The big WILD topic part VIII


Im getting frustated! :cry:

To have a WILD, do I just close my my eyes and keep thinking(staying concious)?

Because Ive tried this, but it seems if I do it I’ll NEVER fall aesleep! I just keep thinking and thinking, and none of the “signs” happen (hypnosis thingys, vibrations, nothing!)

The most important thing is that you have to make sure that your not moving your body at all Monkee. You have to lay there still and you will start to notice signs a lot faster. If you just have your eyes clothes but are still moving you will never get anywhere close to a WILD :wink: . So don’t get fustrated, just relax and keep trying.

So, about how long would it take to see the Hypogonic things?

and, how do I stay awake, but not alert, or “betwen awake and dreaming”? :eh:

and, do you feel when you body falls aesleep? or it just feels like youre awake right up to the LD?

BTW: I thought I was seeing HI, but it turns out wy eyelid was half closed… :crying:

Well that depends on the person, some people don’t even see Hypnogogic imagery. hypnogogic imagery doesn’t have to be a whole dream scene, it can be little colors floating around, pretty much anything that isn’t cause from outside light, and isn’t total blackness. I don’t see complete dream scenes, i just see lots of different colors and shapes.

you can do things such as the 61-point relaxation technique mentioned in EWLD by laberge. or you can count-1 im dreaming…2 im dreaming…etc. An important thing is not to stay TOO focused, where you can’t get to sleep, Just relax and go with the flow, but don’t be too passive or else you’ll fall asleep(hard to explain).

It won’t feel like your awake. After a while you will start to feel you body getting numb, or you may enter Sleep Paralysis. Most people start to feel their body vibrating and when these things happen you know you are pretty close to having a WILD.

All i have to say is, keep trying, don’t get discouraged, you’ll get it someday.

Last night i tried to WILD.
I went to bed at around 12:00 trying to WILD. I read a little EWLD before i went to bed so i decided to try the 61-point relaxation for the first time, which helped a lot. It was a lot harder to stay focused than i though because i lost track of my thoughts by the second point :grin: . But eventhough i only got to the second point, i was more relaxed thatn i ever was, thats why it was hard to stay focused. After only about a 30 min i started to hear sounds in my head, but i tried not to pay to much attention to them or else i would become real aware again. I started to feel slight vibrations. After a while i lost consciousness :neutral: . I regained consciousness a little while later and thought maybe i already passed the threshhold between wakefuness and the dreamworld. Or maybe even be in sleep paralysis when i tried to move. So i moved my arms up a little and they felt really light, like they were floating. so i thought maybe it was my dream body. I did a RC by looking at my hands and they looked normal. So i figured i was awake and looked at the clock, it was only 12:37 so all of this happened within the course of around 40 min. I didn’t try again and just turned over and went to sleep.
Hopefully when my arms felt light it really was real life and not a FA :content: .oh well.
This is progress and i hope to make more tonight :smile: .


But you do see SOMETHING right?

Yea i see colors and shapes…did you try again without moving your body yet?

Well, I tried, but, but I was too aware and wouldnt fall aesleep, so I gave up. :bored:

BTW, 61-point technique?
Its not in the main site as far as I can tell…
can you gimme a link? my internet is working reaaaaaaaaally slow, and this seems to be the only site that isn’t slow. :shrug:

If i went off to find it myself, well, lets just say you wouldnt hear from me for a good long while.

Actually i found it in the first page, but i dont really understand the whole 61 point thing… I mean…

:wow: :wow: :wow: :woah:

I have to memorize THAT??? :eek:

It seems like a lot to memorize but its really easy, theres a whle system it. It goes forhead down to throat, down the right arm then back up again, across to the left arm back up again then down the upper body, u get it? its a system to it

I tried WILD a few nights ago. I tensed and relaxed my muscles as described in EWLD. I closed my eyes and started counting: 1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming . . .

When I got to 56, I started to see what reminded me of TV fuzz, like when cable goes out or the tv has no signal. It was tinted blue. I started to feel some tingling in my feet and lower legs, but it stopped and I almost woke up. I fell asleep normally after that. This would be the hypnagogic imagery I assume? If so, wow… I’m not that far off :cool_laugh:

Hello compguy! :ok:

you did that? can you explain to be IN DETAIL what you did?
Ive tried WILD like 5 times, but no luck :cry: !

