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Ashvura if you have less difficulty with reaching an obe you may try this: “‘LD via OBE’ technique”

Thanks for the links!

Seeing as it’s after midnight here I think I’ll burn the meditation sound file on cd and play it on my mp3 player in bed. ^^ Who knows, maybe I’ll have an interesting experience to post tomorrow. :content:

I made a typo though, I meant to say EXPERIMENT with OBE’s. ^^ Just like when I try to induce a WILD - I can’t relax my body enough to get there. I hope this meditation helps. :3

Even though I didn’t request them I must thank /Ezen for putting these links on. I have so many links now. My hands feel better today. I think they just needed a rest. :content:

Yes, thankyou Ashvura. I like my Brain. Maybe I should get MILD first before I do something more advanced. Or am I giving up to easly? :user:

Technodreamer :cool:

Well, that was great. I FELL ASLEEP during the 61 point relaxation technique. lol: I guess I got a bit too relaxed. XD I woke up an hour later, turned on the fan because it was pretty hot and went back to bed, this time trying MILD… which didn’t really work, either. :sad:

Still, somewhere I remembered that I was trying to achieve OBE or WILD, so instead, I had a false LD (or, really, a false WILD). I dreamt about leaving my body, and at one point I really felt most of my body sway out and float above my bed. It was at that point I woke up because I could hear the noise of the fan again. For one split second though, I saw images, so my guess is I almost did reach LD but instead, woke up. Only this time, even though I felt my body wasn’t paralyzed, it was completely motionless and tingly, almost like I couldn’t feel it. I tried MILD again but eventually fell asleep and didn’t LD.

Man, what do I have to do to keep my mind alert? Electrical brain jolts? :roll:

It’s also the fifth time this week I dream of dreaming lucid or exercising LD techniques. I even had a false LD in which I used the hand-rubbing technique to stay lucid - without actually being lucid! This does mean I’m getting closer, right? o.O;

I like this. I tried other Relaxing listening guides. I focused on my nose. For any of you that beleive in OBE is it possibly the start of WILD, I felt like I could pull back through my chair. So I lent back and felt my back tingle as though it was going through the chair. I don’t know what this means.

Technodreamer. :cool:

This visualisation technique has worked for me: visualise an object you know really good like your watch or a ornament, then let it spin in 3d. This way the detail becomes better and better. As soon as your thoughts begin to wander it will stop spinning! It works like a fail safe device.

I’m an active LD forumer today. :happy:

So does everyone experience vibrations, and that? I tried the 3D object thing. I acidently fell asleep, but it was quite a relaxing sleep. So when I awoke I just let myself drift back to slepp.

Technodreamer (All relaxed now) :cool:

I’m also an active LD forumer today! so,
you fell asleep? lol That’s probably because your thoughts stopt running and then the body thinks well he must be tired lets shut down…from the waking state that is, but in the trance state the body is already shut down more or less. The trick with this 3D thingie is not to forget what you were doing cause nothing helps against amnesia or ego loss when it has already commenced. But then again, like Nietzsche said: It is hard enough to remember your opinions, without also remembering your reasons for them!

Try sleeping in a different position. I fall asleep instantly on my side but not so on my back. Mix it up a little eh?

Some comments from my experiences:

No, i do not.

I have always been able to move right up to the point of entering a WILD


from Dream Psi Glossary

Hypnogogia (and hypnopompia)-state of consciousness which occurs shortly prior to falling to sleep and characterized by highly condensed and often discontinuous images or aural phenomena. Hypnogogic imagery often acts like a slide show, flashing on and off the screen of the inner mind. Hypnopompia is the same sort of experience, but occurs while emerging from sleep.

What I do is pretend that I can see thru my eyelids and look to see if I can see anything. Kinda like when you are in a real dark place and your trying to make out whats in front of you, except you have your eyes closed. Then eventually, flashes of light and color, the flashes of images which become more clear and last longer as time progresses. Then, if i don’t get lazy, an entire ld scene. Sometimes. Easier said than done.

Cheers. Perffect, now I’ll try that. I’m so anoyed. I woke up in my dream to see that my clock wasn’t right, it was ringing but wasn’t right. Then my clock awoke me in RL. Unfortunatley it was right. Why couldn’t it have stopped there. (Stupid clock disghners). A damn (and my first) FA.

I guess that means I’m nearing Luciditiy.

Technodreamer :cool: Cool I have to starts now :clap: :clap:

STILL keep falling asleep… gah… I’m going to try to go to bed early tonight. So I can really try the “Restless turning for three hours and then WILD” technique… or technique… it’s the only way it’s ever worked for me. o_O;

I’m going to have to stop falling asleep damnit! But it’s pretty hard. You have to remain awake and conscious enough to follow the WILD, but relaxed enough to enter sleep paralysis. It’s really difficult! x_x;; And I keep falling asleep.

A technique I keep trying to remain conscious is counting, in different ways. I used to count back from 100 to 0 when I couldn’t fall asleep, like counting sheep, only different. Now I use it to remain conscious enough, because as soon as my attention slips too much, I lose count or skip numbers. Now I’ve combined it with MILD - so that if I were to fall asleep, hopefully, my chances of attaining an LD in my sleep would still be higher. I count back in different ways… for example, exchanging the phrases ‘Am I dreaming?’ ‘This is a dream’ ‘When I dream I will know I am dreaming’, etc - just picking two, and then alternating them between even and uneven numbers. I actually got that idea from a post on these forums… anyway, you can go like this: 100, this is a dream, 99, I know this is a dream, 98, this is a dream… OR, 100, I know that I’m dreaming, 99, 98, I know that I’m dreaming, 97, 96, I know… etc. I found this keeps me at least more alert, but somewhere I still go unconscious. Gah. :ack:

Ah. Counting sheep, the harmony of sleeping… I tried counting, in the end I relized that i was counting properly I just started counting to 8 and then going 29. Oh well. These problems can be so… tideus. And so can my spieling (That last one was delibrate, I would say on purpos, bu I don’t know how to spell that either!)

Technodreamer, better luck for all next time :cool:

Tried to WILD this morning. I got out of bed after 5 hours sleep, went to my computer and read about lucid dreaming - drank a glass of milk and then I went back to bed again.

To keep my mind alert I did that “bend a finger method”, and thought to myself “1…I´m dreaming”, twitch the other finger after a minute and think “2…I´m dreaming”, and so on…

After a while I started to drift of to sleep and got hypnagogic imagery. A funny example is when I suddenly “see & hear” a women saying ´I´ve got 3 children´ - and because of that cue - I snap out of the doze and bend my ring-finger and think “3…I´m dreaming”. :tongue:

Of course the intervall between the counting get´s longer and longer…or at least until I feel a weird feeling in my body. ( Electrical buzzes I assume) The feeling get´s so weird, you know my eyes twitching and all, and causes me to go fully awake even though I try to relax. :eek:

After trying to get past the buzzes a few time, this eventually caused me to cancel my WILD - and fall asleep. Well I´m semi-happy about the fact that I got lucid without no particular reason in my following dream, but it was short and low-level.

It´s (WILD) starting good but why do I get so alert, like I´ve had a coffein injection through my brain? :bored:

I think I almost had an induced WILD last night, only I fell asleep whilst counting, eventually. I was starting to have muscle twitches and noise in my ears. But yeah… then I lost it again, and didn’t have any LD.

I’ve been thinking about another idea… although I don’t know if it would work with other people. In the past, I’ve had natural WILDs because I couldn’t get to sleep at night, or because I woke up in the middle of the night and then had trouble getting back to sleep. I’ve also noticed that the chances of LD are higher if you nap (I’ve had two short LD’s when napping once). So, what if I napped between 8pm and 10pm… then I’d have more trouble sleeping that night because I’ve already rested. Napping gives me a higher chance at LD and then, during the night, I’ll have a higher chance at a natural WILD because I can’t fall asleep.

The only problem is, finding a place to nap… my brother is constantly bothering me about going on the computer (the computer is in my bedroom). So if I want to sleep he’ll surely come up and wake me up, demanding to go on the comp. Now I could sleep on someone else’s bed but somehow that never works… :\

Boo…Tried one of my first attempts at WILD today…
Looked at my hands for three minutes before I went to bed, with “I am going to become lucid in my dreams”.
Then I did MILD until I fell asleep.
I woke up again about 6 hours later from my alarm clock. Due to my lack of intelligence in the morning (Although I did remember why it went off) I shut it off, and concentrated a little on LDing before I went to sleep about 3 minutes later.
I woke up about 4 hours after that. I stayed in bed a while, not thinking about LDing, just because I was too lazy to get out of bed. :tongue:
Then I decided to do WILD, and I tried that for about 30 minutes. I got Hypnogogic Imagery, green blobs and navy. :slight_smile: I had some SP going on too, but eventually I got up anyway, because I wasn’t getting anywhere, as there was a bunch of racket going on in the house, and I wasn’t falling asleep. Probably due to the racket.
And now I’m here - any suggestions? I don’t remember any dreams at all, but I probably remember one when my alarm woke me up 6 hours after I first went to sleep. :neutral:

Ah…After yet more searching (Well, more like poking) around of this board, I figured I’d try an afternoon nap! So at 4:40, it’s off to my bed, close the door, pull the shade, turn off the light…
At first I did a teensy bit of mild, then concentrated on seeing if I was SPing…Not really, oh well. :neutral:
Soon I’m getting more SP, feeling a little less connected, and I’m starting to feel like maybe I’ll get my first WILD soon…
Then someone turned on Metallica in the kitchen.
I tried to ignore it, and kept going for a while. I started to feel like soon I’d be lucid (I hoped anyway!), and I remembered one of Gjedde’s techs, counting your fingers every minute or two.
I figured I should probably try actually falling asleep, and about a 3 minutes after that…
My brother walks in, turns on the light, and walks out, leaving the door open.
Attempt # 2: Failed, at 5:45.
I’ll get this some day.

What happened to my posts that were in this WILD topic?

The forum crashed a few hours ago, and we lost the last 2 weeks worth of posts. :sad:

Read this: "Site was down,- 2 weeks of posts lost :sad: "

oh ok thx, thats messed up :sad: