the big WILD topic part V

After reading through the WILD threads and discovering that some are successful at becoming lucid on the first sleep session of the night, I concluded there was no reason not to try to do so myself. (Having never intentionally become lucid, I have nothing to lose by trying)

Although I did not become lucid last night by using WILD on the first sleep session (about 4 AM), I did experience strong body vibrations, partial paralysis and light hypnogogics after approximately 15-20 minutes of efforts to remain conscious.

Does this mean I was very close to LD or that I would have had an LD if I were in the proper period in the sleep cycle?

It means you were somewhere in between waking and sleeping. Somewhat further and you get rem stage.
Most ppl that try wild get in this stage…also ppl that try meditation…get into level 2…between waking and sleeping. But from there its suddenly much harder to get further and still stay lucid.

Good luck!


Okay, this is already the fifth topic on WILD, and I don’t want to read all those to discover what exactly the “symptomes” are.
What do you experience while doing WILD?

I’ve tried some trance-like thingy, that I found from a link on this forum. It goes something like this:

You lie down and close your eyes, and you just keep looping at the blackness from your eyes and you just keep focussing on your body.

You’ll see little yellow dots, and you keep looking, and you body goes numb and buzzing dont know exactly and so you could go AP/OBE.
It also said something about hypnagognic hallucinations

I already know by reading the fifth part that you have at a certain point you get SP and feel vibrations, and have hypnagognic hallucinations. but are there some else thingy’s?

Thanks in advantage for telling me, “Isaac”

I have trouble staying awake with WILD. It seems easy, and I seem completely awake, but before I know it I am asleep. Normally I count backwards, but that keeps me awake too much. When I try drifting off a little more I fall asleep suddenly. :sad: Any tips?

Okay, I read now the WHOLE topic, 5 topics long that is :eek:
I’m going to write down here what I know, so it’s useful for me, and perhaps for you, to see it altogether.

WILD is a wake iniated Lucid Dream. You walk “directly” into a dream by balancing your consciousness and subconsious: Let your body fall asleep, and let a dream begin, but stay conscious enought to, yeah, stay conscious :cool: .

The best time to do it is, is said, after you’re out of your delta-sleep, after 5-7 hours of sleep. In the morning or after a nap seems to work also for some people. You can also try to go like 24 hours without sleep to raise your serotine levels. I personally think this method sux.

Relax your body.
You just relax your body, and lie down in a comfortable position. It van be on your back, but also on your side, if that’s more comfortable for you. Make sure you don’t have any pressure on your hands, feets, legs or arms. If you have, they may fall asleep in the progress because the blood flow is stopped. This feels like annoying pins and needles.

Relax your mind.
This can be done how you wish, but the basic method is focussing on ONE thing. You can put on some music (maybe hemisync works for you). Or you van count breaths, or listen to your heartbeat. Just clear your mind of thought by focussing on one thing.

Feel the numbness.
After a while, you’re body goes into Sleep Paralysis, you will feel a tingle. At your hands and feet first, then the rest of your body. It isn’t hard to reach this stage.

Take off!
Then you may see a circles floating for your eyes, and later even pictures.
Or you may hear sounds. You can even feel or smell things that aren’t there. You don’t have to see or hear this. Some people have this, some people skip this phase.
If you DO have this, try pulling yourself into a scene you see before your eyes. You may end up in a dream exactly like the scene.

After a whole lot of relaxing, you’ll feel “buzzing” or “electrical energy” trough your body. They mostly come in waves. If you doubt whether you have vibrations or not, you proberbly have not. Once you have then, you’ll know it without any doubt. In this stage, you’re almost done performing a WILD. You only have to “pull yourself out”. You can try to (imagine) sink away, or to float, or to roll, whatever you like. Maybe you have to try some before you’re “out”. Once your “out”. You’re in a dream!

If you’re drifting to far away, probebly only your abstract mind is awake and you logical asleep. You’ll get illogical things to think. What helps is to count from 1 to 100.

Don’t get to exicited when you have the vibrations, otherwise you’ll ruin it.

If you have problems swallowing or itches, just focus even harder on the thing your focusing.

more tips appreciated

It may sound like I’m a pro WILDer, but I’m not. I had only one WILD, and that was not on purpose. You all probably think now: “How is that possible?”


I woke up at 3.30AM, it’s hot in bed here, and I could get to sleep. I probably doze off or something, or I didn’t doze off just yet. Suddenly, my mind is awake again, because of the feeling of electricity going through my body. I can’t feel my legs and arms, they’re paralysed. After three breaths, and three waves, I was free! I felt myself floating! Because I saw my room, I thought I was having an OBE, so I flew trough the wall and a little. Then I realised to make my first OBE not too long, because then you don’t remember it. So I concentrated on my body, and felt my nose that was itching. Then I was lieing in my bed again, completly awake and completly stunned. It was 4.20AM or something.
Later that night I had the feeling I could go again, but I was a little confused and wanted to sleep. (Why the heck did I want that?!?!?!)

