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So what is WILD, simply? I’ve read all about it, but is it just your mind staying awake while your body sleeps, or something? Is it easy to do?

That’s pretty much the unofficial definition. When we talk about WILD, we’re usually referring to the technique of falling asleep while keeping your mind awake - in essense walking directly into a dream. Technically though, WILD just means any LD that was initiated by first sleeping a few hours then waking up and returning to sleep.

Due to the order in which the sleeping cycles occur, when going to sleep for the first time in a particular night a person will enter dreamless sleep for approximately an hour and a half. When you breifly wake up and return to sleep after doing this, if you’re quick, you won’t have to go through these cycles again before you get to the dreaming part. This provides the window of oppertunity to go straight into a dream from being awake.

Some people find it easier than others, so I’m not going to tell you that it’s hard (don’t want to put up any mental barriers). If you have trouble with it, there are several other methods that people have suggested. Anything from listening to music to sleeping upright in a sitting position. Just do a search for ‘WILD tips’, or something similar in the forum.

Athiest: EG the first sleep period of the night - I’ve read what you said in a few books and also here a few times, but on a few occassions, I’ve had vivid dreams in the first 30 minutes of my first sleep period of the night. I have no clue how, but it’s happened before. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to WILD on my first sleep session…I’ve only come very close, only to have it fade back to that infamous black and silent void.
So, I’m wondering, maybe it’s only possible to have normal dreams, not LDs, after a certain time during your first sleep period of the night?? Maybe the waves our brains put out at that particular time are not well enough equipped to handle an LD; or, maybe the parts of the brain that allow LD’ing are just still “asleep” or inactive. I have no idea, but I do know that I certainly have had dreams very shortly after falling asleep for the first time at night.
For instance, about a week ago, I remember falling asleep around 1:00AM for the first time that night, and I woke up for some odd reason shortly after, at 1:36 on the dot. When I woke up and noticed only about 36 minutes had passed, I was really shocked because I remembered having 2 vivid dreams, which were quite long. It’s another one of those “misplaced time” cases I suppose – what seemed like 3+ hours was really only 36 minutes! :eh:

I have that happen to me all the time! I guess thats why nighttime seems to pass by so quickly!

Yeah Desi…it’s a shame isn’t it?! The ONE time span we want to last for a long time, usually ends up doing just the opposite. Then, of course, being at work for 8 hours seems like 18! :bored: Although, it’s not too bad for me I guess…I work with over 800 women… :content: hehe

Now, if we can just figure out a way to make the nights seem like they’re lasting a lot longer (while alone, of course…) :grin:

:gni: :rofl: lol:

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Someone’s in a laughing mood! Come on now, you’re not supposed to smoke that until right before you go to bed… [% hehe

Can someone give me tips on how to stay concious when performing WILD? My mind always shuts down along with my body and I can’t help it! It’s seems hopeless but I’m gonna keep trying anyway.

my new theory on WILD:

when going to sleep, don’t focus yourself on teh symptoms of WILD. just let yourself go, and dream. keep your focus on dreaming, but have in the back of your mind to do something to exert control, something to keep your mind alert. keep visualizing a dream scenerio, and keep telling yourself to remain alert and conscious throughout it all. even though you’re not actually dreaming, its a kindof daydream that will inevitably help you to get into the dream.

of course, i haven’t had an LD yet, so i don’t really have a clue as to what i’m talking about really. but i have gotten some pretty kooky effects with this method.

hope that was of anyhelp to anyone.

“sig transit gloria”

Tride15 :cool_laugh: what u need is focussing with your awareness
and your breathing at a certain body spot called a chakra.
Thats the way the east does it for centuries!
What i always miss with most of the wilders here
is that they just relax but dont focus their wareness and breathing
at a certain body spot…
You really need that…both! Breathing as well as awareness
focussed at one spot. There are seversal spots to focus at.
Read a book about dream yoga or just experiment yourself :happy:
I use the plexus solaris and the throat chakra…
They work for me the best!

