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After a time when i have trying WILD my hands ore legs and some times my neck start to “move” Like a reflex, yest one time and then nothing happend fore a while and then it hapend again in some auther musels :sad:

Do every one have this ore what is it ?

i noticed that if i try imagining a man walking up a flight of stairs, after about 15 seconds i can’t do it anymore, but if I try REALLY REALLY hard, to force him to painstakingly move his little feet up a step or two, I feel really weird

Like I feel “him” walking inside of me, kind of like, my astral body is going loose, like… a rollercoastery feeling in the stomach…

it was like when i was WILDing (successfully) one morning and I made myself fly up and down in the “dream world” (half dream, half awake, Iw as trying to enter it fully) and it made me feel that way on the inside.

I don’t know, but I’m guessing if I can get much better at focusing, and do that longer without being unable to continue (it’s draining mentally and physically) that maybe I can WILD.

it feels really odd.

Here is a weird experience I had a few days ago while trying WILD with napping:

I was never very good with napping but, I still practice it when I get a chance. Anyway, I was successful with it and had 2 Lucid dreams and was starting on a third. Right away I could tell that the dream was not stable so, I started to rub my hands together like crazy and tried to stabilize things. It did not work and I woke into SP. The strange thing was when I woke into SP I was on my back with my hands over my head with my palms together ( as though I was rubbing them ). Of course this could have just been a coincidence. In all my LD’s I have never had anything like this happen before. Did I move my real hands from a dream?

Maybe that your brain could not sense the difference between dream and reality… and when youre brain woke up you started rubbing them in RL :smile: just a suggestion.

I had a similar thought. It might be possible that after my last brief LD I may have briefly awakened and just did not remember it. Then went down into SP. It happened very fast and we all know how those border states can get sometimes.

Anyway, no WILD’s last night or any LD’s for that matter. I just could not relax or get comfortable no mater what I did. Tonight will be better.

I have just woke up from the scariest moment of my life… Holy… im still shaking…

I went to sleep 2.30am. I tried to WILD, but I fell asleep. Then i woke up 9.30, and i thought this was a good oppertunity (spelling?!) to try WILD. I relaxed, but i didnt do any excercises. I just imagined a book, and i tried to feel the books textures… then i opened it and started to read… All the text in it, was made by my own concioussness… so it was my way to keep my concioussness up :wink:

Suddenly, i saw patterns right on my eyelids, and I knew it was the beginning, because I have read it is. Then my eyelids went crazy, and i was scared to death though i knew it was just my brain making this up…
My eyelids started to vibrate heavy! And i didnt thought it was that heavy and realistic… my heart went BOOM BOOM in the speed of about 230…and i could actually hear my heart. I did something stupid… i started to count and i got too counciouss… it stopped after about 2 minutes.
I have tried to WILD 4 days now… so im very happy to have a progress so early :cool_laugh:

What shall i do when i got thos vibrations? shall i just focuse on them and stay calm, and try to sleep? Also… am i faaaaar away from my first LD?

I shall on vacation tomorrow… so im glad if i can get some answers before that :wiske:

Thank you :shy:

I have had my heart racing away like that once, it was really freaky :bored: and I woke up completely from it. I think it comes from being too conscious and then you get excited knowing that you are getting SP, it’s hard keeping calm when that happens. I don’t really know what you can do about it since it’s only happened once to me.

You could try breathing calmly and focus on something else like HI or imagining something and keep your focus on that.

Yea i will try that next time… i have red many different experiences while they try to WILD. And the pro LDs say it is nothing to fear… and it doesnt happends in RL . Maybe i just got exited… and it wasnt beating thats fast at all… i dont know… but when i woke up… it was beating faster than normal, but not over 120 i think :smile:

got a question: if you never have experienced a real WILD (SP/HI etc.), will WILD be simulated correctly nevertheless if you were to WILD in a dream/LD? so does your mind know how WILD is experienced even if you never conciously experienced WILD?

I recognize you, oatmeal ! You are the guy who WILDs in MILD and DILDs in WILD and dreams in RL. :tongue:

However, if you dream of a WILD, without having experience WILD before, I suppose it will only be your imagination, just like if you dream you’re eaten by a tiger. Then, when a tiger eats you, you will know if you were right or not…

Hmm, it seems that i can’t WILD. I just lie here and can wait ages but nothing happens, then some part of my body just starts to hurt and i have to move :-/ Maybe some of you had simmilar problems before too? How did u solve it ? :tongue:

O yes, please tell me too ! I have the same problem !

When I first go to bed I take ages trying to get comfortable. The few times I nearly had a WILD was later in the night when I was much more sleepy and relaxed.

Basilus West and dest

You could try the WBTB method. It is easier to fall asleep and WILD works much more quickly.

If you want to do WILD at bed time you could use a progressive relaxation technique, meditation, or self hypnosis to help you get relaxed and enter a trance. Then WILD becomes much easier from there.

I seem to have the same pain thing too, and it’s always in my legs. But luckily it doesn’t happen that often. I think it only happens a few times every month but when it does happen I hate it :grrr:

I’m not going to tell my dream again, but just to let you all know I became lucid for the first time since I was about 5 years old. Doing the WILD technique. And it was about an hour after I went to bed. I laid on my back and kept waking up. I then turned over on my right side and not long after I felt the SP then I felt like I was pulled down and into my dream. Weird ass feeling but it was cool as hell. I guess I will WILD from now on! Also this post was the last thing I read last night before going to bed. so Thanks to you all. Also I think what helped the most was when people said how they felt before going into the Lucid dream While doing the WILD. It really let me know what to expect. thanks! :cool_laugh:

PS my post on this dream is here.

[First LD's and with WILD)

i found out that relaxing your body is most easily done bij concentrating from toe to top on eacht part of the body, and maybe talking like "relax your toe, your toe becomes heavy and numb, … " etc

I also noticied that keeping my concentration on my body keeps me from going further in WILD… I keep concentrating on my thougts, fantasy (that slowly turn into some little HI)

last week i felt, for the first time (on purpose, had one time accidentally), waves trough my body, but with that i concentrated on my body again and my WILD failed

I agree.

The same thing is true for me as well. When I focus too much on my real body during WILD I almost always keep my self awake. I find I need to completely let go of the real world to cross over the hypnogia. I concentrate on thing inside my head.

I’ve been getting SP a lot recently (as it’s been on my mind), not managed to turn it into a lucid dream yet though. I’m starting to be a bit braver and just letting it happen. The other night I kept telling myself ‘it’s ok’ and felt my body go almost numb (I could still move my fingers). I was lying on my back, moving a little but I had no control over this which felt very weird but not as scary as I’d imagined. I tried visualing a dreamscene but I was sleeping too lightly.

I have found this to be key to successful WILD ‘S. Just focus on your techniques and nothing else. Don’t try to do anything. Just let it happen. I found that when I actively try and do anything like enter the dream ( or whatever ) I use too much consciousness and as a result I become too awake to crossover.