Need a Tutor

Can anyone be my tutor as I found it impossible to learn to WILD by my self?

Certainly!! Your tutor comes in 11 enormous parts :tongue: , the first of which can be found here:
Pay particular attention to what Jeff/Atheist/DM7 (and some others who are nightly practitioners) have to say!

Don’t get lost in the WILDs ,

Do what Snape says… :smile: those discussions can be helpful, but if you still feel lost, please don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll reply ASAP. :biggrin:

Good luck with WILD

That looks like a great discussion!

(I just had to say something otherwise I would never find the thread again… and I really want the time to read it all!)

Remember that WILD is generally the most difficult LD’ing technique ! I’ve 72 DILD’s and no one WILD. If you don’t have any results with WILD in the first week (no HI, no vibes, no anything), don’t persevere in WILD, :mirror: and try others techniques !

lol, if you give up after just a week, no wonder you’ve never WILDed before :wink:.