WILD help

Every night I set my alarm for a few hours before I would normally awaken. I set my computer up so that i have a long pause that lasts for about 30 mins, then it plays the sound of “you are dreaming”. My problem is that when I am dreaming, and I hear my alarm go off, i become lucid, in fact last night i knew i was dreaming but i knew i would wake up shortly because of the alarm. Then i woke up, turned off the alarm, turned on the computer sounds and nothing, just normal dreams. It seems that the only sound that i have been able to associate with dreams in my dreams is my alarm and it wakes me up. My question is, how do i get my mind to adjust to another RL sound as a trigger to do RCs in dreams?

I think you have to try different sounds etc. Try the laberge interview, too…

It took me some attempts to actually hear the interview in a dream and get lucid with that method. Other methods worked including the bwgen preset by Ed. (I still have to try his latest. Tonight I’ll try the laberge one again in fact, as I want to milk it as much as I can. I’ll try to WILD again, also.)

I don’t want to hurt your feeling, but please next time please post it in Big WILD Topic part 9. Thanks. :content:

You could try do RC’s when you hear something IRL and really mean it that you MIGHT are dreaming. Just a suggestion.