(I didn’t grab my journal, but it went something like that)

Tell me if my “article” on WILD is missing something. I have typed it out in notepad and I like to complete it more. Thanks for reading and giving your critic on this LONG post!

I tried WILD last night and I think I did pretty well! I focused on my breathing for a long time, and then I started to see swirls and splashes around my eyes (I don’t know how to spell it, hypnogogic images?) I didn’t see any scenery that I could go into, but I saw lots of faces, other than that it was just swirls. Then before I knew it, I was paralyzed and all I could do was think. I couldn’t really concentrate on hearing or feeling, so I didn’t know what was going on around me. All I could do was think, and breathe. Of course I thought this was good and was excited about getting that far. My mind kept on kind of drifting off, almost falling asleep, but I just relaxed. It was really hard to concentrate on things, it was hard to keep my mind from falling asleep. I was trying to think of logical things, and I started to feel vibrations in mylower legs . I just let it happen and didn’t get too excited. Then the heater in my house started up, and it got me completely out of it! :sad: Just thought I’d share what happened, sorry if my post was a little boring :shy:, I’m just happy that I got far. :grin:

Mike, congrats for being this far! Don’t ever give up! I’m currently working on improving the WILD technique so anyone like you can do it a bit easier (hopefully). I’m one of the WILD freakers… just ask Jeff and he’ll tell you! :smile: I WILD almost every night… even though I do fall asleep, but I learn how to control it more. You should try and practice it everyday as if you’re practicing meditate daily. It helps a lot. Just like that quote, “Practicing make perfect!”

Good luck and odn’t give up! I repeat, don’t EVER give up! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any. I’ll try my best (including others) to answer your question even though you might think it’s not answered yet or something. I expermint a lot and am willing to expermint for you if you want to try something to see if it will speed up the WILD experience or anything. :smile: Just ask. :smile: I will not bite ya. Grins evilly :devil:

I PM’ed Jeff for your WILD technique, but aigh, wouldn’t be a lot easier for us all if you’d just post it here? I mean, that poor Jeff is going to be PM’ed to dead by all those WILDfreaks now :cool:


When you WILD, can you have an OBE when your trying to get into a dream? I always try to WILD at nights for fun and I get close but I give up cause I never see or hear anything. Maybe cause I try it on first sleep and never later on. I just think if you don’t see any kinda dream that you will just get out your body into an OBE. But are they both the same thing? I know people get scared about OBE stuff but never about dreaming. I had one from a WILD where it was like an OBE but I was still in my room and knew I was dreaming and saw myself sleeping in bed but it turned into a dream after when nothing in my dream worked. So if you WILD, will you just roll out into your room and dream if you have no dreaming signs? or do you have to do something else to have an OBE?

This is what I know about this:

When WILDing, if you have hypnagogics, you can pull yourself in to have an LD. But if you want an OBE, you cannot do this and must do all the vibration thingy’s.
An OBE is in this world, and an LD is in a dream world. Therefore, you cannot pull yourself in one of your hypnagogic imagery.
But, real OBE are very tricky, you have to stay focussed on here and now, otherwise you will be making things up, and notice suddenly a door where there isn’t one in real life: It become’s a little dream-like.

So in conclusion, if you WILD, you can have an OBE (if you don’t pull yourself in your hypnagogics). But the only tricky thing about OBE’s is that you can easily be dreaming without knowing, if you let your attention slip. I suggest you read OBE treatise on :smile:

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Isaac i answer you pm tomorrow or sunday!


That’s cool, thx :cool:

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I had btw those vibrations, yesterday or something. But I couldn’t get out, I guess I’ll have to try harder, but I was afraid to move in my bed and screw my vibes. (But I couldn’t screw it, I now know, cuz I were SP’ed)

I am a little on unclear on one more thing. If I went right to the vibrations, what would I do then? Do I just relax? I don’t understand how to get into a dream from here. Oh and by the way, thanks DM7! And thanks to everyone answering my many questions! :happy:

When you have those vibes, you imagine yourself out, or you roll or something like that. Then you’ll have an OBE and you can dive in a lucid dream.

But, do you have SP? If you haven’t then they’re proberbly not vibrations. The feel electric. Not like tingling. If you doubt, then you don’t have them.


:neutral: not sure how helpful this is, but from my very limited experience with WILD there is one thing that helped me (since I can’t put the focus to count without being up all night long) -it seemed to help me if I didn’t focus on one specific thing - from the WILDs I had they were all a result of keeping my mind focused on one topic (ie lucid dreaming, etc). That was enough leeway to think about so that I wasn’t too focused and kept up but not too broad so that my mind would wander off.

