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Last night I nearly had another WILD- once again, as soon as I woke up in the middle of the night, I remained motionless without moving a muscle or opening my eyes. I decided to count down from 20, but as soon as I said “20” in my mind I immediately felt SP coming over me. I got too excited though and woke up fully. This whole process took less than 30 seconds!
For those of you sick of spending so much time trying to relax enough to WILD, I really think you should try this. Tonight before I go to bed I’ll use self hypnosis and try to make this technique even more effective. Tell you tomorrow how it goes


I don’t know if you had a false awakening or not. I don’t know if there is any way to really know for sure. I think you woke up and were in a half sleep state and that is why the experience was a bit hazy for you. Next time this happens try doing a RC that you know will work. I have a habit of doing a RC every time I wake up. However, I don’t think it really matters. You achieved your goal to have a LD. Enjoy it.

When I first started it was hard not to get excited when I knew it was working but you will get the hang of it. Hypnosis is a great Idea I use it as well along with my WILD technique.

Let us know how you make out.

Happy dreaming


SP is sleep paralysis and WBTB is Wake back to Bed.

Thanks Milod :smile:

Hi Miklos,

I too have foudn taht number counting can help in facilitation of WILD. I employ a hybrid technique which uses LaBerge’s Count Yourself to Sleep technique. i.e. “1, I am dreaming, 2, I am dreaming, etc.” I usually go up to 100 and start over. A good indicator of how close I am to my body faling asleep is when i start to lose track of where in the count I am. Usually, after I lose track three times, I then focus a bit more on my body (i.e. One body technique) to see how I’m feeling, whether or not I am noticing any strange sensations and whether my perception of the outside environment has altered.

This was covered a while back in this thread but many people feeling intense vibrations and other distortions of the body before entering a state of SP. In the three successfuly WILDs I have had, I do not feel these sensations. In the many failed WILD attempts I have had I do feel these sensations. The lesson, I beleive to take out of this is that if you focus too much on your body when you attempt WILD you may be too “awake” to get into a true WILD. I now only employt the one body technique just to check up on myself during the process and see where I am.

Of course, I ahve not refined my technique…case in point, last night I tried it after waking up…and I let go too much and fell asleep -thus no WILD or sadly, no DILD.

Plebian- the technique I am proposing does not involve counting. My technique is waking up naturally during the night, remaining frozen in the same position in which I woke up with my eyes closed, and then trying to enter SP as quickly as possible. The first time I tried this I began counting, but it was unnecessary since SP came so quickly.
Update: last night this did not work so well because whenever I woke I instinctively rolled over. I think this problem will easily be worked out with practice.

I try to do basically the same thing. Not moving seems to be a very important part of the process.

Hi pleban

It is a shame you only have the time to practice WILD on the weekends. It looks like you are starting to get good at it. You have learned a lot in a short time.

Happy dreaming


It sounds like a good idea. I have had successes with WILD when I wake in the middle of the night then go right back to sleep. If you have EWLD read the section on falling backwards into your dreams. I don’t use that technique but, it might be helpful to you. Dr. Labarge also talks about the importance of not moving. Just remember to stay focused on your goal to enter a LD not induce SP. A lot of people get stuck on this stage because they pay to much attention waiting for SP, or vibrations.

Good luck

Hi Milod - Yes - I wish I could practice WILD during the week. I just don’t get enough sleep to do so. The time I have to wake up in the morning would be the ideal time to try WILD…!

Let me take a page out of your book and wish you happy dreaming and LD success :wink:

I recently read something in EWLD that caught my interest. LaBerge said that the WILD techniques are most often (but not always) cultivated by people who fall asleep rapidly.

What do you all think about this? I never thought about it, but it does make sense that WILD would work most effectively with people who can slip into sleep the easiest.

You people who can WILD, do you consider yourself a person who falls asleep pretty easily? Is there anyone who often has insomnia or just trouble falling sleep who can do WILD on a fairly frequent basis?

I know I have trouble getting to sleep, small noises or a little light will make it nearly impossible for me. Even with good conditions I can rarely fall asleep in under 20 or 30 minutes. I dont consider myself someone who can fall asleep rapidly. LaBerge’s comment makes me think maybe all my hard work with WILD is pointless.

Remember, in EWLD, LaBerge also says that WILD is most often associated with brief awakenings from REM sleep and return to REM sleep.

