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last post in part I was:

I tried to WILD this morning and I almost had it. I first I heard a click click and the I started to feel a little buzzing. It then became really intense and almost painful and I mainly felt it in my upper back. I also started to have little convultions and such. This started to hurt and be very unpleasant so I had to wake myself up. This is what happens every time I try to WILD. What is going on and why is this happening?

Maybe it’s happening because you’re doing it right? The spasms have only ever happened to me when I let the vibrations keep coming… It’s like a gradual progression from very small vibrations to very large ones to my body jumping up and down. Sounds like you’re just not getting that progression, instead going right to the big-big vibrations.

By unpleasant, do you mean it feels like being electrocuted? That’s the most unpleasant it gets for me… Doesn’t it make you wonder how all those people spontaneously combust?

Did you try rolling? The way I understand it is that the medium-large vibrations are a signal that you are crossing over the edge of being awake and being asleep, so you should be able to move your dream body. Don’t roll off your bed though… Take it slow.

By unpleasant I mean it really hurts. My muscles are spasming like crazy. If you ever injured your muscle really bad and have really painful spasms you know what it feels like. It seems that even it I tried it couldn’t wait for it to pass because I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep with my body convulsing like that.

Woah! Pain=Bad. Is there something else we need to know before telling you what might be wrong? Do you have any problems or are you sick right now or something?

It sounds like you have hurt your muscles before, so maybe this is related… Or maybe not… Is there a point where you’re not convulsing and not feeling any pain, just an intense vibration? Even if there’s just a second before the spasms, that might be enough.

Is it your whole body that’s convulsing or just your upper body? If it’s just the top part, you might be able to even it out by imagining the vibrations being pushed down into your legs… Sorta sweeping up and down and up and down…

You could also try relaxing your muscles before you start your WILD attempt. Try tensing each muscle really tight for a couple seconds, so you get a nice warm burn on 'em.

And I agree that pain is bad, so wait for it to pass, because it might not.

EDIT: I meant don’t wait for it to pass…

I was just reading through all the posts on WILD and had an idea. Recently
I have been looking at various ways to induce sleep, and one of them was going to bed and awakening at the same time each and every day. Eventually your brain gets the picture and makes you fall alseep alot faster at those times. Thus I would assume if you practiced WILD techniques at this time dreams might come a lot faster. Or you might just conk out. I used to follow a regular sleep/wake pattern for a while but at that time I did not know about LD. Anyone has any experience with this?

I think it is generally a good idea to do some MILD exercises to induce a WILD.

This is already done automatically by most by repeatedly imagining the specific experiences that accompany the start of a WILD such as vibrations, lights, sounds etc. As you drift off to sleep and you’re deep enough, with some vigilance and lucidity in the background remaining, just one thought about an element of your imagainings is usually enough to kickstart the whole plethora of experiences accompanying a WILD.

I started using MILDS to shape the experiences accompanying my WILDS, because one of those was quite disturbing where I always had this huge of sense of dread and malovalence right before I entered the lucid dream. Often, this was enough to chicken out.

I spent two weeks imagining a sexy female computer voice, and myself sitting in a spaceship operating buttons ‘as if’ this represented the “launch” into a lucid dream.

Two weeks later, as I drifted of to sleep, and I felt myself lying lucid in bed, but knowing I was ready to enter a lucid dream, the sense of malovalence was gone. Instead, red alarm signs were flashing all around me, accompnaied by a femelae computer voice repeatedly saying: “Do Not Leave Your Body! You will Die. Do Not Leave Your Body…etc”

Obviously, that wasn’t exactly what I imagined, but close enough. I also found out what the source of this malovalence and dread was.

Hello every body! I am new to LD and this WILD sounds interesting. I once had an experiance like thet before. I was relaxing in my bad, I started shaking and it stoped. then A strange invisble force grabed my lags and pulled me towards it :eek: I got scared and stoped. I wake up and I find myself 1 pillow length away from my origional position. Freaky no?
Anyways. How do I start with WILD??? :alien:

Blue Tiger: As someone else said, “No worries, it is just satan trying to take over your body.” Are you sure that wasn’t a false awakening?

I dont know what thet was. it freaked me out.
Anyways I whant ot know how can I start with WILD. You know like tecniques, usefull websites, ect…

Hello. Over the past few months I’ve been gradually trying to maintain consciousness further into the sleep cycle.

Last night I got through the first two or three light waves of sleep paralysis, you know where you could still move if you wanted to but your will-power is slightly disconnected from your limbs, then the body is seized by a buzzing sensation.

Then I fell asleep. But at some level I was still looking out for SP because I woke up when I became paralysed.

That is some heavy sensation! You really couldn’t mistake it.

I realised what was going on and imagined myself standing on the floor next to my bed. There I was! It was rather difficult to control my dream body, it kept floating up and down. The other thing was it was totally dark and I couldn’t see anything. I found the door and went out of the room, feeling myself brush the cat’s tail on the way out (really the cat was outside). I had the idea that my mother was downstairs (she is actually on holiday).

Then I drifted into a pre-lucid dream where I asked my brother if I was dreaming and he said not to be so silly.

I found it rather amusing that leaving my body at night resulted in not being able to see anything because it’s bloody well dark at night! Is it possible to move over into a dream-world from OBE?

I can get to a stage where i can produce a feeling of movement at will.I feel like i am still lying on my bed,but the bed leans in different direction.But i can´t really rotate,just inclining a bit,and only slow movement.I don´t have a tingling sensation or something,my body feels a bit numb.Sometimes i can´t feel my hands,or i am not sure where they are,or it feels like i have two pair of hands.
This is somewhat a nice and funny feeling,but it seems that i am far away from sleeping,so after some time i just give up.
Any ideas what i should do from that point?
If i try to do it when i am more sleepy i just end up daydreaming,but can´t keep my awareness


Hi. I’m new to this forum. Just yesterday I never knew that there was websites about lucid dreaming before. Hell I’ve only know what lucid dreaming was since a week ago when I watched Vanilla Sky. But I’ve always had them every once in a while(about once every 2 months. sometimes 4 times a week) All my LDs were by accident. Like I’m walking around and a get this wierd feeling like I’m in a dream. Then I’m like “Hey this is a dream!” So on to the point…

I read the topic on WILDs and I saw them interesting. I decided I would try them. So I went to bed at 3am today, put my mp3 player next to my head with some music on, relax, and try to focus on just the music.

By the end of the 3rd song I feel a tingle sensation on my hands that move all around my arm. They stop there and fade away. About 40 secs into the 4th song I feel the electric effect on my feet and it moves up all around my body. It feels like I’m vibrating and I can feel my eyeballs twitching uncontrolably. I’m very excited and terrifyed at the same time. I’m like “Wow these guys weren’t bullshiting about this stuff” but my heart is pounding so hard I can hear it and I have the fear feeling that you get behind your neck. The vibrations are getting more powerful every second. But whats cool is that theres no pain. So I try to remember what I’m supposed to do now. I know I’m close to going WILD but I can’t remember what to do. But it comes to me that I;m supposed to roll or something but I can’t move…I’m paralazyed. The vibrations keep getting stronger and now I"m fighting with myself to roll to the right. I finnaly give up and open my eyes.(a trick a learned when I was young to get out of nightmares) It takes my 15 minutes to get my breathing and heartrate down to normal. I get up and go to my computor and searth these forums to try and find out what to do after the vibrations but I only find the roll thing. I try to go back to sleep but can’t. Now its 8am and I havn’t had any sleep. Lucky I don’t work today or tommorrow. So tonight I’m going to try again. I think I’ll find it easier because I’ve gone for over 24 hours without sleep.

So any advice on how to get past the vibrations, take away the fear, etc.

After the first time I got the vibrations(which only took about 15 min) I tried for 2 hours to get anouther one but to no avail. Does this happen to everyone? Are we only allowed 1 chance per night?

Thanks for reading my abnormaly long post and sorry for any spelling I missed.

Dreamer 007 I konw exectly how you feel.
the same thing happned to me. I searched for some WILD techniques, found 2, made them my own, and combined them. then I fell on my mattres and did thet technique. it worked great. My body was all numb, i can fill tiny vibrations but I cant get them any stronger!!!
anyways I stayed like this and now I was thinking " Wut should I do next?"
If any one has any suggestions or great websites for this pleas give them to me :smile:

That’s one of the reasons I like to roll out, as it seems to somehow brighten things up for me (maybe like LaBerge’s spinning). When I fly out or stand up it’s like being blind (not everytime though)…

What do your vibrations feel like? Just lying around for a while will give you a bit of a relaxing tingle on your skin, sorta like pins and needles, but not painful. The vibrations I feel, on the other hand, have a very electric quality to 'em. If you have the electric ones, here’s a few things to try… 1) control their movement up and down your body, 2) harmonize with any sound you hear and increase its pitch (buzzing type of sound), 3) wait longer and don’t fret about it too much (for me it’s like forgetting about them until they come back… They seem to hit me when I’m not looking, so to speak).

And if you haven’t read Part I yet, you might want to start there…

If you’re feeling extra brave, you could even go through the dusty archives of network54…

I’m usually way too rested after a failed attempt to get back to sleep at all.

And here’s the link to the first post I could find about MWILD… I think there’s another one, but I didn’t see it anywhere… … 1006530748

If that doesn’t work, try… … 1006404763

I can get Tinggling and spinning feeling, and also sinking feeling but i can´t get any further? What i can do to have Lucid Dream!? Should i think about Lucid dreaming?? :eh:

What does the tingling feel like?

Here’s the deal: I layed down on my back, and focused on my breath. I felt some warm sensations and stuff, but that was probably effects from the alpha-state I was passing through. I started to feel slight pins and needles in my left arm. This increased for a while, until it was so intense that it started getting a bit painful, like my left arm had “fallen asleep” (hey, maybe that term has more validity than I thought). At its peak, I also got not too intense sensations on my left thigh and right arm, but it didn’t seem to be spreading too much. I eventually gave up and sat up, but the numbness continued in my left arm until I moved my hand around a bit. Even after that, the numbness and ache continued very mildly and eventually wore off, in a similar fashion to as if the arm had fallen asleep. This always happens (more or less, with the pain and all - sometimes in both arms), and I have never succeeded in completing a WILD.

Questions (please read the above thoroughly before answering):

  1. Why would the numbness be somewhat painful like that?
  2. Why would it continue for a while after? I mean, you always get numbness when you fall asleep, you just don’t notice it, and it doesn’t ordinarily continue into wakingness. This seems suspiciously like it’s not a true WILD numbness, and more like my arm(s) “falling asleep” somehow (which would make it a physiological rather than mental problem), but this has happened before, and I’m always lying on my back, and not lying on my arm or anything.
  1. Your arm probably fell asleep.
  2. Your arm probably fell asleep. :content:

That would explain the pins and needles feeling, and also why you had to shake it out afterwards. Now, the way I understand it is that your heart takes it easy during the night, so even a little crimp or twist or a slight elevation change could impair circulation in the extremities. Normally it doesn’t happen, because we move around as we sleep, evening things out across the whole body.

(Note: That’s just how I think it works, so if anybody knows different, please speak up.)

So that’s what I think is happening with you, but why is it happening? If you’ve laid motionless for a really long time (45 minutes or so), it might happen. If your arms are propped up on a pillow, it might happen. If you’re in a La-Z-Boy, it might happen. Be especially concerned about your armpits, because the axillary artery runs right down the inside of the arm there… Even if you don’t think you’re crimping it, you might be.

Have you tried different arm positions? Try putting both hands on your belly button, one on top the other. Or try spreading your arms out in a T. I’ll usually cradle 'em around my head, but sometimes I’ll get the same pins and needles… But these two, the T and the belly thing, I’ve never had trouble with.

Anyway, the vibrations should feel much different than anything you’ve felt before (under normal circumstances).