the big WILD topic part II

I’ve felt the vibrations before, and I usually get a brief whole-body numbness before them, and this feels like the start of that. My arms were hardly extended at all, my hands were on my stomach. Either way, I’ll go on believing it was an actual circulation problem, just so I don’t get discouraged :razz:

A good WILD technique which helps me improve my memorie and dreams. Also it might help you have a LD

Step 1: Lie down if going to sleep or sit or lie if you just whant to relax during day.
Step 2: listen to your breathing.
Step 3: When you feel your body parts starting to numb start counting from 1 to 100.
step 4a: If you are going to sleep say to youre self; (your name) you are going to sleep, yuo are going to dream, you are going to wake up after your dream, and you are going to remember your dream.
step 4b: If you are just relaxing imagine yourself in somesort of aircraft flying over a landscape. Do twists and turns, dive up or down. Do anything in this aircraft.
Step 5: if you are going to sleep repeat step 4B.

     Now it is good to imagine the aircraft before hand. think of the body, imagine the body. Imagine every single deatail you can about the body. If you whant to imagine the inside of the cockpit, imagine diffrent meters, coloured buttons, little switches, everything you can imagine in the cockpit. 

You could fly from outside view or inside. just remember your details. Dont focous on landscape. just make it a simple desert or moon surface.
Everytime you do do this, this will increase your memory and detail level. Add on other things. Leave the craft the way it is for 3 days and add more things. the more you add the better you will remember.
another good thing to do is to see your aircraft in everyday life. I.E you are walking outside and you see your aircraft fly over you or it is zooming inches away from the ground. this tech gave me great experiances in real life and improved dream remembrence. I didnot have an LD yet by hopefully i will soon. :smile:

i slept for about 7 hours last night, then i got up and read some stuff on here for about 20 minutes. i’ve only had one LD before, and it was through the MILD technique… anyway i went back to bed to see if this WILD could work for me, i laid down and totally concentrated on my breathing. i totally laid still and didn’t move a muscle, the only thing that went through my mind was the number of breaths i breathed cause i was counting them to stay conscious. then after i while i started seeing weird blob like colors(hypnagogic images possibly?) and i heard a whistling noise like when your ears are ringing. i tried my best to stay calm and before i knew it i felt the surges you talk about, but it felt like they were only in my head… not surging through my body. my eyes were also moving around in the lids like crazy too, so after probably about 15 seconds of this i sat up thinking i’d be in a dream so i did and i wasn’t, just sittin up in my real bed. i went through the whole process of the images to the eye movement and surges in probably about 30 seconds to one minute… was this almost a WILD? if so, why wasn’t i in a dream when i sat up?

on a similar note, i belive that i do not feel the vibrations you all speak of.
last nite i tried for a WILD but nothing happened, no numbness or waves. i did get HI though (i get that realy easily, almost at will) and after a while my body started twitching then jumping though i still felt no waves etc.
now to the similar bit: during one part i felt what could only be described as a waivering in my head, it didnt spread and went away after a bit. any helpful advice anyone?



p.s. off topic - does anyone know the rest of the saying thingy that goes: to hold the world in the palm of your hand,
to see the universe in a grain of sand
pls tell me if i got it wrong

I haven’t WILDed yet, but I can offer you advice on that saying:

To see the Universe in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.
-William Blake

This morning I tried to induce a WILD. I woke up after having sleeped 5 hours, was awake for ca 30 min, then went back to bed.
I wasn´t focusing on anything except what I saw with my closed eyes - darkness.

After a while I started to feel tired, but I focused on the darkness I saw. Then after 30 min or so flashes and things started to appear in front of my eyes. Since I know that this was a good start, I just focused intensly on the imagery.

Then all of a sudden, it started to tingle in my body - and I felt the numbness. But because of that I guess I got exited, but then calmed down.

The stronger the tingling became, I did become more and more alert/waked up in my brain. (I suppose my brain should get more and more drowsy rather than more awake).

After 30 mins or so my body felt very weird, but still I was highly awake - mentaly, there was no chance I could fall sleep. Then I realized that I probably never would fall asleep and got out of bed.

Can somebody help me please?

I usually do it at night as I’m going to bed, at least that way I don’t miss out on 2 hours of sleep. Plus there are other things you can do in the morning, with wake-back-to-bed and all.

Some nights they won’t come for me, and all I can really do is wait for 'em. If they won’t cooperate, they won’t cooperate. I have done it a couple times without any vibrations though…

And try listening to the little ringing noise in your ear, if you haven’t been. After I get that noise loud enough, it seems to turn into the vibrations somehow. But maybe it’s just me…

I find that the vibrations get stronger and stronger after they first set in. After about 5 minutes or so they’re strong enough to roll. You might also want to try evening them out more, by sort of pulling them down into the rest of your body.


I have the same problem…
It’s like I’m doing everything right; I feel the vibrations and everything, but I just know in my mind that I will never fall asleep this way, like I am cursed. It is quite frustrating because I don’t even get close to sleeping. Maybe it is because I am a light sleeper…
Whatever the case may be, I will just keep trying and hopefully it will come in time.

Tomorrow I´ll only get up for 5 mins, read about the WILD-technique, and then going to bed again - instead of being awake an half hour before I try.

But if doesn´t work I´ll try again, then again, then again…

And if it definitely don´t work, I´m gonna devote myself to DILD´s instead.

I believe that if I just keep on trying, I will have a LD.

Well, i posted up a technique here with the aircraft. As soon as I start to fly in my aircraft I start to feel realy sharp needles going through my body. Sometimes this needle get so annoing I cant concentrate on my flying so I try to land but wined up crashing.
in one experiance I was flying my aircraft and I started to see the images of the cockpit of my aircraft. i am all exited because of this, i loose controle of my ship and crash and the images go away. I try again but the needl like pain gets annoing again.
How can I ignore this pains?

My big problem is getting an itch out of nowhere… i might get one on say my shoulder and it annoys the hell out of me so much i have to move and scratch it.
And isnt it a bad thing to move while trying to do WILD? does it like reset everything or what?

well SuB zeRo every time you get an itch count from 1 to 100.

And onem ore thing. Everytime i try to do a WILD I stop remembering my dreams. and if I do remember it is only little parts. :crying:

What should I do :shrug:
can some one pleas help :angel_fly:

Hi everyone. Just thought I’d put my comments about WILDS here. One thing thats obvious for everyone is that they always get a feeling of painless electricity going through there body, like vibrations, before going WILD. This is very different from your arm or legs falling asleep. It’s very hard to describe and is completely painless. If you feel any pain then it’s probally your arm falling asleep. Lets just say it’s different from anything you’ve every felt before. You can also move it at will from your toes to your head or you entire body. Someone suggested bringing it to your head and I can tell you it is a rush:) You will know when your having it. If you think you might be having it, chances are your not. You have to know. Sometimes your eyes will also be moving very fast and without your control. Before entering this state some people will hear hypnotic sounds or images. Some people see both, some only one, some none. The human brain is different from every person.

You can either try doing a WILD before you go to bed or after 5-7 hours of sleep. I myself have done it both ways. Some people find it easier after 5-7 hours, some just can’t concentrate after waking up so early.

How do i get to the vibration phase?

Remember the key word…Everyone is different.

Basicly you get in a relaxed position like your about to go to bed and clear your mind of everything except concentrate on ONE thing. This can be either the ringing in your ears, counting numbers, your breath, music, your heartbeat, ANYTHING. Key word= everyone is different. Make up your own, combine them. Like concentrate on your breathing while counting your breaths. Be creative! If a stray thought comes in get rid of it! Thoughts like, “this is boring”, “wow i thought i heard something”, " i wonder what time is it", will only make it take longer to get to the vibrations.

What do I do when I get to the vibrations.

Congralations!, you are very very close to becoming WILD. Don’t worry if you think your mind will never fall asleep. It should. A WILD is where your body falls asleep but the right side you your brain is awake. There are alot of ways to get into the dream world from the vibration state. Some people will move there dream bodies by either rolling over or sitting up. I myself have had no luck with this method. I always end up rolling over my real body. But everyone is different. Another method it to imagine yourself walking down a beach or hallway, but the key is total sensery immersion. Feel the sand between your toes and the water as it comes up and the wind blowing. If you keep at it eventully you will be at the beach in your dream. The last method I know of is to imagine yourself floating above your bed. Pretend your in a dream and that you can fly. If you start flying your either superman or you’ve just gone WILD :smile: Be creative!


DON"T move at all

Before trying get in a good position. Everyone has a different favortie position. Just make sure none of you arms or legs and pressure on them so they don’t fall asleep. What I mean by falling asleep I mean that they no longer have blood flow to them. Your arms/legs doesn’t acually fall asleep.

Go to the bathroom before trying and don’t drink anything before going to sleep.

Hope this helps someone.

I tried listening to my ‘buzz’, here’s what happened:

I got in a comfy position and just listened to the buzzing sound that you hear in complete silence. Well, after maybe a minute i got pain in my knee, but i willed it to turn into heat. After about 7 more minutes My thumb jerked, and two minutes later my foot jerked. I got lots of little jerking sensations all over, and soon a slight numbness set in. I also noticed I could feel my heart beating really hard, and that my chest felt hollow. After a few more minutes I decided I was uncomfortable and rolled onto my side, and the buzzing went away. :angry: I got sick of trying to get it back and got up. But as soon as I was downstairs the buzzing came back, but I decided to come and tell you guys about this instead of trying again, cause I think I’m missing something. :user:

Thanks dreamer i will try it and post my experiance.

and how do I keep my limbs from falling asleep. I find it annoing every time I try ti WILD

I have tried WILD for something like two weeks now. I think I have advanced a little, but I can’t get any further…
I usually concentrate my thoughts to my breathing, and I count at the same rhythm I breath. It takes about half an hour to get tiny vibrations to my legs. First it’s like small needles and it gets more “vibrating” after some time. But I haven’t had any bigger vibrations, and this small vibrating feeling in my legs gets weaker and weaker. At the same time my arm ( sometimes left, sometimes right) falls asleep and I can’t concentrate to my breathing anymore!
How can I get vibrations bigger and proceed to next stage!? :no:
I have had DILD two times, and MILD seems to work fine, but I simply don’t have energy to rise two hours earlier than normal at school days…

yesterday i did a WILD by counting from 1 to 100 and telling my self(i f i fail a WILD)" You will have a dream and you are going to wake up after"
anyways, i stared to fel huge vibrations coming from my heart chakra. i tryed to make them spread or get them bigger. I even asked them to get biiger but I litterarly recieved a screw you. this voice said screw you. I am like umm ok. tHe vibrations stoped and i got little ones but still couldnt get them more and i fell asleep. :zzzz:
Thanks to my saing I am going to dream, i remembered my dream and wrote it down. i woke up at 6:00 in the morning but to lazy to try again.
and what FVM said, how could we get them stronger and not swear at me and make them go through my body ???

damn, I shure ask to many questions :nono:

hey i have a question…

k, last night… while trying going to sleep (yes, i didnt have 5-6 hours of sleep yet, i just was going to bed…) i started feeling my eyes twitching and i felt a weird feeling flow up through my body up to my head. i thought i was gonna have a WILD for sure so i laid and waited. my eyes just kept twitching and the feeling, it was like pressure kinda, remained in my head. well, i waited for probably about a minute or two or so of this eye twitching, pressure to head feeling and just gave up so i could just fall asleep.

the question is… why didn’t i go to a dream? did i not wait long enough? it seemed like i had been waiting for a while… well anyways, appreciate any insight you guys may have for me. thanx alot for the help! :content:

I used to get stoned every night before i went to bed, i used to listen to a range of music because it made my imagination go wild and i could see the music usually in space playing every beat with weird things like lightning and ghost faces singing or weird haze creating the music.

i noticed particuly with techno (nrg to be specific) that i started getting body tingles or rushes that i could control, my eyes would start twitching and wobbling much like when on mdma, full body rushes, head rushes and eventually when it gets intense i started have convultions where sometimes i would be kind of jumping in the air. i also experienced a lot getting dragged down into the bed or float in the air but not often. it also felt like sometimes someone of something was rubbing against my feet like realy fast from onside of the bed to the other. i also often felt the bed of the ground vibrate.

while i listened to the music i automatically when my eyes were closed focused on the spot inbetween my eyes and forhead and often my eyes would roll up into the back of my head.

just thought i would tell you this