Can you explain WILD?

Can someone explain the WILD technique? Some nights I don’t have enough sleep time to do WBTB and would like to do WILD instead, so just tell me how it works or you can give links to where I can read up on it. … 27&start=0

that’s The BIG WILD Topic it’s on part 12 right now so you have plenty to read there :happy: you can pretty much find a answer to any question you have there and if not just post i’m sure plenty will be happy to help :smile:

You can find a lot of experiences with WILD in that topic, but I’m looking for an explanation of how you do WILD.

umm, what is the procedure to do WILD? … Techniques

this is a great site for new lucid dreamers, its helped me a lot
hope you find it helpful

WILD entails concentrating on a single thing in order to keep your mind awake while you fall asleep. It’s best if the noise is continous (i.e it doesn’t stop; the ticking of a clock, your breathing or even your heartbeat can work). That way, you will enter a dream lucid, but be prepared for some unpleasant sensations (extreme physical discomfort, hallucinations, etc). A popular method of entering WILD is to imagine a giant flight of stairs, and to count each one as you go down (500… 499… 498…). I’m not exactly sure how that works, though - I think it’s the same principle of entering a dream lucid by keeping your mind active as possible, but I think it also causes a large amount of physical discomfort/spasms.

Hope I helped. :content:

arrite thanks. one more thing … php?t=8720

If you can go to that thread and help me out further, that would be great. Read the post explaining how my dream didn’t seem exciting when I woke up.

I don’t think the effects are that unpleasent by the way. I am more amazed by them rather than scared. I’m really surprised when I hear that people are scared to WILD because of these effects.

Nothing WILD brings is harmfull at all. It is true that many people think the sleep paralysis is very disconforting though. Personally I just think the sleep paralysis is exciting and that doesn’t help when I am trying to keep calm while falling asleep. Usually this will make my heart pound to the point where I can hear it.

As for hallucinations, if you have stayed up for over 24 hours straight, you have most likely experienced this level of hallucination. Many times you will hear dialog being played out and often times you will get very strange mental pictures in your head of strange things happening. 90% of the time for me, the dialog and visions have never been anything normal, they are always something very strange or something that doesn’t seem right. Nothing bad about it though, just sometimes might make you think too much to fall asleep.

I don’t speak for everyone on this though. I am just talking about my experience. After all, that is all I have to go off of and know it is 100% true. :smile:

I second you. Anyone who is scared of the mental effects of anything lucid-related is just ignorant or something. It’s nothing to be afraid of. I mean, SP wasn’t even that scary for me even though it caused me to have nightmarish visions and hear lound sounds and voices. It doesn’t bother me in the end because I know it’s all in my head. … php?t=8720

umm, that’s the link to the topic. woops.

for resources including explanation & tutorial on WILD, goto the new handbook created by none other than me. URL is: … index.html

It is a more organized version of the wikibook. :smile:

I disagree. If you started having vivid hallucinations and weird feelings without expecting them then anyone would ■■■■ themselves. It’s only the reasurence that stops the fear.

This is the guide that I used. I was able to have several WILD LD’s from this. It’s really a great experience.

It is very easy to do if you are a shallow sleeper and remember to do it when you wake up in the middle of the night when you’re only half awake…

Just close your eyes and expect yourself to be in a dream. Works every time. The really hard part is to remember to do it. Cause most of the times when i wake up like that my only thought is what side is the most comfortable to lie on and i don’t have a second thought before im back asleep in a ND.

But I personally experienced these vivid hallucinations myself and of course they were nightmarish; but I realized I was just in a state between waking and sleeping. Yes, I was afraid, but the fact that I was afraid didn’t bother me.

Edit: Ok, ignorant is the wrong word here. Maybe “faint-hearted” would be the correct term; too easily scared.