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I’ve always been a little sceptical about the WILD method since you can have SP, hear voices and such. However, numerous people seem to use it. Am I really worrying for nothing?

yea, you’re worrying for nothing, it’s all perfectly safe, it might be a bit scary though, even though i’ve never had anny of them but i hope to achieve it soon

How likely is it that I will get SP/old hag when I WILD? I can enter the hypnogogic state really easily, but I always stop there because I’m afraid of getting SP/old hag…

well, you should get it, but i dunno exactly what old hag is:P
and welcome to the forum :partying_face:

Unless you already suffer from SP or something like that, I don’t think it should be a problem for you (unless you want it to be). I believe only a small percentage of people see something like the old hag.

Basilus knows much more than me about this, maybe you should ask him.

i WANT SP:P lol,i’m weird i know:P

I would have said the same thing as you, StEvE21.

I’ve tried WILD several nights in a row now. I have always had pretty good dream recall, and i’ve even been trying harder lately. I also have a diary. Soo, I’m pretty sure i’m passed the first step to LD.

Whenever I attempt to do WILD, i end up having very detailed HIs after only a few minutes (i usually go to sleep repeating “I’m dreaming” or something like that), but by this time I’m sooo focused on the images that i almost forget to stay conscious…

I begin feeling weightless much before this (i guess it is sorta an OBE) which some people say is good??

I have dreams almost every night in which i’m able to control myself in my dreams, but have had very few actual lucid dreams in which i realize i’m dreaming. When this happens i usually get distracted by something else and it just goes back to being a normal dream.

I think i’m getting close… do you have any suggestions for me? Anything will help.

Thank YOU!!!

You’re definitely getting close. Congratulations!
The fact that you can control yourself even though you do not actually know you’re dreaming is pretty awesome.

WILD is one of the hardest induction methods to master, so just keep practicing.

If you’re doing it after you’ve already been asleep for a while it helps a lot because you go directly into REM sleep. Just a tip if you’re not doing that already :content:

Whenever I WILD I just end up sitting there for ages without SP or HI or anything. I do go slightly numb but I think that’s from not moving. I always give up, and like 5 minuites later I fall asleep again. :grrr:

I can imagine that WILD is one of the most difficult LD induction technique…I’ve tried it on a couple of occasions without much success…I’ll keep trying, until I either become lucid or I decide that WILD is not for me.:sad:

Last night I had my first actual lucid dream. I remember it so vividly. It was awesome, i flew, I asked people if they knew it was my dream, i went through walls, i had soo much fun.

I just woke up at about 4 oclock in the morning and went back to bed after a cup of water and a bathroom break. I didn’t even try to lucid dream, but it happened anyway. But, i’ll try that again next time, I’ll wake up for a while in the night.

Thanks for the tips

That sounds pretty cool, crohnie!
I can’t wait until I have another lucid dream, I’m getting impatient…it’s been a whole week…:angry:

me too, it’s been 14 years(i think):stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question
You know how when your in a car on a sunny day and you close your eyes and see all the flashes of light behind your eyelids as you pass trees.

Well…what if after you are sufficiently relaxed you stop seeing that and instead, a hazy like black.
Is this an early stage of HI?

(I really don’t think I have to, but I will point out that I’m not the one driving when this happens. :tongue: )

ArthiswiftKvar, I have the same problem as you. I wake up after 6 hours, and as I try to fall asleep nothing comes to me. I try to relax more and I dont even count or do any mind things. My watch beeps every hour, and I know its been about 45 mins of nothing so i give up. I thought you fall into REM sleep right away. Maybe im doing something wrong though.

I would say yes as you were seeing something other than just closed eyelids.

No these are Phosphenes

I’ve tried WILD a few times, but it doesn’t seem like the best technique for me because it takes me a loooong time to fall asleep on a normal, everyday basis. Usually at least an hour, I’m guessing, because I pretty much have the worst sense of time ever. Anyway, to really fall asleep I have to lie there for however long it takes me to run out of things to wander around in my brain, and if I try WILD it just takes me longer to fall asleep, not a good thing when I have to get up at six. Anyone have any suggestions as to how i could get this to work a little better?

chambered_nautilus, WILD is said to work better if you can fall quickly asleep. But if you really want to continue, you should practice relaxation. It will help you to fall asleep faster. I don’t see another method.