the big WILD topic part I

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I have been trying out some WILD techniques, and have some questions.
The method I have been trying most recently is to count ‘1 I am dreaming, 2 I am dreaming, 3 I am dreaming’ etc. until I realised that my body is starting to drift off.

Is there a best time of the night to try out wild? I find that it is easiest to do the countdown as I am first going to sleep and I have got myself to the stage just before dreaming (as SP is setting in), but I have not actually been able to make the final stage.
At all other times, after waking up, I just seem to slip back to unconscious dreaming very rapidly, and can’t keep the countdown going for very long.

Any suggestions on how I should progress? :shrug:

from my favorit text file ‘ld-faq.txt’:

The problem is remaining conscious until your dream start. Many strange things may happen when you remain conscious until the REM-period starts. The first thing you see may be Hypnagogic Imagery. It is a pattern, like the one you see when you press your fingers against our closed eyelids. Remember that this is hypnotic, and getting too involved with them will induce unconsciousness. Just let it flow, don’t get too involved and don’t suppress them either. The next thing you may experience is Hypnagogic Sounds. It may be as real as the sounds you hear in waking reality, but they are nothing to be afraid of. It is a good indicator that the REM-period is right around the corner. Just don’t let these sounds scare you. If you start to experience Abstract Thoughts, the logical part of your brain is falling asleep and you are not far from losing consciousness. You might be lying in bed thinking about a friend and the hypnagogic imagery starts and you see your friend’s face. You have also worked a stressful day so you start to remember stocking the shelves at work. Soon you are thinking that you are putting cans of food on the shelves with pictures of your friend on them. All this might seems perfectly normal. But it’s not logical. What you need to do is try thinking logical, do some math or start over again. Tactile Sensations can feel like you are paralyzed and high-voltage painless electricity is jolting through your body. You may experience these vibrations and find yourself leaving your body or having a Lucid Dream. But remember that all this is nothing to fear, it happens every night, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

BTW: Sleep until U can get strait into a REM (after 5-7hours) MILD is much easier!

Thanks DJem - interesting stuff :content:

I agree to everything said above,just one exception-
Hypnagogics play a great role in Wild method.It is true they are hypnotic.But some use it to actually "enter "the dream.To do so you do not ignore hypnagogics buy play with them,shape them-(once you trying Wild you prolly know what are your dream signs-use hypnagogics to see those-to be in the situation you most prolly will notice its a dream-i.e shape your hypnagogics to feel that you`re flying)
This is how they are used in Wild.And Djem said-they are hypnotic so you must learn the right balance between letting yourself to sleep and staying awake-thats hardest part and a base of Wild.
On the other hand-letting hypnagogics pass and ignoring them is actually the way to try Obes.
Good luck

Thanks Jack,

All of this information is very usefull, especially for someone who is trying out new techniques. I appreciate that it is something that I will learn with time, but the advice is helpful.

One more thing: the best time for MILD is when there’s no deep sleep between waking an dreaming. Normally speaking this occurs only after you’ve already slept 5-7 hours, or when you take an afternoon nap, or when you’ve stayed up all night and you can’t keep your eyes open. Sweet deams.

You mean Wild i guess:)

I think I have just found out the answer to my question on WILD.

I was napping in the afternoon - something which is very rare for me and I had two lucid dreams without even trying :content:
I was finding it very hard to go to sleep because of my neighbours being a bit noisy and so I never got into a very deep sleep. I then woke myself up after an hour. I went back to sleep again and almost immediately had two lucid dreams (albeit very short ones)!

So it looks like it is afternoon naps for me if I want to use WILD as a technique. :smile:

This is my technique for WILD’s, based on bits and pieces I’ve learned here and there…

What I do is listen to the buzzing/ringing in my ears as I’m going to sleep at night (I usually don’t do it in the early morning because I might have trouble falling asleep). The ringing is very faint at first, and I can usually only hear it in complete silence. I harmonize with it, by thinking the same “eeee” sound that I hear, and this seems to make it louder. As I do that, I also count backwards from 100. When I reach, 0 I start over. I also sometimes imagine either my hands or a ring of energy sweeping up and down my body. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I drift off to sleep before the next part…

Eventually, I start to feel the vibrations, which feel like an electric wave running through my body. For me, the vibrations start small and only last a second or two. After several sets have come and gone, the vibrations will be big enough for me to have a WILD. By then, they feel more like lightning bolts than small shocks. They also make a distinctive VOOOOM sound. If I let them go too long (which I did when I was younger and didn’t know how to get out) my body might start to convulse and jump around, usually causing me to awaken (not painful or unpleasant, sometimes I’d be laughing like it tickled).

During one of the larger (but not too large) vibrations, and while the vibration is happening, I’ll log roll to my side. My physical body doesn’t move, but my dreambody does, and when I stop rolling I should be in a dream. For me, just imagining the movement doesn’t work, I actually have to try to move, just as I would normally move. No imagination. Took me years to learn that.

Anyway, the above is everything I do, as best as I can describe it. I’m sure other people do other things, think other things, and feel other things. One important note, however, is that the vibrations have a very electric quality to them, and in the past I think a few people have confused this stage with the nice little numbness feelings.

