The BIG WILD topic - Part XV

I attempted to go to sleep using WILD tonight, and I felt some sort of weak paralysis (I would still be able to move if I wanted to, but I was laying abnormally still), I could feel my eyes fluttering, but it seemed like I never was able to go to sleep. When I gave up, two hours had passed, much to my surprise, expecting to have been in my bed for no more than half an hour.
I never enter a LD nor did I enter any form of “void”. It felt like I was just laying there.

Was this some form of SP or what? :\

I think sometimes, people new to this get mixed up. For, the first couple of times I tried WILD didn’t do WBTB so I just tried right when I went to sleep. After about only 10 minutes, I would, for some reason, get a rapid heart rate, and my eyes would flutter around alot unless I either, forced them shut, or let them open. I realized later, that this wasn’t really WILD (I’m pretty sure), because I wasn’t even relaxed or tired or had SP or anything. Just some info for some people!

You were definitely in a deeply relaxed state, perhaps even a deep trance. When you are that deep in relaxation time can move very quickly. You get that a lot with meditation as well.

Were you in SP? Well I can’t say for sure but I don’t think so. Believe me, when/if (not everyone does when they do WILD) you enter SP you will know. You wont have to ask. Like I said above I think you were in a deep relaxed/trance state. It is a good sign that you got that far so don’t give up.

While I am here there are some things I want to mention.

A lot of people when they start practicing WILD they have expectations as to what they will experience. Things like HI, HH, SP etc. You may experience any or all of these things or you may not experience any of them. The problem is that people gage their progress by these possible symptoms of WILD. For example, a person just starting out might wrongfully conclude that they did not get very far because they did not see any HI or get into SP. A worse barrier is that a lot of people lay in bed waiting and thinking about getting HI or waiting for SP to set in. The problem with this is that you keep yourself awake. You just have to relax, focus on your WILD technique (whatever you are focusing on) and let go of all other thoughts. Moreover, what ever you focus on should be simple. You need to let go of almost all of your consciousness. To crossover into the dream you only need to keep the door slightly open.

I hope this helps some people understand WILD a little better.

Lots of people seem to get this. It seems to happen if you are not relaxed enough (though the jury is still out on that). Anyway, the way through it, is to ignore it. Don’t try to control your eye movements or anything like that. They will settle down on their own.

^^That is some good information for anybody who is just starting with WILD. I have not been successful with it yet. Perhaps it is because I was making the mistake of waiting for HI.

I did WILD for about…a month or so straight. Every night, I would wake at 4.5-6 hours later and try. I would get really far and had one lucid dream :grin: . Then I stopped for about 3 days due to allergies and feeling sick etc :sad: . I noticed that, upon trying WILD again, I am having a lot of difficulty :neutral: . I wake up after 4.5/6 hours and try WILD and I keep falling asleep. I realize now that, back when I was doing it for awhile, I was getting further and further each time.

Although, last night, my alarm didn’t even wake me, and I didn’t remember any dreams. Which I have for the past 3 weeks. :bored:

The point here is, to people new at this, to keep it up and try not to take big breaks without trying it.

I’ve been following the WILD thread for a while, I’ve read 1-11, but I got impatient of going throughout the rest to here so here I am. I’ve been trying WILD for the past couple of days, and last night I was tryingt to work my brain a lot before i slept, it helps in past expierences. AFter I finished with math homework, i went through the normal routine, felt body drift etc, and It was the first mtime i felt the vibration. Myh right arm, was curled, like a hcicken wing, but when it started vibrating, the vibration was like a super fast flapping motion =/. I kind of freaked for the first time, super weird, but i tried to relax, the vibration and ringing was gone =[. I have a question though, was I close - ish? and when my arm was vibrating, was it my REAL arm or the imagination - type.

I took a nap today and without even planning it, I kind of prepared myself to WILD. I tried to keep my mind active and after 10 minutes or so I was asleep. I soon realised that I was about to dream, yet not dreaming. I got the vibrations, the tingly feeling and the feeling as if my mind would want to burst. I’ve had this a lot lately while trying to WILD so I suppose it’s a part of it (I like to call it the Dream Waiting-room, since I’m not really dreaming at the time but rather waiting to enter one). Anyway, I went with the feeling and tried to concentrate on it. I’ve never managed to actually “open” my dream eyes after this but now I did manage to do it. At first the dream was kind of blurry and not very convincing. I walked in a green hall, which later on appeared to be a department store. All of a sudden the dream got very vivid and the green on the walls got even greener. I was now ready to perform a reality check, by holding my nose and breathing, which obviously worked.
Oh yeah…I’ve never actually dreamed like this during a nap. It was really a great experience.

congrats. i just wanna LD agian. =[

Lizzahy, how long after first waking did you perform the WILD?

you don’t really need to wake up from a dream to do WILD the only LD i got i just went straight into it…it’s a lot harder but still works

I actually had a nap in the daytime during which I slept for 5 to 6 hours. As I’ve read in the previous posts, it is important not to want WILD too much, not to focus too much. I usually black out (or fall into a light sleep, I guess) before I get the vibrations and the “roller-coaster” feeling.

I was trying WILD during a nap because I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I felt the normal vibrations, but then heard a noise. It sounded like someone snuck into the room; but that was impossible, because I was in a room where beads were the only way in (by that I mean someone would have had to move the beads to get in the room, so I would have, or should have, heard it). I figured it must just be a simple side effect of WILD.

I continued lying there when I noticed yellow rings fading in and out inside my eyelids. I tried not to get too excited, but they went away. I continued lying there and I saw blue. All blue. So I figured it was another weird side-effect, but then my eyes started twitching rather violently. I was blinking probably three times faster than I could normally blink.

I didn’t get the WILD, but I wanted to know if that blinking was normal or what.

I’ve been wondering. Is it possible to have a WILD without having 5-6 hours of sleep then going back to sleep? If I have as little as 3 hours of sleep I find it hard to sleep again for another 8 hours or so.

I attempted a WILD the other night and my body felt like it dilated and went numb, my heart felt like it was racing, and my eyes began to flutter quickly. But I don’t think I saw HI (I saw some faint colors but thought I was just imagining them because they weren’t very vivid). My eyes fluttering and the odd feeling in my body kind of spooked me and I snapped out of it. My mind drifted and I feel asleep soon after. Was I on my way to having a WILD? I didn’t hear any sounds or anything, or maybe my skeptical side is getting the best of me.

Absolutely. It is said though, that it’s easier to WILD after 4.5-6 hours of sleep. I don’t know…I’m a beginner and I’ve managed to WILD without the WBTB method.

Yes! Next time don’t get spooked out. :content:

I have practised WBTB+WILD quite much lately. This morning I had some strange HI. I was entering SP, and suddenly an image of some kind of a screaming zombie zoomed in against me :eek: Kinda shocking, but I tried to ignore it, and it faded away.

After a while I gave up, couldn’t get back to sleep. However, I didn’t expect the HI to be that scary. :happy:

last night i had a lucid dream that was a mix of WILD and VILD… i had woken up in the morning and was going back to sleep. i noticed i was almost back to sleep but i still had concious thought. i then prepared a vision of my old street back when i was a kid and started to pretend walking down it. all of a sudden it appeared before me, and i thought this is just hypnogogic imagry, but dont lose it it might turn into a dream. so it turned into a full blown dream.

it was not a bad lucid dream, i was bouncing up and down like i was walking on the moon, revisting all these places from my early child hood, and i came across a couple of police officers. i asked if i could have their gun, they said no, and so i took it from them.

then i kept bouncing along with one of their guns.

kinda funny dream.

thats actually my first WILD that i have ever done, actually been concious right into a dream. i did not do it on purpose, and iv tried before but not really too hard and it has never workd. i rely on DILDs for my lucid dreams.

Well, thisafternoon (after only knowing about LD for 2 days or so) I attempted a WILD during an afternoon nap at 2:00 in the afternoon.

I did what I’ve read - I laid on my back, counted to 200 with my breaths, trying to keep my eyes gently open, and tried to relax. Over time, my body was feeling fairly numb (not paralysis, I would have been able to move quickly if I wanted to). When I counted up to about 60, my mind started drifting elsewhere, and I was thinking random thoughts and hearing some random voices. This happened several times, and I regained my concentration each time, only to drift off for a few minutes. Everything was foggy when I woke up, but I performed a reality check and I was not dreaming. I gave up as I had things to do and decided to try again tonight.

I think my problem may have been excitement, as this was my first attempt at an LD. My heart rate was fairly high (not too high, but not low enough for relaxation), and it rose whenever I thought something was happening. I saw no illusions throughout my attempt, which lasted for 30 minutes.

I’ll try again tonight, but with a dim lamp switched on in my bedroom to keep the hag away :wink: . Does anyone know whether I was close to reaching an LD?

All I can say for now is, WILD is definately working out for me and I’m now moving from DILD to WILD–it’s quicker and, while not easier than DILD, I like using WILD better :good:

What do you people here think, is WILD easier to do when you’re extremely sleepy or if you start out by being wide awake? I’ve been doing WILD with WBTB (of course with no success…) and I’ve tried staying up for a whole hour and being wide awake, and being up for like 3 minutes and going back to sleep. Neither worked for me, but which one is usually easier to do?

Personally OlesiaTheDreamer I find that if you get around 6 hours sleep and then wake up and attempt WILD it works a treat :content: However you don’t really need to stay up for an hour … I think 15 minutes or there abouts is fine. I usually get more sucess this way, then just staying up for around 3 mins and being really sleepy then attempting WILD. Also, I find that if I fail the WILD attempt in the first case, there’s a pretty high chance for me obtaining a DILD

… hope this answers your question :smile: … This is just what I find works for me though, it might be different for you or someone else :content: