the big WILD topic part I

Kdwolf, try it again. For me, the vibrations come during those doze-off periods when I’m only paying slight attention to what’s going on. Sort of when you’re right on the border of sleep and awake. Be calm when you realize that you’re drifting off, and stay in that in-between state.

Vibrations aren’t necessary, as sometimes I’ll just pop into a dream. They’re more like a big ol’ road sign saying that you’re getting close… Don’t fret over 'em too much.

If you can’t get anything after an hour, just quit and go to bed normally. You can always try again tomorrow. You might also want to try yawning. And, there’s something called the “first night effect”, which is when a subject in a sleep lab has trouble falling asleep with all of those wires hooked to his head. Usually only happens the first night, so that also might be why you had trouble falling asleep.

And you might find it easier to do in the morning. It probably depends a lot on the person.

This is an addendum to my earlier post about the buzzing/ringing in your ears. It helps to stretch my arms up around my head, and to grab my left shoulder with my right hand. This position places my biceps softly over my ears (not too tight or I’ll hear my own body), and that helps me tune into the ringing sound.

thanks for all this help, yea last night really was my first night to try and induce it so i will probly do better tonite, and my heartbeat is what annoys me alot, it keeps me awake so i try and play some music, enya usually, that helps, and also streching my arms above my head helps me too, one more question, what are some like really amazing things you guys have done in a lucid dream? id like to know some of the possibilities that lie ahead, thanks so much guys!!

If you heart is so loud, why not concentrate on it as a part of WILD?

great idea i cant beleieve i didnt even think of that thanks for all this help

its not really my heart being so loud, its just that it beats very very rapidly when begin the WILD i guess its becuz im excited, how can i calm myself i tried breathing really hard but it doesnt help much

I woke up yesterday 28th at 4 pm. Now it’s 8 pm here. So I’ve been awoke for 28 hours. I’m wondering. Since I’ve been up so long will it be possible to have a WILD since I’ve been awoke so long. Someone told me that 24 hours awake is like waking up at 5 or 6 hours earlier. Is this true. I’d just like to know before I fall asleep. Also. Since I’ve been up for over 24 hours what can I do to see HH. I’d really like to see them like Hypnodude does. Speedy reply please. I don’t want to be asleep before I find out how to HH or if I can get a WILD tonight. Ive also passed my record :partying_face: I don’t even feel tired. I’d be very grateful if someone could respond before I fall asleep in a few hours.

i haven’t read the entire thread up to this point so this might seem off course.
i was sleeping one night and while im not 100% sure if this wild was in a dream or an actual wild, but i think i dreamt of having a WILD. I switched into another dream and i started as me under the effects of a WILD. as i was experiencing this i opened my eyes in a dream and moved to adjust the blinds in front of me which made me think “oh i moved, i screwed up the WILD”.
IF it was an actual WILD i think it occurred by me waking up inbetween dreams breifly and the wild occurred without my conscious intention.

Dunlar- sure it wont hurt if you try Wild before going to sleep if you have nothing else to do.But the thing is-chances of success are really weak,especially for ppl who dont get hypnagogics,who just black out on the evening.
Also-sure not only Rem is the time to dream,but it increases the chances horrendously.
And thats why we have other -Ilds ,some techs are better used on the evening,some on the morning
Its all about effectiveness.

Hey Jack. It might be easier for some people in the morning, but for me it’s easier at night. My concern is that people who are new to all this might only try it in the morning, because they’ve heard that it doesn’t work at night. They should at least try it both times to see which is easier for themselves.

I’m a very light sleeper, by the way, and it takes me up to a half hour to fall asleep normally. So maybe that’s where the difference lies… If I try WILD in the morning, I’m liable to keep myself awake for hours, and that’s no fun at all.

Wow! I had an amazing experience with WILD last night - my first proper WILD experience. I started concentrating on falling asleep, but I must have lost consciousness for some time. Then I heard some strange clicking noises and thought “What’s that?”. I realised that it had been some hypnogogic sounds.
I then felt tingling in the whole of my arms and started seeing a black dome form over my head - starting from the middle my forehead and growing rapidly. The dome was filled with sparkly lights. I felt myself lifting up into the dome, but then it was all over. Try as I might, I couldn’t get back :sad:

Is this what WILD is all about? How close was this to entering my dreams consciously? Any experienced WILDers out there? What do I need to do to ‘hang on’ to the experience? Any advice would be welcome :content:

The dome with the sparkly lights that was the dream you almost entered…
next time try to be empty or act as if u will fall a sleep…and act like you find the dome with the lights quite normal…relax…then u would have entered a dream…u activated to much your day time consciousness by being enthousiastic…and u woke up…
But still i find it impressive how u describe it…

Almost there so try again!


for me the night or at midday is the best for wild…

Because there are daytime shiftings in our melatonin serum levels (melatonin is a hormone for biorhythm and sleep)and also at night i certainly think for a straight wild, some times will be better then on other times, to try it…but find out for yourself!


Well, I haven’t got any REAL WILD yet, so I am going to post my last WILD to see if anyone has any comments on it. Unlike before, this time I tried Kaldeko’s passive approach (see the reverse psychology topic in Shortcuts). 10 mins later I was in that WILD trance. Well, I decided to open only my left eye and try to do something, because I thought it was time for it now. I was lying on the side, towards the wall (it was all what I saw, and I knew that I was seeing only my dream bedroom. I just knew that :smile: ), and then I tried to force myself to move out of bed. I did it partially several times, but every time I would find myself in the same position once again. Then I woke up. I know that this could have been a perfect WILD, so it seems like I did something wrong here. Started I for early, or was it that I forced myself to get out of bed? What do you think?

Hi lucidityx1000,

I think that if you are a little more patient you be there…
just be more patient on that last part of the road…you will know when you are in! till then do nothing…strange but true…

I do it the tibetan way…but never concentrate to much…must be on a natural attitude…Let awareness melt with breathing out…and let your consciousness float…

And Jack is right…if you dont sleep for 24 hours or longer…your brainstem will produce much more serotonin (neurotransmitter for feeling and sleep) and melatonin (biorhythm hormon) and all things that has to do with meditation, hypnosis, wild will be much easier…however…there is one rock on the path…you have to be very alert when you relax that u dont fall a sleep entirely…thats the trap…
I experimented with self hypnosis, and one of my experiments was to see if 48 hours with no sleep would help because of the extra serotonin…well it worked like a charm…selfhypnosis or trance where much easier…repeated the experiment several times…but one time my concentration wasnt that alert and i fell a sleep…damn…lol!

I wish everyone to unwrap the gift that awaits in our dreams…


Some very interesting tips here. I hope to put them to good use. :content:

I’ve been trying to do WILD too hard and wasn’t successful, now I’m not trying enough and just drift to sleep… :neutral: Hopefully I’ll find the balance soon.

Hi sputnik…hope you find that balance soon…keep in mind that meditation experience also will help for doing a wild…could give it a try…



There’s lots of useful info here, thank you people.

The closest I’ve got to WILD was when I was just concentrating on my breathing and I felt like I was lifting up through a kind of dark tunnel, but I got too excited at lost my concentration. Usually I lose conciousness or try so hard that I end up staying awake til the early hours of the morning.

One thing I noticed when I was catergorizing my lucid dreams yesterday was that half of them are DILDs where something weird or impossible happens and i realise i must be dreaming and in the other half I just wake up in bed and I’m dreaming and I just know it from the start, I guess those are closer to WILDs.

Belladonna x x x

This is a false awakening, or FA. Just wanted to let you know :smile: I’ve experienced it a few times, too.

when your heartbeat is to high you are most certainly not breathing right!
When you breathe in let the air go to the lower part of your stomach…as low as you can go…put your hands on your stomach so each time you breathe out you feel with your hands the relaxation of your body and especially in your stomach/belly…this is the most easiest way to start…So pay attention to the breathing out…because this is directly connected to relaxation of you and your body and your heart beat…
Of course try this while laying on your back…
When you focus on your heart and your not experienced you can also easely pump up the adrenaline…and never come to a higher level…
The heart is in direct contact with adrenaline and visa versa…

There are also some accu puncture points on the body that will lower your heartbeat…but i think in this case it would not be right to tell them ppl always want to do the lazy way and it wont work that way…

When you have mastered your hearbeat…you will be able to go further on the path of wild.
Better steady but slow then as a rocket and with a big bang and an quick ending…

Good luck!