To all people who can do WILD:

Do you have to have slept for 5-6 hours before you attempt this or can you go to bed in the evening and do it? Because when you first go to sleep at night you have about 90 mins of deep delta sleep before you can reach REM sleep where you can dream, whereas if you’ve already slept 5-6 hours you go into REM sleep much more quickly. If you are doing WILD at night what happens in the time before you reach REM sleep or can you train yourself to go straight into REM sleep?

Yes, it’s virtually impossible to get wild at evening. However, you can get wild before waking up after those 5-6 hours. If you happen to accidentally wake up for brief moment after 90 minutes of sleep, you can get wild, but in this case you propably won’t go through hypnagogigs, it will be wild starting with obe-style, means your body will likely start to shake and so on.

There is a little trick which can help trying WILD on some other time than after sleeping 5-7hrs.

If you deprive yourself of sleep for long enough(at least 24 hrs)-this may or may not work for everyone.But you will propably notice increase of hypnagogics.Actually-the longer you stay without sleep the better:)

Yes, this is the only way for me to experience HH.
Actually this is an essential feature of the “suneye”-method, people have payed money for this method.
I hate being tired, so it’s not my favourite method :wink: .

I do WILD at night, when I go to sleep at my normal time. No napping first.
It does take me a bit (15-30 minutes), so maybe REM is able to start by then, but I believe that the importance of REM sleep has been exaggerated a bit… And if you don’t have anything better to do when first going to bed, you might as well try it.

I agree. WILDs in the evening are very possible. I will try it tomorrow or tonight. When I have WILDs I don’t experience those vibrations and hypnagogic imagery everyone else does. I just simply lay down and concentrate on my buzz or whatever. Sometimes I don’t even concentrate on anything. I just lay down not even thinking about lucid dreaming or anything and just pop up in a dream. That happened on my last WILD. I have experienced hypnagogic imagery only twice I think. I had gotten up after 5-6 hours and then went back to bed after a little while. I think it was like 30 minutes or an hour. I was thinking about something and I was just suddenly at my computer desk seeing what I was thinking about on on a picture. I actually thought I was having a lucid dream but I could still feel my body in the position it was in my bed. When I tried to move it disappeared. After that I went back to sleep and it happened again. Don’t remember what the image was though but My body felt very funny. I think I was experiencing the vibrations. Then everything went black. I thought I was in a dream and tried to open my eyes. I opened my eyes in real life :eek:
I hadn’t gotten another chance that morning. So the image I saw at my computer desk that was a hypnagogic image right? I don’t have thoughs, so I’m really not sure what they really are. The only times I’ve gotten hypnagogic imagery and vibrations were the times I didn’t succeed.

firstly, the suneye method relies not on depriving yourself of sleep,
but rather getting adequate sleep (using napping), so that you
are mentally alert and physically relaxed. Secondly, WILD’s in the
morning are about 500 times easier. Forget 5-7 hours sleep.
Pick a saturday when you can sleep all morning. Im talking till
1pm here. Whenever you wake up from a dream (N.B!), and only
the later hours. (as a rule of thumb: there should be light outside),
don’t move a muscle! stay absolutely still, close your eyes, and
pretend you’re dead. Usually, (this worked first time with me),
hypnogogic imagery kicks in, in about 1-2 minutes. The later you can
sleep the better. REM sleep will be longer and more frequent, so you
are much more likely to wake during a dream.

The image you saw was not hypnagogic imagery (HI), but a hypnagogic hallucination (HH).
The difference is: HI happens with your eyes closed, HH after you opened them. HH is like a dream projection on reality.
I have HH approximately two times a week. It happens mostly after going to sleep. I wake up after 10-20 minutes of light sleep and open my eyes. That’s when I have HH. Mostly I see objects floating in the air. Sometimes persons or animals. The image always fades away, getting more and more transparent. It has never been longer than several seconds. I am always consious.

ok look, i was trying WILD right before i went to bed last night, and i almost got it i think but i couldnt get to sleep it was like i would get to the phase where i saw the flashes in my eyes but then it would just stop i stayed up from 12 to 3 trying but i just couldnt get the vibrations and then the LD state, i dosed off maybe once or twice but i realized this and immediatly started counting form 1 to 100 then back down, but this still didnt work, i really need some help with this i want to LD so badly, i did the WILD method once a few days ago, but i got frightened and came back to my body. please anyone i need help

You should’ve waited till you woke up kdwolf, not before you go to bed. It would be like a thousand times easier if you would’ve gone to sleep and then tried when you woke back up. Don’t be afraid of the feelings you get when trying to do WILDs. They are only natural. And don’t try to have WILDs before going to bed at night. People can do them but you can’t because you’re a beginner. Most people who are advanced lucid dreamers can’t have LDs at night. Just keep trying and remember to try in the morning :wink:

thanks for the help, but what if you you can’t fall asleep in the morning? for instance, i woke up around 8 this moring and got online and posted some in the forums, then i tried to go back to sleep but the same thing happened i got to the part where i saw the images like when you push on your eyes but then i couldnt get past that part, it was like i was stuck or something, what can i do about this???