the big WILD topic part V

Isaac–Could you tell me what SP means please? Also, you mentioned the term twice-“Pulling yourself in.” What does that mean? Could you explain ? Thanks :content:

Wizard: SP means Sleep Paralysis

Oh I just noticed, it’s my 250th post! :grin:

Thank you DM7. Since this is your 250th post, I say congratulations, and it’s easy to see why you’re a five star General. :content:

OOps! I meant four star General :content:

:rofl: Thanks! I just love to help people… speaking of WILD, I’m planning on writing a big WILD article in case you haven’t heard that I’m planning on doing it. :grin: I’m actually quite excited… I’m a WILD freak! :rofl: I don’t know when I’ll complete that article though.

I have been thinking about WILD today, and I was thinking that maybe the reason I have not been successful since my first good WILD is because I have not been strict enough with my technique.

I’m thinking maybe I should go back to exactly what I did that night that I had my first good WILD. This is the method I used:

1 - Fall asleep reading about Lucid Dreams.
2 - Wake up after 5-6 hours sleep.
3 - Read about Lucid Dreams again, until sleepy again.
4 - Focuss on deep slow breathing.
5 - Count “1 Lucid Dream, 2 Lucid Dream” in time with breathing.

I was thinking that maybe this exact technique is what I need. Maybe I have been failing lately because various odd bits of this I haven’t been sticking to, like watching telly before bed instead, or just counting or just breathing instead of doing both together.

So I will only attempt this when there’s nothing I want to watch on telly on a particular night, that way I can follow this technique exactly. Also, when I attempt it, I will try and plan to go to bed early, like 9pm or something, so then I can set my first alarm quite early like maybe 3:30, and then that gives me plenty of time before I have to get up at 6:30am to get ready for work.

That way I can be attempting WILD but not losing sleep, because I’ll be giving myself plenty of time.

I’m thinking maybe that other guy on here is right (forgotten who he is), the guy who keeps saying that it’s best to find a technique and stick to it. This one worked before, so maybe I should stick to it precisely and be consistent.


Hi! I’m new, I just registered today. I’m very intrested in lucid dreaming and I believe I’ve had two, one last night for sure and one a while ago. Last night I went to sleep at around 10 and woke up on my own at 4:30… I got a drink and went to try WILD. I was concentrating on the brain frequency noises(like TV static) and occasionally the colors like pressing on my closed eyelids… I never actually saw hypogenic images like they say, not a single image and not and action, just color sploches sometimes but mainly blackness. On the eye that was against my pillow, the eardrum would beat slowly and when I paid attention, it would incread, not speed but intensity… Eventually I felt the jolts and felt like I started floated… it was becoming more and more intense then I heard a a door closing by my mom and it all faded and went back to me… being awake, with my eyes closed. :sad: But then, I re-adjusted and tried again. It seemed to work faster and I went right into a lucid dream which lasted like 10 seconds haha… I was walking in a sunny day and I stopped and looked in a circular mirror a girl was holding at me. I saw my face then …the scene just…CHANGED and I was in my bed, dark. I looked at my hands and it was hard to see… I tried looking at my digital clock but that was too hard also, then I awoke… When I say hard to see, it wasn’t like hard to READ the clock, but it was hard to pay attention like…my eyes were crossed or something, like if you are about to fall asleep from laughing gas. I have a question: What if you try WILD before sleeping for many hours? …Will it work? If so, how…will it take longer? like 90 minutes? Or will it never work? I don’t think I could lay in my bed for 90 minutes thinking nothing’s happening, haha. I’ll know I need to get to sleep or else I’ll be tired in the morning, I’m like “hurry up and work!” haha. It’s wierd because I feel like I’m awake, just laying down with my eyes closed motionless, but if I open my eyes it feels like I just awoke from sleep, like I yawn and stretch and stuff… Also another question, is that sleeping(where I don’t feel like I’m sleeping but if I open my eyes I yawn) actual sleeping? Like… is my body getting the rest it needs? If I feel awake from 10-11 then have a lucid dream, is it the same as getting the same amount of sleep from going to sleep at 10? Or did I loose an hour?

Edit: Also, say I hear a soft noise in my environment constantly… like… water dripping or something… If I conciously pay attention to the water, will I ever enter the dream state? Or just lay in my bed with eyes closed?

the same happend to me a coupple of days ago… :grrr: but i got too exited of the feeling of floating that it all faded. i was so mad at me

My WILD position is always on my back, hands on my stomach or at my sides, nothing else has worked (though even on my back rarely works).

I’ve gotten to the point of having at least 2 DILDs every night, but despite my efforts, i’ve never had more than one (really crappy) WILD.