Absoluteterror is right to focus at letting go and not just to look
for wild symptoms :happy:


I tried WILD last night, but didn’t get too far. I have no problem at all with staying awake. I started feeling numb after a few minutes, and then I started hearing little clicking noises. I didn’t feel vibrations or anything. I just stayed numb for maybe, 25 minutes until I decided to give up. The entire time I just counted backwards from 100 over and over again. I had about 6 hours of sleep, I woke up naturally, and tried. I just couldn’t get any further. The noises startled me a bit, but I didn’t let them wake me up completely. Any tips would really be appreciated!

Do not only count but try to fall a sleep to!

So split your consciousness…if u only count witch is a conscious thing
how do you expect to fall a sleep witch is a unconscious thing!
So use as much as u need of your consciousness to count
and let the rest try to fall a sleep!


Hey. I have a question concerning WILD. Duh. Well anyway, I can usually get to the vibrations when I’m trying, but I have a real problem trying to pass that stage. My question is, are you supposed to focus on the vibrations and try to induce them or just ignore them? What works for you guys? Thanks.

Only thing u need to do is to lower your consciousness a bit more…
Or at a certain point when u get into a sp level try to spin around in your imagination.
Or do another sort of wild…read about dream yoga :smile:


I was wondering about this since I am going to begin trying out WILD. What is your sleep position when you perform WILD? The one I was wondering about the most was if a lot of WILDers put pillows behind their backs so they are sitting upright. Does it seem to help which I’m guessing it does, but does it take longer to fall asleep this way?

Oh, I just remembered another question. If you meditate when you are attempting WILD, could you enter a dream whilst meditating?

I’ve read from a lot of different sources that REM is not the only sleep period in which you dream - it’s just the most active dreaming period and hence the best time to have a LD. I’d really like to not believe this, because I hate when things don’t fit nicely under a clearly defined heading. :smile:

Experimentation has shown that while we may dream in earlier sleep cycles, those dreams are generally vague, hard to remember, and in black and white. A lot of people have claimed otherwise, but for the moment we’ll throw way anything that hasn’t been documented by science. Whether the first dreaming period happens 90 minutes in, or 5 minutes in, the fact remains that people absolutely DO NOT dream the very instant that they fall asleep - unless they have just woken from a REM period.

In light of this, it stands to reason that slipping into a dream from waking consciousness is only possible after already sleeping and waking up. There - now everything makes sense again. :wink:

Yes Strifer42 thats possible if had that several times already at night and at day!

Your speaking from scientific data Atheist ,not from insight in consciousness. Remember this data is from using average ppl for sleep research not ppl who are trained in meditation or hypnosis.
If i give myself the suggestion…“I dream I dream I dream” and keep on saying that very fast in my head till i fall a sleep while i lay in bed i enter a dream…colour to, in the first 20 min of sleep. I did this several times and got lucid a few times, woke up and it seemed I slept for about 20 min minus the dream time.
Thats one example…
If what u say is true how about ppl under hypnosis?
Can they only enter dream stage under hypnosis after sleep? So in the morning? That is totally not the case.
Further i know from my own experience in wild i can do it also before sleeping…works fine…just have to focus breathing and awareness as one.
What u claim may be so for the 70 % of the dreamers…but it sure doenst count as a law for all of us :wink:
So there are exceptions to the rule and scientific data.

But i know u dont like scientific exceptions lol…in fact i dont know that…lol
its an assumption :smile:


That’s exactly right, Jeff. I’m talking about average people, with average mental disipline. It would be a safe bet that most of the people on this forum are less than proficient in the arts of self-hypnosis and meditation, and so I offer them my advice on how to start out using the WILD technique, assuming that everyone isn’t already a master of their own mind. :grin:

:cool_laugh: Perfect answer lol! Atheist!

Still its important that ppl know that it is possible, so there will be no mental wall for them.