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Hi Pilot! Well i could do that lol…not so many ppl in the west do meditation or selfhypnosis in their lds…would be for sure a fresh subject!
I really was full with fire and passion in those days…
I once did a test…I heared that when u dont sleep your body makes more serotonin and slow waves like delta and theta, after 48 hours…so hypnosis should be more easy then…
I played a game 4 48 hours nonstop…and after that did selfhypnosis tests and indeed it was way easier then ever…not so easy as in a dream but still it really enhanced my selfhypnosis control…yogi style…
I did several experiments (this was one of them) to c and find out how important serotonin is in trance and meditation.

Yes it makes a difference when u start young with meditation…then your neural networks can easely make connections and learn things…plus the extra years u got in training…
Hmmm, well the older u get the more experienced u get with leaving all those extra signals out…not giving them attention…so the older u get, the more routined u are with this…so…well it would not be a disadvantage and i dont expect really disadvantages or draw backs from age…(unless extreme old maybe)

:smile: Good luck!

should i change the period of time after I wake up due to my akward sleep patterns. On weekdays I sleep like 6 to 5 hours, and hardly remember dreams. On the weekends I only remember dreams if I have slept around 11-12 hours. So should i not wake up after 6 hours, but after 7? or 8?, or shuold i even wake up earlier. thanks, Ben

Jeff: I guess that’s reassuring, thanks.

ben7, as the sleep cycle progresses, the REM periods become longer each turn. WBTB and WILD are most effective after a few hours of sleep. I’m not sure what you’re asking though…

Lately it seems i have been progressing in my wild attempts, but after a certain point everything seems to stop. i can get to the point where my whole body is numb, after that i never go further. one guy told me to try and imagine a rose or flame in my throat but that technique didnt work for me. there was one time where i heard a strange sound. today i had a strange experince though, after laying for about an hour i think i just went into a dream and didnt realize. i dreamt i had the vibrations but then my mom woke me. i got mad at her because i was getting so close to having a wild. when i was walking around i just felt like i was still in bed and i was like oh this is a dream and i flew around then i woke up and i was still laying trying to have a wild. now that dream may seem like an LD but i dont think it was, i think it was a false LD becuase i didnt seem in control like i did with the one i had acouple months ago. so i geuss what im asking is how do i get from the numb feeling to the dream, i geuss i did it today but i must have not been thinking becuase it was just like a normal dream.
sorry if this is confusing, im alittle confused myself

Ok, first of all, I´m a beginner with LD - practically.
I´ve read “Stephen LaBerges: EWLD” through like 14 times - but I´ve been to lazy to seriously trying to LD.

Well, this morning I tried to WILD. After a few minutes I got sleep paralysis, pretty uncomfortable IMO. And so it went on for a couple of minutes and then I couldn´t take it no more.

My little-brother had a horrible accident 1 month ago, and I were afraid to see him as a hallucination.

So my question is; Am I close to LD? Should I just “continue on” when I´m in this state?

Well, I tried my first WILD attempt with little (or so I thought) success. I woke up naturally after about 5 hours of sleep. I layed in bed on my back doing the counting thing. I just kept counting. I started to feel the sensations across my body. Then I heard the noises, the first one startled me and took me completely out of it. I concentrated again, and reached deeper stages. I kept hearing noises, some of which I think were happening in real life (I live in a dorm, could have been janitors outside early cleaning.) I heard the sound of keys over and over, so maybe that was my brain… I heard sounds I’ve never heard before too, those were definitely my brain. Eventually my body felt the vibrations, and it felt like I was tensing up. My back started to burn and I felt pulled in different directions. I even noticed my eyelids were moving, and my fingers were moving a little. Yet I could not go into a LD. Eventually I gave up and went to sleep. I woke up thinking I didn’t remember any dreams (or didnt have any) but 5 minutes ago after drinking some french vanilla I remembered 2 dreams. And one of them I definitely knew I was dreaming (I drove my car around smashing it up knowing I could go back to the house and find it again.) I don’t think it was lucid, but definitely aware. On a side note, I have had a LD before (only once, and it was great, flying around the countryside.) Anyways, I guess I’ll keep trying, adapting more tips from this forum. If anyone has any pointers or shared experiences, please tell :wink:

Iiyama: where did you buy that book, and what meathod did u use? u said u got Sleep paralysis in a few minutes, what method did u use for this? thanks, ben

:confused: I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid here but is it possible to accidentaly have an OBE while trying to do a WILD? I used to get sleep paralysis and try to leave my body in my more adventurous days because I heard that that was a good time to try that. (It never worked, probably because I was too scared.) Is causing a WILD like intentional sleep paralysis? If I spontaniously get sleep paralysis on my way to sleep (which has happened) could I have a WILD from there?

Hmmmm… Does anyone have any advice on techniques from getting out of the WILD symptoms, and actually into the lucid dream? I don’t seem to have any problem when they happen without me trying to have them, but when I consciously force/wait for a WILD, I can’t get any further.

I spent a few hours this morning when I woke up trying to have a WILD, I got to the beginnings of it maybe six times, but I kept being startled out of it by the noises people were making getting ready, or I couldnt keep my thoughts blank. Eventually everyone left, and I managed to get into it for more than a couple seconds. I would drift off and “see” dreams, but not actually be in them, I could still feel my body. This time I saw images on the backs of my eyelids too, usually I only get the noise, it was hundreds of signposts zooming towards me like a high speed windows screensaver. I tried focusing on one of the signs, and it sort of hovered blurrily in my vision before continuing on its way. Then I “lost” everything, and was left with one sign flickering slowly in the corner of my vision, and a slight buzz in my ear. By this point I gave up for the day.

What are you supposed to do? Do you just “let go”? Do you try to pull yourself away? I tried both and neither really worked. Was I just holding on to being aware too hard, and not letting myself fall asleep?

shade when u got at your closest from getting a ld by wild…then just let go of your conscious a little more like try each time when u are at your deepest wild level…10 % less consciousness…and then just be patience…
So do what u normal do then when u cant get deeper try each time a 10% extra loss of consciousness…just let go and be patience…dont use thoughts anymore just be patience from that moment of…ok? :smile:

Is it effective to do WILD after a day of sleep deprivation without
sleeping for 6 hours first?I have just went pass a day without
sleep and I am thinking of trying the WILD method where music is used.

Yes I think so…but one disadvantage, there is a chance u might fall a sleep while u try! :wink:

I would be very thankful if you guys could answer my question.

This night (and many ones before) I tried to WILD. I did exactly as LaBerge wrote in his book. After a while my body starts to tingle, I get noises in my ear and my heart is pounding like crazy. For every second that goes I feel that I´m about to enter the dream-state more and more.

The problem is; I can´t get any further! I don´t see any images at all in front of my “eyes”. What am I doing wrong?

It is very simple…when u are stuck at a certain point in wild and u want to get any further u have to let go a little more of your consciousness…
Its like a pair of scales…when u want that one of them is going doing make the other one less heavy…in wild that means u have to let go of your consciousness a bit more so your body and brain fall a little deeper in sleep and u enter your dream stage while u are doing a wild!

Try this subtile or u lose your consciousness totally and u fall a sleep…
Try each time when u are stuck in a wild to let go of a 10% more consciousness then the time before that…
PPE is important here big time…Practising…being Patient and Experience!

Good luck


Imagine yourself sinking head first should help. It helps me to lose my consciousness and yet maintain my consciousness until I enter a dream world. When I WILD, I usually have to enter a dream world consciously. I have used spinning, rubbing, leaping into my dream, and sinking sensation techniques to help me to step in my dream world consciously.

The sinking sensation seems to work the best. Just imagine yourself sinking and don’t be overwhelmed! It’s a vivid sensation, I’m warning ya. Just be patient as the sinking sensation should help ur conscious to fall a bit so you can enter into a vivid dream world. Let me warn you one more thing. You might find yourself in ur LD so quickly that you might feel confused or distorted for a minute as your LD stabilizes itself. Just a 2 cents. Good luck! … 4&start=15 here’s my dream journal… look for Jan. 3, 2003 entry… it talks in detail how I enter into my dream world consciously. It should help you to see what you need to expect. Again, I wish you the best luck of all! :wink:

I went to bed last night at about 11:00 after reading “CountingSheep by Paul Martin” (a great book!) and after about 15 min I felt all the tell tale signs of the early stages of WILD including hypnotic images followed by the “vibrations” then i was dreaming i got up out of my bed and into a LD… a very entertaining one i might add… :smile: i woke up abou 12:00 proving that at most i had been assleep for an hour… now i thought that REM sleep only occurs after several hours of sleeping not the second you go to sleep… it seemd as if i skiped the first few sleep stages. whats going on? :confused:

i thought that this could have been a hypnogogic dream or whatever its called but it definatly seemed more to be a real dream that my other “hypnogogic dreams” (that bit inbetween falling assleep and being assleep) shrugs

WILD was intended to be used after already sleeping for several hours. This is because it’s actually possible to go straight into a dream after waking up without having to go back through the first few stages. Some people claim to be able to do this before getting any sleep at all, but I don’t believe them. :wink:

I hope someone can help me…I try to WILD when going to bed, and again at 4 in the A.M. However, I have only gotten to the point where my feet feel like they’re stretching and I go numb. I’ve never seen or heard anything strange though. Once I felt like I was floating. I think my problem is that I have to swallow often.(Weird?) I was just wondering if the best thing to do would be just not to worry about it? Or should I change positions? (I lie on my back) Do any of you constantly swallow while falling asleep? I’m thinking that it’s just a problem because I made it one. But still, I feel like it’s the thing that keeps distracting me and snapping me out of it.