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hey jjj, did you do this when you were first going to sleep at night?

Yes, I only seem to succeed at night! So, maybe I could add: is it possible to reach the LD state when WILDing at night, when first going to sleep?


What? Is this guy on drugs?

Apparently, but it takes a lifetime to train yourself to be able to do it. A week ago I would have just said “Not according to popular science”, but I’m trying out a new “open minded” approch in an attempt to reduce the amount of flak I recieve for pretending everything is black and white. :content:

Honestly though, it’s not going to happen for most people. A VERY small amount of people can go directly into a dream without sleeping for a while first. I’d go so far as to say it’s not even worth trying.

If you want to read EXACTLY (in extensive detail) how WILD works in relation to the sleeping cycles, it’s covered in Stephen LaBerges’ book “Lucid Dreaming”. It’s also discussed in “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming”, but it basically tells you how to do it, rather than what it is from a biological viewpoint.

Last night, I succeeded again in getting very strong vibrations (2nd time in a row :content: ). I felt like being lifted up, en being accelerated in some direction, which lasted for a few seconds. All accompanied by a very strong sound. Then, unfortunately, I thought for a moment about my real body, and suddenly I was fully awake again. I think it is very important, to completely close your mind for the sensations of your body, otherwise you will be ‘returned’ instantly.

Atheist: if it is so difficult to learn WILD when first going to sleep, what should happen to me when I get ‘past’ the vibrations? I really had the idea that some dream-like things were building up, can I just be some exception?

Well, tonight I will try again, if I feel like it I will also try the WBTB WILD!


Can anyone tell me if this was a real WBTB WILD or if I just dreamt it?

I was going back to bed after being awake for fifteen minutes and ensuring my mind was clear by reading my dream journal. I was to try MILD with my CD player to induce an LD (Atheist’s suggestion) Soon, I found myself drifting off. I realized I was only seconds away from falling asleep. Staying calm, I let myself enter my dream with the knowledge I was dreaming. Everything was black in the dream, I was watching myself in third person. Before I could attempt stabilization, I saw “ripples” in my vision, still in third person. Soon I lost sight of myself in the blurs of vertical waves. I knew I was to try to rub my hands together but I could not see myself and couldn’t attempt it. A few seconds after entering the dream, everything turned black and I woke up. I failed to do a reality check and fell back asleep. I did not remember feeling my headphones on my head.

Dream or For real?

Thank you for your time. I don’t suppose you have any suggestions to stay lucid long enough to be able to look at your hands? Spinning doesn’t quite work for me.

I still can’t do WILD, even after all this time!!!

Since that one major breakthrough months ago, my one-and-only decent WILD, I haven’t managed it.

But I think I know what the problem is: I’M TOO INCONSISTENT!

Here is a list of things that could be working against me:
1 - I don’t try every night.
2 - I try a different method each time.
3 - If I get bored, I often switch from one method to another half way through!

Usually what one of two things happens if I have woken up early and I’m attemting WILD, either I’ll take too long to fall asleep and then I’ll give up, or I’ll lose concentration and fall asleep too quickly.

I think I’ve probably created my own solution here, just by writing down what my problem is. I know I need to pick just one method and strictly stick to it, and to try and do it most nights if I can (or at least every other night if I am tired).

But what I want to know is, what is the best method for keeping myself concious while I fall asleep?

Deep breathing?
Deep breathing whilst counting?
Counting whilst saying “I’m dreaming”?
Counting backwards?
Doing arithmatic?
Focussing on my body?
Focussing on an image in my mind?
Focussing on the black behind my eyes, and any hypnogogic images?

I know they are all possibilities, and any one of them could work, but I just can’t seam to settle on which one I want to stick at.

Please help, I really want to have sex whilst flying over a volcano on Mars.

Wow you have WILD fantasies!! :cool_laugh:

:happy: :angel_fly: :cheesy: :clown: :spinning: :happy:

The vibrations have nothing to do with WILD. They are a sign that your body is shutting down, and you are going to sleep. Even Hypnagogics occur as you’re falling asleep for the first time of each night - but for the average person, the single last step (Hypnagogics to LD) never happens. Instead, you just fall into normal unconscious sleep for approximately 90 minutes.

Naturally, as it’s unconscious, you don’t remember this part of the process. Some people claim to frequently success in WILD when first going to sleep on a particular night - but I personally believe they simply dozed off as normal, then emerged in a dream an hour and a half later. It seems instant, because you have absolutely NO time perception when you’re not conscious.

From a biological viewpoint, it doesn’t make sense that someone could dream the very instant they fall asleep for the first time each night. This would mean they’re body was skipping the first few sleep cycles (alpha and theta), plus also the ever important delta stage (deep sleep), where most of the body’s regeneration occurs.

There is actually a disorder that causes people to experience REM sleep throughout the entire night, and never allows them to experience the other sleep cycles. This causes quite a number of severe lifestyle issues though, and usually results in a modest life-span.

Athiest, search the site for messages from a person name Dunlar. he was a person that did WILD when first going to sleep almost everynight. That kind of goes against ur theory there.

Atheist is right that wild aint so easy to accomplish, as many maybe think!
Not for nothing it is called in the far east dream yoga.
When u practise dream yoga u also go through wild because wild with full consciousness, so from waking to rem sleep in one line u always go through trance levels.

The easiest way to do it is with a picture in your mind while u try to fall a sleep. Lol, Atheist found a way that already existed and is called the flame in the throat chakra…a dream yoga practise.
You visualize a orange flame or rose bud in your throat and then fall a sleep. If your concentration (association) stays awake your body falls into rem sleep but u keep consciousness in your dream and so you will be lucid.
I do this now and then in the morning and i find it the easiest way to do a wild.
Of course instead of a flame or a rose u can also use a book or a cube a triangle or whatever suits u 4 a visual. And the throat aint important to visualize at…just a visual in your consciousness suits fine to.

The hard way is just become empty and focus your breathing at your plexus solaris. Melt awareness and breathing as one at the plexus spot of your body, especially the breathing out. then your body falls a sleep SLOWLY…so u need lots of patience and you first enter a feeling like your floating into air…at the same time all around u is black…if u are trained its just dark grey. then u c a small spot in the centre of your consciousness that gets bigger and bigger and u c movement in it. Then when it still becomes bigger u can c a dream in it and u can enter it and u entered a dream with full consciousness.

Why is the last form of wild…the dream yoga way so hard?
Well, when i was in hospital i asked the sleep research section there, witch brainwave have the strongest presence in rem sleep. The answer was alpha waves. Thats emptyness :smile: That also explains why many ppl who practise zen meditation get more lds over the years…because they integrate the experience of emptyness in their awareness!
So thats why its very hard to do it with full consciousness and not with the aid of a visual like for instance Atheist book!
I also can do it that way and i still do lol…but yes its hard…it asks all of my meditation, self hypnosis and breathing tech i practised over 17 to 20 years.

U can also do it with counting instead of a visual but this also asks 4 a long dedication of practising.

Hope u all get some info out of this :happy:


Thanks Jeff.

So let me get this straight, I could do it like this…?

1 - Wake up after 5 or 6 hours sleep
2 - Take a pee (I always need to, I drink a lot of water)
3 - Go back to bed
4 - Focus on an image in my head, and try to stay focussed on it.

Would this work?

yes, if u can let your body fall a sleep.
If you can relax deep and at the same time visualize a simple visual in your consciousness.
But remember even this tech not all ppl will succeed in.
A wild tech is not like something u buy that gives u the right to use it at will. So it still needs talent.
Iam saying here for a long time now…try try try…but it aint no garantee lol

GreetzZZzzzz :cool_laugh:


Shoo, shoo!

Well, I thought I’d ask a question here, seemed like the best place to ask it.
I can never concentrate on something when I try WILD! And when I finally concentrate on something like the sound of a fan or something, I just can’t fall asleep. I have trouble falling asleep in any case, so when I try WILD its almost impossible…

HELP? :bored:

Immortal to fall a sleep you need serotonin.
U can buy the precursor of serotonin and thats tryptophan an aminoacid.
Take that with 3 gram honey or grapesugar not with normal sugar…it will help for the trytophan to enter your brain.
If you are from the U.S.A then u cant bye trytophan…illegal…so in that case buy bananas…eat 2 or so with glass of milk and some honey.
Bananas, turkey meat, milk and cheese contain also tryptophan.
your body transforms it into serotonin and u fall a sleep more easy also while wilding lol. For that process is also needed magnesium and vit b6, if u want to optimize it lol.


Ah- Thanks a lot, Jeff, I only wish I’d know that sooner…

Anyway I looked it up, and in case you wanted to know, foods containing high amounts of magnesium are:

Spinach, Avocados, Barley, Chocolate, Pumpkin seeds, Oysters, Sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Quinoa, and Almonds.

Foods high in Vitamin B6:

Sweet potatoes, --Bananas (! 2 birds with one stone!)-- , Mangoes, Rice, brown, Sunflower seeds, Tuna, Chick-peas, Salmon, Pork, fresh, Potatoes, Turkey, Chicken, Bok choy, Barley, and Avocados.

Tonight: Bananas and chocolate milk!!
That sugar content may just make that backfire…

Oh yes, one more thing, I’m not about to plagiarize:
This information was researched from
Coincidentally, these three, combined with calcium, vitamin E, and zinc, defend against PMS. (Of course I was too stupid to know that, I yahoo-searched for the three and found them all listed in the PMS section)

Good info Infection0! thx! :smile:
Chocolate milk contains caffeine so dont drink liters lol…


ok question… i’ve never been good with WILD. whenever i try to do it i fail, but some nights, usually after i have waken up in the middle of the night and am going back to sleep, i’ll notice that i’m dreaming (a very very faded dream btw) as soon as i realize it, i lose it and wake up fully

i almost don’t even wanna call these WILDs cause i’m still in my physical body, don’t notice any sleep paralysis or vibrations, it’s more like a daydream

anyway this morning a strange thing happened i realized i was having one of these WILD/daydreams as i was trying to go back to sleep and the realization didn’t make it fade. i could sorta steer the dream and noticed that i was dreaming about stuff that i was thinking about as i was trying to drift off to sleep.

it’s kinda hard to explain, i couldn’t really take over the dream (i knew if i tried i would wake up) and it was so faded that i knew how fragile it was, and i could still feel my physical body, it was like i was watching a movie playing on the inside of my eyelids

can anybody offer any insight assistance. i’d like to be able to stabilize this WILD/daydreams/whatever they are.

Isn’t that just hypnagogic imagery?