The BIG WILD Topic - Part XI

I have an idea! Prehaps that will help you to get a better idea at how far you should let your consciousness go.

Imagine/assume that your consciousness is like subconsciousness ok? You have two subconsciousness. One is for wake life and other one for dreaming life, but basically they are just the same. You can’t have both active at the same time ok? So what will you do? Leaving one alone and enter into other one right? Well with WILD, you trick other one into thinking that other one is in passive mode, but really it’s actually active. You should bring it this far where your wake subconsciousness actually goes into like 75% passive mode (25% faked passive action by you) so you can still be alert while you fall asleep, but you are not alert enough to be aware of everything. Sometimes you might experience some black-outs, but that’s ok. It can be a good sign.

Now, did that help? Or did I make it worse? lol

DM7 what you describe makes me say, yes, uhu, I know what you mean, exactly! (except for delta :eek: :wink: )
very nicely described

Choking can be a terrifying and uncomfortable feeling. I’m guessing the breathing is passed on to the subconscious while you are still aware, relaxing and letting go worked for me also

I’m curious if increased heartbeat is not sometimes an illusion. Once (can’t find the dream) I was able to listen to both while waking out of trance, false rapid heartbeat and my real one.

Lately this is what all my lucid dreams are like, very mental and imaginary although sensations like flying are there.

hey that makes perfect sense

That ‘seizure’ and mind splitting I’ve experienced as seeing through one eye from my bed, while my other eye looked at something else, and the two went back and forth with a growing intensity that (I thought) would multiply endlessly. Out of fear (or was it discomfort?) I woke myself out of it.

The urge to open the eyes just happened to me also, like an impulse. (I would post these dreams, perhaps in a new DreamJournal) and I saw normally from bed, then to check if it’s my real eyes I opened my eyes again, but brief blackouts between blinks kept me from verifying for real that I’m seeing with closed eyes. Why is there this urge?

So it is true! Those brief blackouts and beginning of (or ongoing?) dreams I get just before the vibrations startle me into trance are useful, otherwise to get vibrations ‘clean’ while fully conscious is takes 1-3 hours after wbtb. At least time goes by quick when in the proper trance for that…sometimes. And that ‘fall back’ shouldn’t be losing yourself mentally in thoughts, but that “25% faked passive” kind.

You described it very well DM7,
I just hope your post does not get lost among the WILD pages!

Yes DM7, trying to figure out how much to let go is an art. I usually say I just feel my way through it. As I was answering a question on another thread I realized that I get to a point where I let myself go almost completely blank. Usually during the vibrations or when I feel my body being pulled in any direction. You only need a slight awareness to cross over into the dream. When I first started to learn about Lucid Dreaming and started to practice WILD I was so frustrated because none of the books I read really explained the final step, crossing into the dream. Now I understand why. It is hard to explain and it happens so fast.

DM7 -

You’re idea is interesting…but I fear it is way too advanced for me. I am not at the stage where I can dictate or assess what level of consciousness I experience. I don’t see how I can gauge it.

This morning I tried to WILD and failed. I first used a bit of the counting method - when I lost count I wnet on to imagining a lotus…and other symbols…then I tried to fcus on HI but oddly that never works for me as I don’t seem to get much HI and when I start taking notice of it I keep pulling myself awake. Yikes…I think I’m making this all too difficult…

Yep…I feel the main area in EWILD that needs improvement is the section on WILD.

BTW - I think I could get better at this if I could practice more than just on the weekends.

Well, the key is to let your consciousness go and use focusing to help you hold whatever is left of your consciousness. Don’t use focusing to enhance your consciousness. :smile: Counting method in my opinion takes too much of your awareness; hence, slower progress of WILD. That flame in throat technique, you put the rest of your consciousness (should be like 25% or less) in it. It is supposedly to wake you up when REM-cycle begins. As much as everyone hate that word, but… PRACTICE will make everything perfect. :biggrin:

Anyways, you (both of you) could do some kind of exercises to practice letting your consciousness go like whenever you take a nap or whenever you do WBTB. You also could use meditation to help you practicing this as well. YOu could try do it when the opportunity is there… as much as possible as you can.

Just a suggestion and good luck! :biggrin:

Thank you DM7

I have just one quick question. When you WILD, do you stay conscious through all stages of sleep? Sometimes I’ll have 2or 3 LD’s in a night but, even with WILD I loose consciousness between dreams.

First of all, it’s always possible to lose your consciousness somewhere in your WILD progress especially if you want to speed it up, then yes. Lol. And yes you can lose your consciousness between dreams even though you WILD’ed.

Sometimes by doing WILD… even it is unsuccessful… it can act like MILD, helping you to become conscious later on in your dreams.

Good luck! :happy:


That is what usually happens to me. I either have a successful WILD or DILD, the dream ends. Later I either start a new dream fully lucid or have non lucid dream and later in the dream become lucid.

I have read many of your posts and they have been very helpful in making me understand what I am doing right with WILD s. There were times where I had WILDs that came easy and fast but, was not sure what (exactly)I did right. You put everything in terms that I was able to grasp. Thanks.

Happy dreaming :smile:

No, you don’t stay concious between dreams. The concept doesn’t even make sense to me - then again, why does “concious inside dreams” make sense? :wink:

You can be conscious between dreams. It’s where black void is mentioned. :smile:

And no problemo! :wink:

Wow, haven’t checked this topic in a while, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for experimenting and describing that experience Dm7. I’m going to have to try that “string cutting” meditation. Sounds cool. Sweet dreams. :content:

Thank you! :biggrin: It’s my pleasure to experiment. :smile: I’m glad it could help. Good luck Fenoderee with that! :biggrin:

Hey I’ve got a really quick question for ya…sorry if it’s already been asked…
When I’m relaxing in bed…and I close my eyes…my stupid eyelids piss me off, cos it doesnt feel relaxed at all when my eyes are closed, cos I keep either blinking cos theyre not shut enough or it strains my eyes cos I’m stratching my eyes so far back into my head to keep my eyelids totally still, either that or I’ve got my eyes open until I automatically close them cos I’m off to the land of nod. I tried using an eye mask thingy, cos I thought it might be to do with the fact that I can see light coming into my eyes, but every time I rolled over in my sleep, when I’m half awake, I pulled it off and it really pissed me off cos then I had to keep putting it on again. Also, do HI only come when you’ve got your eyes shut, or can you see them when it’s totally dark anyway?

Yesterday I found a way that might help when one tries to WILD in the morning. First lay in a position that you normaly don’t. I always sleep on my stomach so I turn over and lay on my back, seems to keep me a little more awake. Then try to remember what you dreamt before waking up. Try to go through the entire dream and because you only concentrate on your dream you might just end up in a LD without getting any of the vibrations. I have done this the last two mornings and got HI that moved about 1 frame/sec and I was sucked into the HI scene and had a LD that was about 1 second long. The other day the HI just led to a ND.

PistGurl, just try to forget about the eyes and think about something else, works somewhat well for me.

PistGurl, I also experienced that same problem when I attempt to WILD. I believe that it’s a natural progress and it helps if you shut your eyes bit tighter than usual. When you really go into a trance deeper than awake stage, your eyes begin to relax and automatically keep shut. When paralysis begins to hit in, your eyes will feel much relaxer. It’s like blowing dust away, leaving behind the true self. So the best way is to ignore it. :smile: Not easy I know. Good luck. :happy:

JaRoD, yes it’s a good technique. You could try laying in a bit of uncomfortable position to help you with WILD since you can’t fall asleep right away so you have a higher chance to fall asleep consciously (WILD). I sometimes have my arms in a bit of uncomfortable position just to keep me alert through out the progress of WILD. It, however, doesn’t mean that your regular position is impossible to achieve with WILD because I have succeeded on my side (my favorite position) or my stomach (other favorite position). Keep exploring! :wink: Keep experimenting! :happy: Good luck!

I hate to say but what Dm7 says is 100% right. You just have to ignore it. If I had a free LD every time I had an: itch, weird tingle ,tickle in my throat, felt like I had to go to the bathroom, need to cough or sneeze while trying WILD I would have enough to last a lifetime. You just have to ignore it and let go more and you wont feel it any more.

I only dont ignore them the first 5 minutes lol then i dont even notice them.


Dm7 - did you mean theconciousness thing? I’m no WILD fan :sad: You could, of course, put it in the wikibook yourself… if you dare!

Hehe I’ll see what I can do about it. I don’t exactly have a lot of time. Soon I’m going on a date with a guy… so… :happy: You get an idea. Lol! :wink: