Site was down,- 2 weeks of posts lost :(

This is really bad guys :sad: :sad:

The server the site was on was overloaded, due to that wasn’t reachable for over 8 hours.

Now it is back, but the most recent backup was from 2 weeks ago :cry:

i’m really angry with them b/c they promise on their site daily backups.

so i’m busy mailing them about it but as far as they could tell me they don’t have another backup :sad:

i hope they find a newer backup

I’m so sorry about this :sad:

ok, i got a mail from them with more info:

i can’t be online much longer now, i have a busy evening, i’ll try to get back to you asap.

wow! i just noticed, goodluck

Theres no worse news than loosing our data:(
Pity that cuz a lot of our posts were lost and with my memory its impossibile to remember where i answered to and where not.
So sorry everyone if i make this mistake somwhere and repeat something which still might be somwhere in the posts.

Indeed very bad news :sad:
Well if the data doesnt come back we will just have to recreate some topics…like the pic topic!

Wow :razz:

Everytime I go away (for sick/pain reasons), it crashes. Lol! Why am I not surprised? :bored: Yesterday I was bedridden because of my bad neck pain and I thought about how much I missed ld4all forum. :neutral:

I’m really sorry to hear about that news. :crying: If we can help, please let us know! :wiske:

Ouch also 50 members are gonne because of it, mm weird?!


Ouch :crying:

Jeff, your posts were like at 2.80 a day… but now it’s 2.50. Lol… sorry couldn’t help it, but notice it. :slight_smile:

At least we can make it even better! Can we? :biggrin:

yes, consider everthing that happened here in the past two weeks DIDN"T HAPPEN…

so everybody who signed up - hasn’t signed up
everybody who send a PM - hasn’t PM-ed
everybody who has posted a message - hasn’t posted


i have just gotten confirmation that the backups are really lost, they are terribly sorry (as am I)…

also, something weird, there is another site when you type :neutral:


this should be over in a couple of hours…

this is indeed a very weird day works just fine for me.

Indeed, it’s a weird day today… mmm… maybe we had a lucid storm here? :content:

I know I’m weird… hehe. :wink:

hey, that’s great, it works again :cool_laugh:

tell you, it was really weird, i typed and i got some kind of religious site…

anyway, had a long chat with the helpdesk, they can’t say sorry enough, they also feel very bad about this, this has never happened before to them, that all backups are lost too… this was the only backup they had.

So, what we can do is post all our messages again :wink:

Dream our dreams again and then post them :wink:

thanks for your support everyone :smile:

all kind of weird things are happening right now…

forum is messed up…

don’t be alarmed, everything will be fixed!

Bah, must be the hackers. 3 drives lost at once! Might have been a very powerful magnet too!! Say could you download the site yourself? I mean even with all the text, it’s just text and it can’t be too many megabytes! is the ONLY adress that works for me.

none of the others work and i can’t get to the homepage either.

Note to Pasquale: you might have to readd the thing again lol.

Concidering all 3 went down it’s likely it was a virus or a hacker, as for doing your own backups this is of course a good idea. if Gzip is enabled the forum shouldn’t take up much. probably 3mg at most.

oh and umm… months free hosting as an appology? :wink:

better yet recover the logs, find the hacker, and have Q sue him for 1 mil damages!! OUR SOULS HAVE BEEN DELETED!! lol!

can i have 10% of that million?

hey, talking about souls being deleted… :bored:
I had to re-join the forum like everyone else who recently joined.
oh well, I didn’t have many posts anyway!

hope everything turns out well…


I go away for a wedding and baam! this is what happens! I’m never leaving my house again, at least till summer comes around again. Much too cold to go outside after July.