The BIG WILD topic - Part XV

I tried to do a WILD last night, but it didn’t work. I ended up waking up at 3 AM (like I planned), but never falling asleep agian…I just layed there for about an hour and a half trying to do a WILD, then another hour and a helf trying just to fall asleep (no WILD). I looked kinda like this : :eek: Finally my alram beeped, and I had to get up for school. :sad:

From this, I learned: I’ll only try to pull a WILD when I’m practically sleep deprived…I guess friday nights will work.

Probably you didnt relaxed (enough). I also have that when i dont relax enough. I lie there for half an hour without even one HI. I usually switch to MILD then. When i wake up i realise i didnt relax enough :grin:. Sleepyniss can do strange things with you

I thought I was pretty relaxed, but maybe it still wasn’t enough. I’m planing to try another one tomorrow night. Wish me luck :tongue:

*Ysim hopes this time will go better

I was wondering about the dream recall of any other people when you try this technique. Because, for me, whenever I try this technique, I never have any dreams that I can remember. While, normally, I remember, very vividly, 2-3 dreams a night, when I sleep normally.

Does anyone else expeirence this?

one afternoon i took a nap after reading most of this site about WILD. I would say that WILD is my fav technique i dunno how to do the others. So i lay down still, and attempt to WILD. I fall asleep and have a couple of quick dreams in my room and stuff. Then when the dream was over the vibrations attacked my body and my mind woke up again, but this time i was just counting down and said to my head in 10 seconds i will dream. I counted from 10 to 1. that count down was very different then the otheres. everytime i said a number my view would turn black and come back again and it felt like i can see out of my closed eyes. At number 1 i just got up and looked at my laptop screen and it was a desert picture in it. i quickly rushed to enter the screen and go to the desert. All of a sudden my dad barges in the room and grabes me by my throat and doesnt say nothing. i call him stupid and tell him to let go of me. but he doesnt say a word. he hand is on my throat but i dont even feel it. then i woke up very angry that my dad stopped my completion of my dream. LOL. what does that mean???

The wikipedia article ( mentions something called “Aural Focusing Technique”. This seems to be a form of WILD, but is there anyone here who reports it to work better than standard WILD?

WILD is so hard, I can stay focused on being conscious for about 5 minutes or so, than I start to think random things, kinda like dreaming but not really asleep, and I completly forget what I’m trying to do, them sometime later I remember that I’m trying to get a LD and I focus again on doing WILD. I’ve tried some things this night. I imagined objects than I switched it’s colors, I tried to remember my day, I tryed counting numbers, wich by the way was more efficient when I associated a number to a person’s face. The closest I get to a LD is when I feel my “sleep waves”. I sleep without tv or anything, so when I’m starting to fall asleep I feel a strange sensation going through my body, that’s when I know I’ll be sleeping soon, and I try to remain focused during this but I just can’t.

I still havn’t WILDed successfully, but one thing I’ve made note to remind myself of is that you’re just going to sleep like you would normally, but you need to remember to keep your mind active when you start drifing off. It’s helped so far, hopefully I’ll get through a WILD soon! :content:

I have not had success with WILD, but the main reason that is keeping my motivated, is the fact that, once mastered, WILD is probably the most effective technique due to its ability to induce lucids at will. So however long it takes, I know its worth it!

Yay! I think I had my first lucid last night!
Ok, I am pretty sure this was a LD. I was doing the WILD technique and I set an alarm to wake me up at 2:00 It went off and I started to do WILD. I felt sufficiently relaxed so I just started counting. I got to the point where I felt what I think were the vibrations and I was seeing random images. Not just pictures but like a little image that moved, like short random movie clips. I told myself to just observe them. I don’t know how long it was, but all of a sudden I got this idea that to enter the dream “You focus on the light coming from the sides of your eyes” (from your perepheral vision). I did this and there was a really strong vibration or something. It just felt really weird. Then the images sorta stopped and it got really dark, and then I found myself in a dream. I was in English and my teacher was asking some kid questions. I left this and soon found myself wondering through my school. I then realized I was dreaming and I knew it was a lucid dream. I then, as I had previously planned, went to find my subconcious to ensure future lucid dreams. I went to God who gave my a blue soccerball with a note written in colorful ink for one of my friends to improve his grades. Then I tried to stop time, and get super powers, but nothing worked. In fact, my dream wasn’t even very vivid.

I was very happy when I woke. I mean, who wouldnt be? If God gave you a soccerball to ensure you would have more LD’s… anyways just thought I would share.

I started WILD last night before i fell asleep and i got scared cause of SP because your supposed to do it with WBTB so i just switched over to MILD/auto suggestion

Congratulations on your lucid dream. :partying_face:

Yes, you were lucid even though things did not work out the way you wanted them to. Don’t worry about things not being as vivid as you expect or having dream powers. All of that will come to you in time. All of us had problems with lucidity at first. It just takes practice.