I think you are being too pessimistic about your chances of WILD. There are some people (like Milod) who try to practice WILD upon first falling asleep but it is much harder than trying to WILD after awakening during the middle of the night. I have being trying to LD since mid January and since that time I have had 3 WILDs and 3 DILDs. I believe I would have more WILDs if I had more time to practice. I think a good approach may be to awaken after 5-6 hrs of sleep and then try WILD induction immediately. This is not exactly WBTB because you’re not staying up for an hour or two. I have found this to be the combination that has worked on my 3 successful WILDs.

So far, my LDs have been few and far between but I can tell you that the clarity of the lucid experience was far, far greater with WILD than DILD.

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck to you. :wink:


Yes, people who suffer from insomnia can and do have WILD s as well. I have had my own troubles with insomnia and I was able to practice WILD. If you look at many of the techniques they are designed to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation. In my desperate desire to get to sleep without the aid of medication I started to explore meditation then later self hypnosis. This is where I learned that WILD can be achieved at bed time.

However I do agree with pleban in that it is much easier to do WILD after a period of sleep. I know you most likely find the Idea of waking in the middle of the night(on purpose) to be terrifying as you may not be able to get back to sleep. Many people will stay up for 30-90 minutes but, you don’t have to stay up that long. You can read in my post above that I had great success by going right back to bed as soon as I wake up. The most I would do is go to the bathroom and go right back to bed staying up for only about 3-5min.(Edit- whops I just read that pleaban gave you the same advice. I obviously agree) As for your sensitivity to sound and light I would suggest ear plugs and a sleep mask.

Wow, thanks for the quick and helpful replies. :smile: Good advice… and yes, I usually stay up for literally hours after practicing WBTB. Those were the times when I walked around, wrote in my JJ, or read books, and so I suppose that’s most of the reason why I find it difficult to get back to sleep. I have tried chamomile tea and even pills to fall back to sleep, but it seems that once I wake myself up enough, I am up for a long time. Also, I get extremely hungry after a half hour or so, and that never helps.

I naturally wake nearly every night at 4:30-4:00, so I usually wait till this time to do induction techniques. I’ve been trying WILD for about two months now, while putting considerable effort into it. I almost always perform WILD after a few hours of sleep, but I rarely have tried to lie perfectly still after waking up and trying it. Obviously I’ll have to try this.

Very good advice. I haven’t exactly concentrated on many relaxation techniques, so I suppose I’ll have to give this more attention.

Thanks plebian and milod! :content:

Glad to help. Let me know how you make out. Learning about meditation or self-hypnosis can be of a great help for lucid dreaming.

A couple nights ago I thought about the advice I was given here, and modified my approach to WILDing. I focused more on relaxation and meditation and came very close to success. I would call this experience a success anyways.

I did the meditation where I imagine warm “waves” of relaxing energy traveling slowly up my limbs and body, starting from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. As I took deep breaths I imagined my body becoming twice as relaxed with each exhale. Soon I started to feel the familiar “shifting” feeling, like my body was floating around a bit. I realized before long that I had no idea where my arms were. I had absolutely no feeling in them. Then I realized I could move very slightly the part of my body that wanted to shift around. Whether this was the start of my awareness of my astral or dream body I do not know. Then, slight vibrations began getting stronger through my body, and soon I felt I was shaking all over. On my inner screen I had an extremely vivid vision of looking up through a large sunroof at the stars, some clouds, and the tops of trees overhead as I was lying down in the back of a car. This lasted for about 4 seconds. For the next half hour or so I tried to get back those HI with no further success. The vibes left as they usually do, and I was left lying, wondering where my arms were. :wink:

Hi everybody,

Few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to research/study about WILD in more detail and I believe that I’m now sure that most WILD attempts failed because of being too alert. Usually I WILD so fast that I don’t really remember how it all works; also I usually don’t have my awareness too high to fail. I thought last night, “Well, if people are having so much troubles with that… I’ll test it and see if it works with heightened awareness than before.” Also I deliberately slowed the progress of WILD down so I could study how it works and observe as I go by. I’ll share my experience with you and then hopefully it would be helpful for people to achieve WILD a bit easier (that’s my goal :smile: ). Also I will be voicing my opinions based on my experience and my observation, perhaps you will find it useful… it’s time to take all of them out of me. :wink:

