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After a lot of trying and failing, I finally figured out how to perform WILD.
I have tried the counting technique, as well as the visualising one. I have tried pretty much everything described in this topic.

Anyway, I figured out that by trying to invoce a sensation of falling, I can fall into a lucid dream. The other night I managed to “fall” for a while only two minutes after hitting the lights.

There is one disadvantage though: So far when I have tried this method, I have found myself lying down in the dream with my “eyes” closed as I enter it. Opening my eyes and getting on my feet has proven to be a difficult task. And as everyone knows, opening your eyes (or shutting them, then opening them) in an LD is very likely to wake you up…

edit: Would the falling sensation be in the same stage of WILD as the more common vibrations and HI? I mean, would it be in the same state of consciousness?

wow congratulations :happy: , it sounds great. You said you’ve done it after 2 mins of lying down with no prior sleep? or after about 5 hours?. Its interesting that just by getting that feeling, you don’t have to have vibrations or SP or anything.

Keep us posted on your results with this method, it is interesting.


I did it once without prior sleep, although it didn’t really work, I stopped falling at some point and woke up.

Some times when I use this “falling technique”, I forget that I am entering a dream. I find myself in the dream (I’m sure this is just after having falled into it) but I do not remember that I just fell into it, or that it is a dream for that matter.

Oh, and it might just be that I have never actually succeeded with this technique, and that I only have used it within my dreams :ack: (dreaming about doing WILD). It is kind of hard to tell, I only use it when I am very drowsy and have just woken up. Still, I’m pretty sure I was awake that other night when I tried it without any prior sleep…


I have become lucid after experiencing this falling sensation, but I didn’t set out with the intention of doing it. Many years ago when I was a little girl :wiske: I used to be able to induce this feeling of falling just for the fun of it! I think inducing ‘falling’ to get lucid is a really good idea - you just have to overcome the initial fear of falling. I will try to remember to try this tonight.

i have problems with WILD… i cant just concetrate…
do you make WILD when you go sleep,or when you wake up at 3.00 and then do WILD ??

It’s better if you do it after 5-6 hours sleep according to Atheist.

somebody sucsesful with WILD??well,wild seems be good way,but it seems to be a little…wierd for me…look:
i am in he bed…concetrate…some wibrations…and in an LD ???
a little weird for me

Does anybody know what the (average) pattern of rem sleep activation and duration is? So i can plan my wild attempts more efficiently…

No i don’t think anyone knows exactly when it happens, but i know that the REM periods get longer as the night goes on. So the REM periods at like 7 are longer than they are at about 2 in the morning. Its best to wake yourself up after about 5-6 hours of sleep, that is when it is best to try and WILD.

Last night I got a chance to do WILD; I had gone to sleep at around 12:00, and woke up at 6:00. As I fell to sleep, I started counting, “I am dreaming 1, I am dreaming 2,” etc.

I had some HI but I don’t think I ever felt the vibrations. I think somewhere after “I am dreaming 160” I lost it and fell asleep. I don’t remember anything after that, except for the moment that I became lucid.

I was in the dream and suddenly realized, “Hey, I entered a dream without even knowing it.” I think something in the dream may have triggered this realization, but I don’t remember what. I lost lucidity pretty quickly.

Is this considered WILD? I was thinking no, since it seemed to be a DILD. Well, even if it wasn’t a WILD, at least I got lucid :cool:

Hey every1,

     Last night i had my first successful WILD, i wasn't trying to when i first went to sleep but i ended up having one. I fell asleep at my cousins house, and then woke up at about 5:00.  Everyone was still awake so i hung out with them until they we all went back to sleep( now that i think about it,  this is a WBTB method, wake up 5-6 hours, stay awake a while, go back to sleep).  I wasn't thinking about having a WILD so i lost consciousness. I gained consciousness a little while later and i hear a real loud whistle type noise in my ears that wouldn't stop.  I don't panic, i just lay there.  After about 5 seconds my body starts to move around eventhough i am in SP, and i am thrown to the floor by some force.  I open my eyes and i am in a dream :grin: .


I wouldn’t say so, because it seems you were already dreaming normally before something triggered the lucidity, whereas WILD implies that you’re conscious during the entire process. Still, there’s a good chance all that counting and preparation for WILD was ultimately responsible for your LD, so it’s not like you failed. :smile:

when i had 4 or 3 years,i liked to try “sleep” with open eyes :smile:
i legt on the bed and thinked about some things.Then i fell a sleep after some time.

the question is:can i try WILD with open eyes??
well i can’t understand WILD…
the thing is:i relax,think aobut some things…and…and…i fal a sleep :content:
what i am doing wrong???

I have a question:
how is WILD related to trance? I’ve heard that in a trance your body also is relaxed and “asleep” while mind is still awake, and you don’t feel your body

drug induced?

A Q about WILD from me:

Last night I was WILDing again.I was getting deeper and deeper on my way to sleep, still bein conscious. Things going very well.

After half an hour I felt them: The Vibrations! I only felt them in my upper body, and after a efw seconds, I had no idea where my hands and arms were. I knew where they were lying, but The feeling in them was completely gone. My legs, lower body and head felt still normal.

Some sort of partial SP, I think. Some days ago I had this too, and could not get any further. Who has had this before, and what can you do to go further into SP? Any tips?


I’ve been attempting WILD for about a month and ever night now when I’m just getting there I get sudden vivid hypnagogic images of people watching me intently, and its such a shock I’m instantly wide awake.
Is this normal?

Yes, I often find that seeing hypnagogic images/sounds kind of jolts me awake a little.

I think you should just keep on practising; you will get used to it!

Thanks guys, I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, I’ll keep at it. :smile: