The big WILD topic part VII

I understand your agony. The sticky forums just aren’t that helpful when there’s so much junk around. I asked the same question a few months back.

The WILD Technique is supposed to put you into a dream while you are still awake. The easiest way to do this is:

Go to bed
Don’t let your mind fall asleep. Stay semi-concentrated but relaxed and at peace. If you’re itchy, god you’re screwed. Let yourself fall asleep but keep in the back of your mind that the first thing you see will be a dream. Don’t let that fact go. Once you are in a dream, stabilize it and go, Some people experience stuff like “vibrations” and “roller coaster rides”. I don’t. All I remember after WILD is the dream formulating itself and then me taking over. Of course, I could have inadvertently dropped out of consciousness somewhere and regained it, so I can’t tell you that my experience is correct. Someone better add to this post, I realize it’s pretty bad for a guide. I was supposed to surf the WILD topics myself, but after 2 parts I gave up. Heh heh.

I’ve only had one experience that I feel like it might have been HI or WILD…I was sleeping in a certain position, then all of a sudden I kind of jerked to a different position almost on impulse, and I felt vibrations kind of roll up and down my body, and I saw a kind of net made of green triangles…It went away after 10 seconds or so, though…
What was this?

This is how I have wilds. It usually works (when I don’t get lazy and roll over and go to sleep, which happens more often than I would like).
First the 61 point relaxation technique with pot-shaped, zen, deep, breathing. Then I focus on hypnogogic imagery until I can no longer feel my body. Then I “get up out of bed”. Or “step out of my body”. Once I can no longer feel my body, I just try to get up out of bed. Usually, ill try to get up but I can’t, so I just lay there NOT MOVING, very important, and keep trying. I have had the most lucid lds from this method

Thanks for the comments (or any comments that people may put after this mail). Ehhh, What exactly is hypnotic imagery. I know it’s the vision as you fall to sleep. But are you using your (physical) eyes to look at the back of your eyelids or are you looking at your imagination.

Anyway, I tried the hypnotic looking thingy. Instead my thoughts went off. When I startedto hear sound, it brang me back to contousness. I tried to focus on my souroundings but kept waking up. (But I think I’m getting there. Am I?)

How do you really relax yourself. Like the zen stuff, that. I do simple streching.

Technodreamer :cool:

Hey, i did start a new topic on this so im sorry about that. I ve just started reading this thread and realised that my experience was a WILD.
here it is:
(btw im new to LDing.)

this morning i woke up at about 5am. I’d had about 4 hours sleep. I was VERY tired and really wanted to just go back to sleep but i thought it was a good opertunity to try the WBTB technique (i think its called? i get so confused with all these terms) .

So i read about lucid dreams for about 10mins, then watched tv for 20-30 mins. Then went back to bed. I read ur spose to stay awake for bout 60 mins but i felt so drained.

I lay flat on my back, but in a position that felt comfortable, felt relaxed. I kept repeating to myself the following things:
‘i am going to have a lucid dream’
‘i will realise im dreaming’
‘i will remember to realise im dreaming’
‘i will have a lucid dream tonight’

I kept repeating those lines randomly, and pictured them written down, imagined the words, imagined writing them down etc. I must have done that for about 15-20 mins (hard to say) then for some reason i was picturing a computer screen and thought to myself
‘i bet i could see the screen while closing my eyes’ (which i could) then all of a sudden i felt this tightness on my muscles… and i started feeling some shaking coming on…sorta like rumbling. it got more and more intense…it felt as if i was sat on the wing of an airplane or something… the wind and vibration was really intense. My muscles were locked so i figured i was in that sleep paralysis mode.

I tried opening my eyes but there was all these flashing of weird colours and it REALLY hurt my eyes, sorta like an acheing that u can get if u gentley press on ur eyeball (lol, only way i can explain it). So i kept them closed.
Even thought this was going on, i felt completely calm…i was just thinkign about lucidity and remember reading stuff about violent shaking etc… and just thought i must have fallen asleep consciously.
So then i just kept my eyes shut and waited for me to sorta ‘land in my dreams’. But then i felt the shaking starting to fade away and felt myself waking up so i tried to hold it and not wake up… but then i did. I knew i had woken up because i could suddenly move my body.

I kept my eyes shut though and tried to go back into it… repeated the same lines again… imagined myself writing it down, really pictured the words etc, and it started happening again… but only for a few seconds and i came back to reality.

Then about 20 mins later i managed to get back to sleep but not consciously, and had no lucid dream.

Am Idoing it right. I’ve never experienced these vibrations. I have never relized SP. I can immediatley move usualy. Once I started paniking when I couldn’t open my eyes in the morning. I must have been about six.

My hands are realy starting to hurt. I’m using a voice package to let my hands rest, but the LD forum is not supported. So I have to type. I’ve had hand pains for a while but only just relized it could be Carpel tunnel syndrome. I’m 14, but use a keyboard much more than people usualy do. :eek:

Technodreamer :cool:

My real problem currently is inducing the WILD. I’ve always experienced them quite randomly and haven’t had one for a few months. In the past I have experiences with OBE’s but I don’t really have any relaxation technique. I try to focus on the point between my eyes, however, as soon as I get the WILD/trance/OBE feeling (rushing in the ears, tingling in muscles), my breathing increases and I tense up so much I get out of it again. :neutral:

Does anyone have a link to this ‘61 point relaxation technique’? Or is it on the main site? I really have trouble doing this physical relaxing whilst staying aware and conscious. The only way I can relax my body is to let it fall asleep and I then try to stay conscious, but usually fall into unconscious sleep anyway. (I then wake up the next morning thinking 'where the heck did I lose control and awareness? :eh: ’ since I can’t recall falling asleep, of course.) Curse my lazy mind! >_<

Now I really want my random WILD/trance back, now that I finally know what it really is and more or less how to get more control over it. I’m going to try and do this ‘rolling-over-staying-awake’ thing that usually causes me to have the WILD/trance. It’s what happens when you can’t get into sleep and keep rolling back and forth and adjusting your pillow and your eyes keep falling open, etc.

Other than that, I suppose I should look into selfhypnosis like you suggested, Jeff. ^^ As for the activator being my closed eyes… yes. As soon as I close them - wham, the pressure, the noise, the paralysation, and shortly after that hallucinations caused by whatever I’m thinking about. However, closing my eyes just like that does nothing. They literally fall shut, almost get PULLED shut by the trance. I can’t keep em open. Only turning on the light and walking around helps a bit. :confused:

aurorafive: I wish I had some tips as how to maintain the WILD/LD state, but I’m pretty new to the techniques myself. ^^

Technodreamer: I think there’s no sure way of ‘doing it right’. Everyone has their own approach and different brains/bodies. As long as the techniques help you to get where you want to be (in a LD), the side-effects are optional. As for Carpal Tunnel Syndrom… I’ve been using computers since I was 9… today’s ten years later @_@ Try to do finger stretching, I believe there’s a special sort of finger-yoga (no really. Seen Madonna do it in her Broken video. :smile: ) you can try that. Or see a doctor, if you’re really experiencing pain. Still, using a keyboard is much less repetitive for hand muscles than using a mouse. Okay… that was offtopic, sorry! ^^

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