds an object she doesn’t even know about while sleepwalking and it gets incorporated iton her dreams…that would explain how she doesn’t recognize them. For everyone about to ask me “how does she know what they look like in her dream?” well there are many senses that can be used while sleeping and thats not forgetting things like extra-sensory stuff that many people claim to have.

Easily one of the most interesting posts I’ve read in a while anyway!

Wow, if you aren’t lying, it’s just COOL!
I don’t know what to think about it, I just want to believe you because it’s so cool… :confused: the proof of that would change EVERYTHING… it’d even make me believe in OBEs :tongue:
maybe you can take photos of some of the objects you brought, not when you are dreaming but during the day (you said they’re in your drawer), if you don’t have digital camera, you can scan the photos…

and if it’s a joke, I’d say it is a VERY stupid one. :neutral: