The big WILD topic part VII

i thought hypnagogic images were just random images… these are actually dream sequences people will be talking stuff will be happening

Oneiromancer i know what u mean i have that sometimes…in the morning, and sometimes at day when i listen to lol old ub40 music and let myself totally relax…then i c a dream…but am not in it…weird to explain…if i relax deeper i am then in the dream to…but if i only blink with my thoughts i am thrown out of it…it means u have then a great amount of alpha waves in your brain and some theta waves…witch connect to rem sleep but still not yet totally is yet rem sleep as we normally know it. So its indeed a special state of consciousness…it connects waking and rem sleep at the same time.


cool, thx for the insight

Quite often how I have LDs is when i’ve just woken up from a dream and I’m still in that sleepy state I’ll just concentrate on where I last was in the dream and fall back into it. Are these WILDs? Cause I never get any of the vibrations and stuff that other people talk about.

yes Jabbervock those are wilds to…u dont have to go through the vibrations in all forms of wild…there are many ways to practise a wild.
Your sleepy state lol helps u in this…hehe…if u where some hours awake this would be way more difficult. When you are still sleepy your cortex isnt yet so dominant yet…so yes that can happen…probably also some other level of neurotransmitters are still a bit different then when you are hours awake already.

I sometimes go into a ld from meditation state…i plan that so to happen sometimes…and then u also got no vibrations!
I tried this a few times with the aid of melatonin and then it was even easy…way more easy then when i normally try to go from meditation to dream state with consciousness. So it could be your melatonin level plays a role in this Jabbervock! :happy:



I need some SERIOUS help, I’ve just been lying in bed for about an hour and a half, I tried concentrating, I tried relaxing, I tried some of the 61-point relaxation method - NOTHING. I had a few small vibrations in my right leg but they went away. En Oh Tee Aych Ay En Jee! NOTHING! I just can’t fall asleep, and the thing is I’m tired too, so it should be easy but I just can’t.

Anyone who can help me is welcome to try :sad:

immortal: patience is the key of being able to succeed in WILDing. Remember that. :smile:

great to hear that athiest :smile:

found some doc with an unusual wild techniqe (if you can’t read german u can use some webpage translator)

Actually, a friend of mine can induce REM at will. But yeah, it’s rare.

If you attain a WILD during a time when you wouldn’t normally be going into REM sleep, you’re probably causing hypnagogic hallucinations of some kind, which can in turn trigger REM. It’s just much harder for most people.

Hopefully someone can tell me something about what this lucid dream was. It was a LD I had at night straight after going to sleep. I wasn’t trying to have a LD.

My mind was in a state of hyperactivity/daydreaming/hard to explain, random images of things flying around and stuff. It happens to me once every couple of months, it’s not unpleasent but makes it hard to get to sleep. After a while I decided to try some breathing exercises (one I made up, dunno what it’s good for, probably just hurting my chest). I breath in until I literally cannont breath in any more, then I breath out (making a rrrrr sound) until my lungs are entirely empty, repeated several times. After that I was a bit breathless and panted for a little while before drifting into a semi-dream, tho I was still concious. I was watching flights of aircraft, the name which came to my mind was herculus, the planes were flying in a swooping rollercoaster motion, I could see more planes receding into the distance, when I looked closely at a group of around a dozen planes i could see they were too close, merging with each other, like what you get in a computer game with poor collision detection. One of the planes fell out of formation… swooped towards the ground, ever closer.
Then suddenly I WAS that plane, swooping, I could feel the acceleration, a few moments later I snapped into true dreaming, and immediately became very lucid. I was outside my parents house and at the end of my outstreched arm was a lorikeet (a colorful parrot), it tried to bite my finger. Altough the scenery was strangely undetailed, the sky kinda orange and sickly looking. I took off and somehow had all the power of an aircraft inside me, for the first time I could fly superman style (or as I prefer, Neo style) instead of a slow gliding flight I previously used.

I flew to a city where I tried to choose what would appear behind doors… it didn’t really work, and after a while I stopped trying. I ended the dream in a room full of people sorting lots of icecubes into boxes, I was overheating and tried rubbing the ice on my skin (it immediately sublimed) and also eating it. It was warm ice.

I awoke sweating profusely (it wasn’t a hot night), completely amazed that I had just had a lucid dream.
The strange thing about the dream was that until the last room it was incredibly bland. When i was flying there was a close curtain horizon, stuff “popped up” like in many computer games. It was as if I had become lucid so early in the dream that my mind hadn’t had time to create the world.

The last time I had looked at the clock before going to sleep it was about 1:00am, after the dream it was about 2:00am. I was unable to go back to sleep for several hours afterwards, probably due to the excitement.

All my other LDs have been in the morning, when I wake up then go back to sleep.

'lo. I’m pretty new to this place, so I hope you forgive me if I make mistakes anywhere.

I think I sometimes experience WILD’s, but I’m not sure. I had someone describe it to me and the symptoms seem familiar, only I get ‘pulled’ into it. I don’t know if this is common or not, but I’ve been wondering about it for a while.

It usually occurs when I first have trouble getting into sleep, or wake up at an odd hour in the night. It always occurs involuntarily and I haven’t tried to induce it. It starts by my eyes falling shut, even when I try to open them - they just fall down again. As soon as they’re closed for a few seconds I have a powerful sensation of being ‘pulled away’, an enormous sound of rushing blood fills my ears and often I feel like my ears are going to bleed or parts of my body will cramp and break under the pressure. This lasts for a bit until I ‘fall’ into a dream and anything I might be thinking at the moment immediately shapes the images I see. After a while I usually lose control of the dream.

I often find it pretty scary when this happens, even though I know nothing can really physically happen to my body, it sure feels like it. If I’m too tense at the moment to let myself be carried away (the pressure and noise gets worse then), I try to break out of it by moving muscles. By the time I’m there, I can never move my body unless I really focus on it. As soon as I move, I break out of it - but I still see the images in front of my eyes, even when they’re wide open. In fact, with my thoughts, I can still shape the images I see dancing in front of my open eyes.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a WILD or involuntary WILD but it seems to fit the description - unable to move body, increasing noise and pressure, and being able to shape exactly what I see at the beginning. I also hope someone might have some advice on this because often when I experience it it’s quite painful (not in reality, but it doesn’t feel great) and somewhat frightening too.

yes yes you are a natural WILDer. Congratulations. Now where did you get that spiffy avatar?

Hi, I’m Technodreamer. Please forgive me if I make mistakes.

I think I’m on my way to WILDing. I can focus on an image on my mind really well. Anyway, I feel this falling sensation which then turns into a soft shaking or rocking sensation. I start to feel vibrations, but then loose focus. I focus harder on the blackness in my eyes, and feel like I could just float or throw myself up into the air. Like my body has no weight. But then I loose it with a feeling of sometimes being snaped back into place.

I know these symptoms are more like OBEing, but could I use it to WILD instead. I always put a fan on in the background to block all other noises.
What do you think? Any suggestions or comments?

Technodreamer :cool:

I’m a natural WILDer? Wow… weird.

As for the avatar, I’m a manga/anime fan. I got it from a wallpaper I found. ^^

All the wilds I have had have never had any vibrations.

I read up on the older topics and there was also mention of ‘tactile sensations’ like a feeling of painless high-voltage electricity running through your body and paralysation. I now recall I have that too during those involuntary WILDs - often, I can even direct that energy by focusing on a certain part of my body and ‘sending’ it there.

Anyway, if I’m a natural WILDer… I’d like to know how to induce these things for a change. reads up on older topics

My problem appears to be I really get lured into unconsciousness too fast… my mind is lazy. :wink:

Wisdomaction that is very well possible…ppl always think you have to got vibrations when you wild but that is not true…i can have both…depends on what way I use to induce lucid dream from waking state.


Ashvura your a natural trancer…wild is a trance form.
To learn how to control it you should learn hypnosis/selfhypnosis.
You could also do some tests…because the main activator is i think for you, that you close your eyes.
No idea if it would make a difference…
But try to have a strong image of somthing in your mind…or count loud and keep counting…i wonder if that would slow the wild down.
Other even more intersting experiment is what if you put a strong lamp above your head and then close eyes…real strong…wonder what happens then, would it slow wild down a bit?
Also wonder how you react at music with your eyses closed.

But 4 real control learn selfhypnosis.
I use it in my lucid dreams for control…also in wild and in the deep sleep.


Hello. I know the question I’m about to ask is going to make you all complain at me, but I either have the option of reading 7 parts of this thread or asking one question. Hmmm… What ever will I go for?

Anyway, I know WILD is Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming but how exactly is it done? What should you feel? And how exacly do you get into a “trance”? Does a trance have anything to do with WILD? What… etc

Can anyone help me? Sorry about the :cool_laugh: WILD :cool_laugh: questions!

Technodreamer :cool: