Can you change your personality in lucid dreams?

But you were not alone there? When there is at least one human being which who you are familiar with then it will not work, because doing something crazy when you are not alone is much easier. It wouldn’t give a desired result.
When I do something crazy I feel very energized afterwards and want to do something even more crazy. It doesn’t always have a long term effect, but sometimes it helps me to understand why doing something unusual is hard for me.

Good example, GreenDragon. I’m not too sure your example illustrates a true identity, however. Without the pretext of introversion/extraversion, the more I read into it the more I feel that your work environment and the people you must interact with on a daily basis are the reason as to why your energy gets drained by people. If one has to deal with people constantly needing your attention, expecting you to work for them, and trying to use you, it only seems natural to want to have a quiet walk in the forest and to have a negative opinion of socializing. Anger and resentment can build over time, and the energy of anger tends to drive its host into a sort of isolation.

If someone makes good friends, people that see the best in them, that love and respect them for who they are, then that someone can gather energy in the social way, then those people become a positive source of growth and a unique source of energy to gather from.

My point is that it’s not as simple as someone being an introvert or an extravert, that circumstances influence the ‘ambiversion’ in everyone, and that the need to define oneself or others can limit one’s conscious mind from understanding what’s going on. The energy that you gather while being alone can be very different then the energy gathered thru interacting with loving friends.

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My logic in my original post is that lucid dreaming should help you develop as a person because of the incredible effects it can have on how you feel.
I think you can all agree that everything becomes a lot easier when you feel very happy or excited about something, since it gives you such an energy boost - and lucid dreaming, if anything, has the potential to truly brighten up your day, which in turn should make all sorts of personal development much easier.

I’m sceptical to agree here, I agree it is different to “do something crazy” alone as opposed to with others. I’m not sure it’s automatically easier, it could in fact be harder depending on who the person/people was/were and their attitude and relationship to you. A best friend who encourages you to “do something crazy” would doubtless make it much easier. Parents, relatives or other peers may well make it considerably harder to act in this way. In my case I was with my parents, grandparents and my grandparents peers.

In my dreams im spontaneous, outgoing and have a lot of confident fun, even with socializing with other people. but in real life i’m too shy to talk to people i don’t know, and I’m nervous if i have any attention on me. There’s a big difference in who i am in my dreams and who i am in real life, and my dream personality doesn’t seem to reflect or effect my real life personality at all.

I guess in my dreams, I’m the person who i want to be, and maybe that’s what I’m really like if I wasn’t flooded with anxiety. But it doesn’t seem to matter how and how much i act in my dreams, it has never changed me in real life.

It can be helpful for you… you need to try to make changes in you like you see yourself in your dream… if you are not trying to be like this then you cannot find changes…

How we put these dream exercises into the real life.