Can you develop several personalities in LD?

Hi, I had a very interesting and scary Lucid dream tonight. I have been in to LD for about three months and my latest goal was to meet my spiritual guide. I had tried it many times before without succses.

So, to the point. When i met my SG in my dream he was like a totally different person from me, he talked and said whatever he liked to and really felt like a part of me I had never known about. He gave me advice about how I should live my life and really understood me and all my problems.
This makes me a bit scared, because my SG has acces to so much information that I dont know. And now, while I am awake I am somehow a bit scared because I know that my SG, a character with oppinions of his own, is somewhere inside me. :wam:

So I wonder if there is any case where lucid dreaming have trigged some kind of multiple personalities?

Because I really felt like my SG was a creature thinking for itself.

How do your SG:s behave?

Do you controll them? Because mine sees right through me, and I altso feel like to become friends with him, but it feels scary…He feelt kind of like my soulmate but still a bit dangerous. It feels like a new part of me is being opened.

Please give me help and advice, tell about your own SG:s and if you feel the same as me.

Sorry for my bad English… :peek:

I have not yet met my own SG.

The fact is; Your spirit guide IS you. When you are dreaming you have access to parts of your subconscious mind that are normally hidden while waking.

A spirit guide is a tool that your mind can use to communicate those thoughts and realities about yourself to you in a language you can understand (be it by speaking with you, or by taking you somewhere and showing you).

There is nothing to fear, but yourself. :smile:

Meeting my spiritual guide is definitelly one of my goals in lucid dreaming this year. Speaking of which, do they just pop up, or can you conjure them in any desired form and shape? If the latter is a possibility, I might as well make him Jushin “Thunder” Liger (Japanese pro-wrestler. I’m a puroresu/japanese wrestling fan, don’t bother asking why), that’d be awesome.

As for multiple personalities, I don’t think YOU can develop them, as you’re supposed to be lucid and aware of your actions…