I don’t know, anyone else tried something similar? This is certainly a very interesting method :smile:

yep Greyfire tried this method for a total different reason…
just to c if my dream would be influenced by it…sometimes it gave me a ld sometimes not. :smile:


Ever since my first good WILD, I have been trying to have another WILD, but I haven’t managed it yet. Up until now, I have been having trouble with staying concious whilst falling asleep, but the various techniques I have been trying either just keep me awake until I get sick of trying them and then I just give up and fall asleep or just stay awake frustrated.

However, the technique which shows the most promise for me is the counting and saying “I’m dreaming” or something like that.

The two other main ones which I’ve unsuccessfully tried are:

1 - Concentrating on my breathing. I find this keeps me too concious and too aware of my physical body, so I find I don’t fall asleep doing this. I get extremely relaxed (I often use breathing to help me relax in the day) but I just don’t fall asleep.

2 - Sounds. The most recent one I tried, was where I made a CD featuring a sleep induction brainwave sound acompanied by a background sound like slow waves, and then once the brainwave sound faded out, the waves remained. I found the waves would wake me back up again. I don’t know whether I should have had the volumes set differently, but anyway, this method didn’t quite feel right anyway. Too forced? I don’t know.

But anyway, back to the other method which I think shows potential.
Counting whilst saying “I’m dreaming.” Although I haven’t had another WILD by using this, I feel I am getting closest with this, plus this was the method I used the last time I was sucessful. What I have noticed with this method, is that it seams to keep my mind almost just aware enough. I notice that my brain is somehow able to perform this function whilst simultatiously drifting off towards all kinds of random pre-sleep images and thoughts.

I tried this method this morning, and several times got to the light vibrations and felt myself drifting away whilst still slightly concious. This all somehow felt much better and closer to getting a WILD than what I had experienced with the other methods.

I even developed a certain rhythm to say it in, to help keep it going better. It goes like this. Think of a bouncey rhythm, and then say it in the rhythm like this:




Do you see what I mean? I put the and in there just to keep the rhythm on certain numbers where sylables in the number are different, for example, 20 has two sylables (twen-ty) whereas 21 has three sylables (twen-ty-one).

The idea behind this is simply to create a better flow, to enable my brain to do it more automatically and keep going without being distracted by the random images flying round my head.

Additional Notes:

I set my watch alarm for 4am, I have been varying how long I stay awake for to see what works. I often find that if I stay awake for too long, I just can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes I read for 10-15 minutes (or until I feel tired again). Sometimes I just go and take a pee and get straight back into bed. To be honest, I haven’t found much difference really. The only difference being that if I stay awake for half an hour or more and go on my computer or something, I find it very hard to get back to sleep. But staying awake for 10-15 minutes reading or just taking a pee and going straight back to bed, there seams to be no difference, the reading just delays attempting WILD.

…and finally:
I think I’m going to keep trying with WILD as opposed to other techniques, because I much prefer the idea of it. Previously, I got so sick of constantly doing reality checks to have a DILD or whatever. Personally I much prefer the idea of WILD, and I’m optamistic that I will be able to do it again if I keep trying.


A frustrating sequence of events happened this morning.

I had set my alarm for 5am, thinking that because it’s the weekend I might end up going to sleep a bit later. I then ended up waking up naturally about 2am or 3am, and quickly went back to sleep. then I woke up naturally again at 4am, but this time unset my alarm because I thought “Well, I’m awake now anyway.” I quickly went downstairs to take a pee, and then came back up to bed. I had it in mind to try my WILD technique, but because I was really tired (because I’d woken earlier than I’d intended) I got distracted and just fell asleep thinking about other things.

Then I woke up naturally again at 6am, and tried my WILD technique, but I just ended up really relaxed and numb (with occasional hypnogigic images) for a whole hour whilst I counted all the way 100 about 20 times or something.

Oh well, I’ll keep trying, better luck next time maybe.

Side note: Lately I have been taking 100mg Vitamin B6 before bed. Maybe this is unnessesary for my WILD technique, because maybe it disturbs the natural dreaming processes? I do notice more vivid dreams when taking it, but maybe somehow this is interfering with what would otherwise be an extremely effective method which works best when everything else is normal? Maybe I should just keep everything like a normal night’s sleep but concentrate on my WILD technique? I’m going to try it both ways, with and without.


Got a question about WILD…

I have the problem that when I try to WILD, and get to the first vibrations, I get excited, my pulse start to increase, and it ends without me getting any further. Do any of you know how to avoid this? Will practice (trying to do WILD over and over) help for this problem?

JustAnotherAJ: Well… very well… maybe you don’t like that word, but… “PRACTICE!” And you simply cannot get excited! You must act like you’re a dead meat! Again, acting like you’re a dead person requires some practicing!