I look forward to hearing about your next lucid dream.

quantum physics,

You don’t have to do WILD with WBTB, it is just easier especially when you are just learning how to do it. You can do WILD at bedtime as well. It does take more practice and patients but it is possible. So, if you find that you are trying a WILD technique at bed time there is no reason to be scared. Give it a try, you never know.

I was trying to WILD yesterday night and actually, I cannot say if it was for real or not. I’m not even sure how I got to the WILD part but all of a sudden my body started vibrating, my mind was half dreaming half aware of the fact that I’m about to sleep. Actually it even felt as if a part of me was trying to leave my body, yet it couldn’t. I even tried to start dreaming by telling myself so three times but each time I did, I got the vibrating effects but nothing happened. It was very, very odd.

I’m still wondering if it might be impossible for some people to WILD, I’ve been trying for ages (well, okay, not ages, a few months, but it seems like some people get it after a week or something!) and I never have any success. The only thing that keeps me going is that I had a spontaneous WILD once, on a roadtrip, and I kept falling asleep in the car and I got a WILD. I’ve been thinking that I should try sleeping and WILD’ing sitting up, but nah, sleeping sitting up isn’t very comfortable…

Dream on. // Olesia

Olesia, I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve been trying for ages too. I’ve just had one WILD and it was more like a dream reentry indeed.

About sleeping sitting up, it’s adviced by some people, for instance it’s the case in the Suneye method.

It sounds like you were getting very close to WILD. From where you got stuck you need to let go of more of your conscious thinking.

This is where people seem to run into problems with WILD. It is not that WILD is hard. The problem is that the concept behind it is hard to understand. You don’t actually stay completely awake, it is not a seamless transition from consciousness to dreaming. You are maybe only holding on to say 10% of your conscious thinking when you crossover into the dream. You may even experience a brief black out before you enter the dream.

No, I believe that anyone can learn to do WILD. I think people think that WILD is so hard to do that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you think it is impossible then it will be. But if you stay positive and keep practicing you will eventually get it.

I had a confusing WBTB WILD attempt recently. I awoke after a dream after about five or so hours of sleep. I got up, went to the bathroom and drank some milk, then laid back down and relaxed myself to prepare for WILD attempt. I had the HI, SP, and then my heart beat very rapidly and I could feel my real eyes (Or maybe dream eyes?) moving and fluttering rapidly. My breathing was automatic and very shallow, and then my body completely disappeared and I was staring into a black void. Everything was black and I didn’t exist! I dont know how long I was swimming in the darkness, but I eventually returned to reality and went back to sleep.

So what should I do differently for WILD? I think I’m holding on to my consciousness too firmly and holding back the dream flow.

Do you know if you actually went to sleep?

If so, then it sounds like what you experienced was what we call the void. It is a lot like what you described only you definitely know you are asleep. While it seems like you are in nothing you know it is something. (It’s kind of hard to describe) If you were in the void there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you successfully maintained consciousness from your waking to sleeping state. The bad news is that while you are in the void there is nothing you can do. You just have to stay calm and wait for dreaming to start.

You are making progress so I say stick with what you are doing. You did crossover into the sleeping state unfortunately you just entered at a stage (delta) where dreaming is not possible. From where you were you will eventually move up into rem or other state where dreaming is possible. The best part is that you will start the dream fully lucid.

I did WILD today for the first time. At least I’m pretty sure its WILD. A short time after I closed my eyes, I got an image. It was very clear. I’ve noticed this many times before going to sleep. I’ll get an image in my head, sometimes it will be a random object, but its very clear. Today I got an image of a television and there was a lot of motion on it, like a tv drama show where the camra follows the characters very close. I focused on this image and I “zoomed in” so that I couldn’t see the tv or anything around it, just whatever was on TV. I don’t remember exactly how I got into the dream, but the next thing I know I’m sitting in front of two trolls and I’m lucid. I did this several times during my nap, I’d completely loose lucidity but then I would just get another image (it kept being tv shows or movies, with a lot of motion) and I’d end up in another LD. This is what I did that I think allowed me to do WILD for the first time: I got about 4 and a half hours of sleep and then went to a few classes. After class I took a nap and did WILD. I think it worked because I was tired because I had only slept for 4 and a half hours, but at the same time my mind was very aware because I had just gotten back from a few classes.

lucky you! I’m pretty sure that was WILD. Although, since I have been trying WILD for about a month with only one success, I’m going to take a good week long, well needed break. I seem to have trouble getting anything past SP. I wake up after 6 hours of sleep, and lay back down to bed. I relax and sit still, and soon I feel “tingly” I guess, and I can see some patterns if I close my eyes, but that leads me nowhere. After about an hour I am relaxed, and am partially paralyzed (It feels kinda stiff to move, but I could get up in an instant if I wanted). After this point, I either give up and fall asleep, or keep trying and don’t get very good sleep. I think I am going to just stick with that “Lucid Warp” and believing thing.