Please help me!! :help: :help: :help:

Hmm sorry about your bad luck Monkee… hopefully it will pass

Well, I thought 61-point was overkill for the situation. I was already quite sleepy… it was a little after midnight. I layed out on my back. Stretched out.
Then, I started at my feet by tensing them up for a 5-8 seconds, then relaxing them again. I was amazed at how much of a difference it made. I then did the same with my calves, thighs, shoulders, arms, wrists, and finally my fingers.
I closed my eyes lightly, began to count… really focused on my counting… soon, it was like I didnt even feel my body. I quickly shut that thought out of my head though, because I feel that thinking of my body would prevent me from falling asleep. I kept counting… around 50, slowly an image found its way into my mind. I didnt think about it, it just showed up. It looked like the blizzard on tv when it has no signal. Instead of squiggly dots, though, they were more like small square blocks. The image became clearer until it filled my entire field of vision. I started to feel my feet and ankles get tingles and pulses. I began to get excited, “Ooh! I’m almost there!” But this thought interrupted my focus and I seemed to have fell asleep normally.

I really feel that if I had more concentration, I would have made it.
Hope this helps, and good luck! :smile:

Thanks! :content:

So tensing muscles really does help, eh?

Im gonna try that tonight. And, today is saturday, and I alway stay up LATE on saturdays!(late as in 2-3 am late!)

hopefully, I’ll get the hang of WILD soon, and hopefully, have an LD.

My goal is to get one by the end of the month, but at the rate Im going, I’ll be lucky to have one by next year… :sad:

:cool_laugh: I think I just had my first WILD, It was very…strange but I did not take complete control of it, I was scared I was going to wake up :neutral: But I did it after taking a nap, So everyone who is having a hard time, try WILDing while taking a nap :grin:

I guess I’m lucky. I’ve never had to struggle with WILD.
The first time I had a WILD it happened by itself. This was before I knew anything about LDs. I didn’t even know there was such a term as WILD.
I just had the experience and thought “Whoa…how is that possible? Am I the only one that has ever experienced that?” because there’s so little mainstream knowledge and acceptance of LDs.
So, I’ve had about 10 now (that first one was less than 2 years ago) and each time it seems when my mind and body are ready for it to happen, it happens. Only now I know from experience what the transistions “feel” like, and am somehow better able to guide myself through vibrations, imagery, and into an LD.
I sort of release my body awareness. It’s like letting go, not exactly falling down or back, but more of a falling forward into, with the knowledge that everything’s OK, just relax and enjoy the show. I think this is the crucial thing; a careful balance of awareness and relaxation.
So I don’t have any “techniques” to help. I believe it will happen when your body and brain chemistry are conducive to it. When I first started trying to make them happen, I would often end up frustrated; NOT relaxed like you need to be.
Anyway, I share my personal experience in the hope that it helps.

Yes, being relaxed is a HUGE part of it. I was getting really mad and just flipped over and ended up falling asleep. I then realized after I woke up if I waited 10 more minutes I would of had it. So do not give up, just let it keep going you will prob. get there sooner or later :content:

Does anyone elses’ sinuses clear whenever they do WILD? It seems like all of a sudden the air going in and out of my nose becomes very cold when I am attempting an LD. Also, my arms and legs often go numb but my torso never does. How do I get past this?

Sometimes when I wake up from having a WILD my head feels all tingly. About the sinus thing though I would recomend doing it with a really light blanket covering your nostrals. I’ve had to sleep that that every winter since I was a kid since my nose dries out too much otherwise. Or you could use a bandana and just place it lightly over your nose.

I almost had a WILD last night… but I’m not sure what happened. I got the vibrations, but often when I get that my toes start twitching. And I never have the feeling of going completely numb, really. Up till now it’s either - during the relaxation I fall asleep - or at one point I roll over and sleep. I’ve had only one small natural WILD a few weeks back, but it was gone before I even realised I was really dreaming. So, it’s not really a WILD… it’s where I fall asleep and then get ‘pulled’ into a dream without being able to stop it. I was so tired that day I landed on my bed and fell straight asleep - completely unconscious. Heh.

The 61-point relaxation technique has helped me. I try to figure out the right number of seconds to count each point - 10 seconds makes me too sleepy, 7 seconds is too short. I’ll try 8 tonight, in combination with the tensing you mention. The technique is quite easy to remember if you go through it a couple of times. When the first round doesn’t relax me enough I even do it backwards.

One of my other issues with WILD is controlling my breath. As soon as I get closer, my breathing and heartrate increases (I believe this is what your body does during REM, as opposed to the other sleeping stages), and I get out of the relaxation. I have trouble letting go of my body, letting it control itself whilst staying conscious because of the breathing. Any tips?