I went to bed at around 23:30 and woke up at 03:00. I had to go to bathroom. Lol. I went back to bed and lay on my back with my right hand on my plexus and my left hand below that for comfort and I had my legs a bit open wide for secured feeling (I always feel like I’m rolling off my bed if I don’t have my legs securing me). This time, I did that differently; I kept my awareness high. I tried to be alert enough to observe everything in detail. For a while, I was getting impatient, but suddenly, I felt a rush of intense relaxing and paralysis through my spine to my tailbone. It spread around my root charka and eventually my legs felt the effect. Somehow, I was able to pause/resume my experience. Around this time, I paused to observe the effect that I experienced. Then I resume… I allowed my awareness to go a bit more because I was stuck in this stage. Then… wow… the paralysis hit my stomach area. I felt it relaxing… melting away. Then suddenly, I felt like I was choking, but I ignored this sensation. Then paralysis came up through my back spine then my arms felt its effect. My neck, then my face felt it next. I didn’t feel numb yet, just stiff and relaxed at the same time. Not fully paralyzed yet though. I just relaxed… I was at the plateau so I had to wait. Suddenly, I fell deeper, more of paralysis set in from the same way… tailbone, root charka, legs, stomach, spine, arms, neck, head, and then face. Suddenly, the choking feeling went away. I just totally melt away, but not full paralyzed yet. Lol. I lost control of my breathing. My heartbeats increased. Paralysis now hit me harder and for good. Same way. I still felt myself on bed through, but I was so paralyzed. I could just imagine myself running and it felt so real. I could try to move, hence creating an illusion of dream body. But because of my heightened consciousness, I couldn’t fully takeover my dream body. It was more like a vivid daydream. I began to experience those annoying itches, but I couldn’t move at all so I ignored them. I also experienced some spasms. I believe it was a way for my brain to see if I am fully paralyzed yet or not. Indeed, I was paralyzed. Suddenly the numbness came… just like how paralysis was spread around from tailbone. It came in impulses… more numbness. I began to feel myself floating. I even thought my left hand was on my right hand, but no… it was just an illusion. I was purely one with my breath. I observed my HH’s and they happened to make complex shapes. I tried to see some of dreamscapes in there, but then my consciousness came in conflict. I felt like I was having a seizure and mind splitting positions. Suddenly, I began to hallucinate while I was still having a “seizure.” I was walking in a strange high-tech corridor. It was dimly lit by white and soft green lights. I felt the wall. Tactile sensation was very vivid, but what I saw was just like a vivid daydream not a dream. My “seizure” continued to get worse. I stopped daydreaming and my “seizure” reduced into nothing. I felt an extreme strong rush to open my eyes. I opened my eyes. I was still hallucinating a bit. My room was full of pulsing light. I fought against my paralysis to turn over on my side because my back was hurting from laying flat on my bed. I felt like I was on drug. I was still partially paralyzed when I turned over to my left side.

I closed my eyes again. And suddenly, I was paralyzed again. It continued to increase and increase. I tested my paralysis by faking the actions like running. I had that strange urge to shiver. I was very hot, but I knew it was part of being in trance. It always made me hot. Breathing was a strange sensation because basically entire of my body did not exist, but I could feel my lungs very well. It felt like an expanding balloon inside me, but that was it. That all I could feel, nothing else. The banging vibration came from my brainstem. It eventually resonated throughout my body. I knew that I was now somewhere in delta waves. My plexus solar charka became very dominant; however, this time it was very different since I had much more awareness in there. I had much more conflict with it. I couldn’t reach dream stage even I tried with my well-known techniques. Now I was in delta waves. I knew I wasn’t going to dream anymore. I decided to meditate for a while in this trance to see what happen. I was in that nice pitch-black void. Suddenly, I had that “seizure” sensation again. My mind went into overload mode again. I knew I was perfectly safe, but I actually attempted something that was very unnatural… being in theta and delta waves with heightened awareness than before. Both of my consciousness and my subconsciousness “fought” each other. My consciousness had enough awareness to desire to remain being awake, but yet I allowed my subconsciousness to take over… which caused that reaction. But unfortunately, I had to go to bathroom again (too much of liquid intake). I experienced that strange trance. I was still partially paralyzed when I went to bathroom. My face was mostly paralyzed. I looked dead and relaxed when I looked in the mirror. Lol.

I came back in my bed; it was around 06:30 that time. So, I had been playing with WILD trance for three hours and 30 minutes. I thought, “OK, let’s WILD for sure.” I was laying on my right side. Soon enough, I got paralyzed quite quickly. I continued to visualize my consciousness being decreased by using thin strings to represent the amount of awareness that I had. I removed several strings at one a time until there was one string left. I was in a line between falling asleep and being barely aware. Next thing I knew was that my plexus charka went nuts and my consciousness was being pushed into nothing. I blacked out, only to wake up in dominated SP. I was floating. My hands were hanging in the air. I rolled out. The vibration hit me. I knew it was a succeeded WILD. I was in my bedroom floating. Everything was colored in different tints. It was like an OBE, but I didn’t see my body. It was dark outside instead of dimly lit sky with sun starting to reveal itself in real life. I did an experiment on myself. It was confirmed that I still could control the environment and myself even though I was OBE’ing. I woke up pretty quickly after that. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I knew I was experiencing what you call it, an OBE. It was fake (projection) though. It was now around 08:30. I had been playing with WILD/meditative trance for around 4 to 5 hours now.

So, my conclusion is that the main problem that people encountered was that they had too much of awareness to start with. Even I attempted to enter forcefully into my dream world and I failed. I kept on being in that strange mind splitting and “seizure-like” sensations when I was attempting that task. I also was in WILD trance forever with no successes until I took a large portion of my consciousness away. In order to succeed being in your dreamscape fully, it is required to be aware INSIDE of your subconscious, hence the name, “Crossing Over.” When people attempt to WILD, sometimes they don’t allow their consciousness to fall back for few minutes to make the ‘crossing over’ progress; therefore, their attempt of WILD fail. So, the major factor that people, I believe, should focus on taking away a large portion of their consciousness in order to be successful. Also there are factors where people possibly could freak out about: spasms, paralysis, numbness, choking sensation, vibration, HH’s, a sudden increase in heartbeats, losing control of breath (subconscious taking over), etc. You absolutely cannot react to those when you are attempting to WILD or otherwise, you could either be snapped out of WILD trance or stopping yourself from progressing any further. So, there are two major factors that you must overcome in order to succeed: awareness/consciousness and fears. Once you have overcome those, you might find WILD’ing a bit easier, but it isn’t going to fix everything. You still need to practice mental strength just to ignore the urges to move, to itch, to wake up, etc. The key is to act like you are actually falling asleep unconsciously, that means you have to be empty and non-responsive to what you experience, so that requires a lot of mental discipline and patience. By meditating regularly, it might help you to develop or improve your mental strength and mental discipline to help you with WILD’ing. Therefore, it concludes my experiment with WILD and I wish you HUGE good luck! :smile:

Yes that has been my experience as well. The hole key is in the letting go. Unfortunately it is also the hardest part to explain to people. How do you describe letting go to someone who has not experienced it for them selves. You also said something else that was interesting about how just before you enter the dream you have a brief black out. I had a WILD where after I went through my hole WILD procedure I had the “seizures” then felt my body being pulled down to the foot of my bed.(actually I am not sure which came first the seizures or the pulling it happened so fast) but, I blacked out for like one second and then I was standing next to my bed in a dream fully aware. Now that you mentioned it, I think all my WILD s were preceded by a one second blackout. It is something I am going to try to be more aware of to see if that is true.

Yes, I agree with you. It’s the hardest part, trying to explain how to let your consciousness go. In fact, I’m thinking about experimenting to discover some basic techniques to assist people with letting his/her consciousness go.

You could use that threads representing your consciousness until you have one left like I mentioned in my article. You could use something to focus on like your breath and really let your consciousness go. It’s like faking yourself into falling asleep and try to keep your consciousness and at the same time really let it go. In my opinion, it’s an art to really hold the line between falling asleep unconsciously and consciously… it’s really a narrow path. It takes practice to learn where your narrow path is. If you have too much of consciousness, you might experience some difficultities in falling asleep or even dream at all, if you have too little of consciousness, then you fall asleep unconsciously.

You also could try that flame in throat technique. I think it was Jeff who mentioned about that technique somewhere in this big wild topic, but I don’t recall very well at the moment. The key is to focus on something and really let your consciousness go. Focusing on something should be enough to ‘barely’ keep your consciousness awake while you fall asleep.

Like I said, meditating (not required though) will help extremely a lot with that.

Good luck! :biggrin:

Yes…this is the hardest part (for me). I have no fear of related SP symptoms. I have a great deal of difficulty knowing just how much to let go when attempting WILD. If my conscious mind stays too alert (i.e. too much focus on body or mental task like number counting) I will either be so alert that I can’t successfully enter the dream world when the powerful symptoms of SP come (i.e. vibrations) or I will simply wake up. Conversely, when I try to let go I usually just fall asleep without retaining enough consciousness to get me into the dream world “awake.” I hope it gets easier! :bored: