The BIG WILD Topic - Part X

yes! that happens to me so much! it happens with the soudns for me also! but they dont shock me as much. So some times, ill hear them, get back to realisty, but ill be that much closer to being able to hear them again. So i just concentrate on what the sound soudned like and go with it, next thing i know, im controling the sound! woo!


i’m terrible at WILD. i try it every night when i’m going to sleep, and i have never been successful with it. i think i get the vibrations. when i get the vibrations, they aren’t rapid, they are kind of pulsating-like vibrations and it feels like my body is floating in the ocean on its back going up and down. every night i do it though, i get a little bit farther i feel. i think i’m making progress.

anybody have any advice?

AAAHHHHHH!!! pants heavily

Man i just scared myself silly. I was lying in bed and i decided I would try a WILD. Well ive been reading this post for sometime and everyone says it takes them like 5 to 10 minutes sometimes more to get vibrations and numbing. I dont know why but as soon as i concentrated my muscles got a quick shot of gentle electric feeling pulse and within 10 seconds it had grown to convulsing and stopped leaving me numb. Seeing as the only thing close to having a WILD I have had was opening my third eye this scared the **** out of me. I dont know why but it came way to easy and way to fast. Well anyway im somewhat proud that i got so far so fast on my first try.

For does who don’t know me, i am Wouter from the Dutch forum. I started LD’ing in August, and in november it worked great for me to have LD’s (sometimes 3 in one night).
I try to have LD’s with WILD since december and have no LD’s, in fact it is now difficult for me to remember my dreams (it’s tooo cold in the bedroom to write my dreams when I wake up in the midle of the night :content: ).
But it will be better again, i know.

When i am trying WILD I still don’t understand how it is possible to be conscious and at the same time fall in sleep. I realy dont understand that part…

For WILD the vibrations should be very intense, like a major electric shock going through your body. As for scheduling REM sleep it happens roughly every 90 minutes getting closer together and longer as the night goes on. Also with the vibes they can get extremly intense and you rbody will lose all feeling. One way that helps me with WILD is after I begin to feel the vibees I concentrate more and more on my bodies feeling and when I have no feeling I simply roll out of bed and enter the Lucid world

I’ve heard some people say WILD can be very frightening, why is this?

It can be a terrifying experience mainly because of the vibration and the mysteries of unknown sensations that yet to be experienced. If you’re not that experienced with trance or meditating, then it might be a shock when you enter into a deep level for WILD. Also, many people have the fear of SP… I think that if you overcome that fear, then everything would be easy if you let it go by like a river. Go with the flow. :smile:

Good luck by the way!


I’ve had SP all my life, maybe once a week, although in the past two years it’s pretty much stopped. It can be scary at the time, but only because I felt like I was suffocating (it usually followed a dream where I was drowning). I never had the “Old Hag” part of SP, so I suppose I’m lucky.

BTW, how hard is WILD compared to other LDing techniques?

Yes WILD can be terrifying. The first time I did it and got the vibes I was literallly scared out of my mind. WILD can really vary in how hard it is as it depends on many things such as how easily you fall asleep.

But what is so terrifying about vibrations?

I just want to know becuase I am easily scared at night. I’ve hated horror movies all my life, and I have a very tough time getting back to sleep after waking up from a nightmare.

The vibrations are scary because you have no idea what’s happening and most likley think your dying, also you can hear things like screams and see terrifying parasite like things(they are utterly harmless, your minds creation) and your body can feel like it is floating but pivoting around its head. But once you get used to them you hardly notce tham any more. ALso WILD is a great method because you enter the dream fully lucid and at the beggining of a REM period.

Eh… does sound scary. Does everyone have these experiences, or is it possible to have less frightening HI (I assume the parasties etc. are HI)?

The parasite things are more HH and hypnogogic imagery is usually quite interesting. The other thing to note is that for me the more frightening the hallucination the better the ensuing LD.

What’s the difference between HH and HI?

HI are the patterns and progressing to images are the things you see behind closed lids. HH are more like halluctinations that result from entering into a deeper state but are usually seen from closed lids

For me the sounds were probably the most frightening. It sounded sort of like a loud rushing noise…

The experience of hypnagogics (seemingly random images, sounds and feelings that occur as you progress through WILD) can certainly be frightening if you aren’t aware of what’s happening. As your body shuts down, and your senses switch over from the real world to your imagination, you might experience a range of sensations that appear dauntingly realistic. Usually you’ll hear random sounds that emerge from nowhere, and occasionally voices or complete sentences (usually nonsensical). You’ll also feel what’s commonly described as “vibrations”, and any number of other unusual feelings.

They can be distracting, but they also indicate that you’re extremely close to falling asleep. At this point the challenge is to keep your concentration on an imaginary image without paying attention to anything that’s happening in the real world - and you’re set. Before you know it, there won’t be a real world, and everything you see and hear will be a dream.

Just keep at it, and try to become familiar with the hypnagogic state.

Yes, I have had the rushing sound, you don’t have to fear it hough because its not real, and also you’ll probably gte some good sounds such as glorious music.

Well the rushing sound seemed extremely loud so I didnt really think of anything else to do than fear it. I also had the feeling of floating up off my bed…

I do see and imagine things as I try to WILD, but I seem to generally fall asleep. I keep counting but I don’t know if its worse or I should try to just count without saying 1… I’m dreaming, 2…I’m dreaming, etc.