WILD questions

Ok I have a few questions about WILD.

  1. Is there any special position you should sleep in? I usually sleep on my side but always switch around, so I think it would be hard to do WILD in this position.

  2. How long does it take before you start seeing HI’s and HH’s or any of the other experiences associated with WILD?

  3. Would it be a waste of my time to try and have a WILD even though my dream recall is pretty bad?


Welcome to the forum, Duke.

WILD, like pretty much everything to do with lucid dreaming, differs largely depending on the individual. In my case, I prefer to lay on my back when attempting WILD. Since I normally can’t sleep that way, it helps me to stay concentrated rather than allowing me to fall asleep prematurely. It then takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes (or even longer, depending on how distracted or awake I am) for hypnagogics to start occurring. You can tell when you’re getting close by how frequently a random topic or idea spontaneously enters your head. The closer you are to falling asleep, the more abstract and random your thoughts will be.

Since your body will be essentially offline when the dream begins, it helps to take as much focus away from it as you can while you’re laying there. Try to ‘mask’ all of your senses with your imagination. I usually picture a scene or object, and imagine what it might feel like, or how it sounds. The idea is to take the focus away from your real senses, and keep your attention confined to your own mind.

Due to the size of this topic, there’s a thread here (click to view) which is an ongoing collaboration of members’ tips, efforts and stories - all in one place for convenience. If you have any other questions about WILD, please post them in the topic linked above so the information can all be kept together. You can still reply in here regarding the points mentioned in your post, or my response to them.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!. :smile:

I always used to do WILD on my back but, my new bed is not that comfortable and has made laying on my back very uncomfortable. So I started to do it on my side and found that it works just as well. As suggested you should read the big WILD topic. Dm7 (a reliable source of info on WILD) mentions that she does wild on her side, back, and stomach.

Dream recall is important with any LD technique but, no it is not a waste of time to start working on WILD now.