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Classic Wild (because there other wilds also) is all about relaxation!
The deeper you can relax the more chance you got to make it into a lucid dream!
Relaxation begins with body and mind…but soon its just letting go!
Letting go of yourself…totally letting go of yourself without falling a sleep!
How ever there are some wild forms where you lol fall a sleep and awake lucid in the dream it self!

SpiritualLucidity…when you next time see an image…dont react on it with your conscious mind!
Just stay relaxt and let go, dont be bothered by what image whats however.

Many ppl that wild and are beginners have this or get a fast heartbeat…wich is nothing more then adrenaline.
also you dont always have to feel vibrations…i can sit in a chair and wild even and no vibrations are there then.
If you ever have vibrations…dont focus at them just let them be!

Classic wild is all about letting go…pure relaxation it is…letting go of yourself!

Some Wild forms:

  1. classical wild…
    You lay down and relax body with closed eyes…make consciousness and breathing as one by focussing at a spot at your body…can be a chakra!
    Simply relax and let go till your body falls a sleep and you enter a dream lucid. Of course you will go through several stages before you finally enter a dream lucid.
    Btw it is very handy if you learn the breathing out relaxation if you want to do a classic wild.
    first step 4 that is to say in your mind every time you breathe out “you let yourself totally go” synchronize this when you do breathe out…so the suggestion in mind meets the real thing…because when you breathe out you do relax your body. after some practising then you just automatically relax when you breathe out and you dont need to say that line in your mind anymore!

  2. zazen wild…
    Be empty of mind…if your empty enough you enter a dream with full consciousness. ( this is a hard way not many can do it)
    If you can do this you can also sit in a chair and wild.

  3. the flame or rose in the throat chakra
    This is dream yoga…
    You lay at bed and focus at your throat an orange flame or rose and also focus breathing at this spot. You act that your head falls a sleep.
    You focus with breathing and awareness at the throat chakra…
    I did it and yes it works good in the morning!
    Atheist visual wild is a variable of this…because you use a visual image already here!

  4. counting wild…
    You lay at bed close eyes and count till you fall a sleep…
    After some practising you can then enter a dream lucid…
    Hint have someone to help you here…like waking you when you fall sleep
    and if not had a ld then try again right away.
    That someone can be a alarm clock lol!

  5. Jeffs weird wild…
    Close eyes and say iam dreaming iam dreaming iam dreaming…
    the trick here is to say it in your mind real fast like 2.5 times a second then keep on doing it till you fall a sleep…if focussing is right you can have a ld or dream right after falling a sleep at night!
    I could do it the first time…no idea how others will do at this.

  6. Dont forget Atheist visual Wild!

Then there is Wild food!
When your low at serotonin you cant forget a wild or at least it will be way harder to realize one!
So you can increase your wild chances a bit with eating turkey meat bananas or just taking plain pure trytophan, witch is the precursor of serotonin. Melatonin can work good for the zazen wild if you are not used to it lol…else it will work less.

Well many more you can think of yourself…

Remember one golden rule for Wild…it takes PATIENCE! :wink:

Good luck to all you Wild Wild West Wilders :dream:


Its funny taht you mention that because I was just about to post ‘How come when I breath out i feel the dream coming on’

If serotonin helps WILD, that means that eating lots of chocolate is good for WILDing! adds this to her list of 'Why I Should Not Quit My Chocolate Addiction

Last night, I got a little closer - but again, fell asleep in the end. When I woke up, maybe 10 to 20 minutes after I’d dozed off, I looked at the clock and it was exactly two hours later than when I had begun.

I start out with the 61-point relaxation technique… sometimes it gets me so relaxed I fall asleep during it. It also does give me more awareness of what my mind does when it’s falling asleep - at one point, a completely random thought and image will pop up in my head (not as HI, but mental image) and that’s when I know I’m slipping… concentrating, staying aware, is a lot harder than people make it out to be! I tried to focus on a 3-dimensional apple and turning it around but it actually only made me fall asleep.

I almost dozed off again, when I suddenly felt like an electric current ran from my head to my toes, through my body. My right arm was numb. But then… I fell asleep again.

As it seems though, beside from the falling-asleep part, my problem is still letting go of my body. There have been points that my breathing became strange - I couldn’t feel myself breathe, it’s like my throat is very tight, I feel like I’m choking and start coughing. I try not to focus on breathing but the more I try not to think of it or focus on something else, of course, it has the opposite effect.

I don’t know if I’m getting any closer at all, or if I should just go practice more WBTB/MILD. It annoys me that in the past I’ve had completely natural incontrollable WILDs, but now that I want to have them, I fail. Yeah… I know it takes patience. x.x

Thanks for the tips though, Jeff. ^^

I’ve actually reached the point where its hard to stay conscious. So thats a good thing.

Yes Park of koryo indeed there lies your challenge to get over this border!
Btw breathing out can be used to develop delta brainwaves and trance.

Good luck!


Ashvura hehe you could also share with us lol that you dont want to quit your chocolate addiction :wink:

You could use a focus spot for breathing!
And integrate breathing into the wild.
Even melt the visual of the apple together with breathing…and even focus that at a spot like the throat chakra or bellybutton or plexus…or third eye.
Possibilities enough!
Oh and if one wild type doesnt work after a month or so then try another one :content:


Just wondering how many sets of vibrations do you have to go through when WILDing when you first go to sleep. Ive counted up to 4-5 which took me about an hour and a half. How close am I to WILDing?

Park of Koryo you can also be stuck in the vibrations stage! I dont even put much attention to vibrations. Your close when you c in the centre of your consciousness a small visual dot that grows larger and larger and where you c a dream in…that is if you want to stay fully conscious all the way.
Else you also can doze away and by focussing still enter a dream lucid.


Yesterday I tried to wild… I relaxed myself and my breathing, then used the counting method (1…i am dreaming 2…i am dreaming…etc up to 50 then back etc).

I did feel mild vibrations and at a stage even an abrupt movement of part of my body, but nothing more.

Actually some days ago I felt the vibrations much stronger when I used this bwgen preset:

In that case I felt more movement and it scared me out… I hadn’t read of WILD before…

Does that preset induce WILD?

Would somebody try and report… please?

Yes this present could induce WILD in a way, but for myself, I can’t say it for real with experience because I can’t hear. I do not qualitify in this, but however, how did you do WILD? With WBTB method?

What do you mean by an abrupt movement of part of your body? Your legs jumped or what? :wink: I’d love to hear more details so I can help you out, my friend.

Please let me know as soon as you can, thanks. :wiske:

Jeff, if you decide to WILD before first going to bed do you go to bed earlier or do you still feel well rested in the morning? I ask this because when I WILD I have been waking up later than normal, about 2 hours so I assumed its because of teh WILDing.

(When I first listened) I felt my behind trying to go down (I was on my bed) besides feeling myself vibrate. I was surprised, to tell you the truth, that a recording could have this effect.

That time I was about to sleep so no, it was not the WBTB method.

Last night I listened again with a volume which was high, but not as high as before - and I think I felt some numbness but no vibration/movements. I listened for an hour to the same preset, and didn’t fall asleep or enter a lucid dream conscious. I then slept and had some vivid dreams probably a result of listening to “DREAM EXPERIENCE”. (But no LD’s)

Hello everybody. I’ve decided MILD isn’t working as well as it should be. My ultamate goul anyway is to be able to WILD so I can LD at will. Does anybody have any sugestions on what the best teqniques are, and what I should expect feel, if I actually experience anything.

I wonder whether doing any (not just lucid-related) self-hypnosis (using a recording) could help WILD ?

I wonder… because the vibrations you mention - are they tingly-kind of sensations? I get the latter when I listen to that kind of recording, so probably it might be the same thing…IMHO anyway…

Tried WILD again, an hour or so before I had to wake up, both breathing and counting but it did not put me to sleep… is that better cause before I would just end up sleeping deeply nonlucidly… I need the middle case where I sleep lucidly - an LD…

I was reading the forum posts about WILD, and closed my eyes for some moments. I saw an imaginary square, rotating clockwise, very much visible. What does that classify as, and could I have used that to induce a visual WILD?

You closed your eyes directly after reading the forum, or while you were laying in bed for a while attempting WILD?

In the case of the latter, I’d say the rotating square was hypnagogic imagery (HI), which is a common ‘feature’ of your body falling asleep, and your mind shutting down it’s link to the external world. This only happens after substantial relaxation, or possibly when you’re just extremely tired.

HI can certainly be used to induce WILD, and ranks up there with my all-time highest recommendations for doing so. The intensely vivid images give you something to focus on (something internal, more importantly), and allow you to retain consciousness for the duration of the onset of sleep. The fact that you saw them at all, instead of passing out beforehand as most people do, means you already remained conscious longer than usual - so just keep at it.

Eventually, the imagery before your eyes will transform into a complete scene, and you’ll no longer have any contact with the external world. You’ll be entirely within the dream.

I was on a PC reading the forum sitting on a chair! It definitely looked hypnotic to me!

While I woke up early (had to go to work early today), I slept more hours than usual this night.

Sorry to interuppt but, “Tried WILD again, an hour or so before I had to wake up,”, thankyou clarkkent for this idea. I never though of this (Stupid me!)

I’ve tried WILDing for some time with no success (probably because I’ve only every bothered trying before going to bed, I’m just too tired when waking up at night.)

Anyway, I was wondering what HH really looks like. I mean, does it look as real as seeing an object in real life, or is it like seeing with your minds eye? I mean, I could close my eyes right now and conjure up the image of a dog in my mind. This could also happen when I try WILDing, I see these really out-of-the-blue images in my minds eye, very unexpected. It doesn’t look very “real”, like I said I just see them in my mind. Would this be HH/HI?