I often have a lot of trouble getting to sleep normally… could this be the problem?

Also i have trouble focusing on things, ie i can’t focus on the blackness behind my eyelids for more than 5 minutes. The only thing i can focus on for hours on end is music. Is it possible to WILD while listening to music? If so, what sort (eg. chillout, psy, ambiant psy, trance)?

a couple of nights ago , i beleive i had what could be called a WILD. I didnt have it intentionally. I beleive it happened after i had woken up at 5 in the mornin to try the wake back to bed method but instead i got these awesome feelin energy waves flowing from my head to my feet up and down (btw… i was lying on my stomach) and after about a minute of those i felt like i was detaching from my body. Now while all this was happenin i was in that groggy state of mind like after u wake up and then i thought i was havin an OBE so i rolled my inner body to the left and ended up on my couch which is right on the other side of my wall next to my bed. I then had a lucid dream lasting about 10 minutes with me mostly trying to fly but never getting to far. So i think this was a WILD/OBE or simply just a WILD since ive never had a WILD intentionally and therefore am not sure what it would be like. :eh:

   Ive got several  experiments im gonna try. Im either gonna stay awake for 24 hours or either try to do a full fledged WILD tonight after setting my alarm to goff around 3AM. I still have to make up my mind. :neutral:

Hmm… that sounds like a good idea. Has anyone ever tried doing WILD or anything else LD related using laughing gas? Surely someone has a parent who is dentist. :grin:

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought 'time to try for a WILD". No matter what I did i just couldnt get comfortable. I was itching, pins and needles.

The position I found most comfortabel was the position I always wake up in and also the position I find best for remembering my dreams, lying on my side.

Has anyone got any great tricks for easily putting aside things like itching?


It’s hard, but I think the only thing you can do is try to ignore it. Either that, or give yourself one good scratching before you start to WILD. :wink:

Ha ha ha ha, that’s way too funny! It’s a good tip… paradox, but a good one. :grin:

My tip is… YOU GOTTA IGNORE IT WITH YOUR ALL MIGHTY! Usually when an itch happens, it means that you’re this CLOSE to the “silence” trance where nothing will bother you anymore. When you reach there, you’ll notice that it’s worth every of your MIGHT to ignore the annoying itch! Unfortunately, sometimes an itch can be very bad that you jerk or jump because it hurts… that’s ok, but you gotta have try and not notice it. I hope I’m making sense here… sighs

I don’t make sense sometimes. :roll:

I don’t get any problems with itching or pins and needles, but I think it’s because I’m never actually awake for more than a minute or 2.

I only ever try WILD after sleeping 6 hours, then waking up for 10 seconds (just long enough to turn off my alarm). If all goes well, most of my body will still feel numb, and I will have woken directly from a dream. I then relax, and begin concentrating on an image in my head (usually something from the dream I just woke from, or a book if I can’t remember what I was dreaming).

The trick is to not wake yourself up too much. This causes 2 problems. Firstly, it’ll take longer to get back to sleep, during which time you’ll probably find yourself distracted by all kinds of ‘morning phenomenon’. Secondly, if you stay awake too long (more than 10 minutes), you’ll have to go back through the first 2 sleep cycles and thereby eliminate your chances of actually performing WILD.

There’s only a small window of opportunity to go back into a dream from the waking state before you’re too awake and must re-start your sleep cycles. If you’re not quick, you’ll miss it.

I agree with Atheist; HOWEVER, it can increase your chance to miss it too. Mostly because you’re still sleepy and you might feel too tired to attempt WILDing or you just fall asleep accidently because you’re still mentally too exhausted to remain conscious. Try and WILD after 6 hours of sleep and stay up for at least 30 minutes. When you’re successful… you can try and decrease the time until you just turn off the alarm and return to bed quickly. :smile:

Good luck.

Everything I’ve read says to stay awake for 10-60 minutes before trying to WILD. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been able to. I’m going to start trying Atheist’s method. It makes more sense to me. :happy:

Most of the documentation I’ve read that involves staying awake for 30 to 60 minutes has usually been based on MILD, rather than WILD. Some people may be able to fall directly into REM sleep after remaining awake for a period greater than 10 minutes, but it goes against everything I’ve read about sleep cycles. To me, (and looking over my success) it makes more sense that staying awake for only a few minutes is the only possible way to do it.

I took this information from Stephen LaBerge’s first book (titled “Lucid Dreaming”) in which he states clearly that due to the way the sleep cycles occur, it is unusual for someone to experience REM sleep from a full waking state without first having to step down through the first 2 cycles. If you can’t trust Stephen LaBerge on this one, who can you trust?

DM7 has a good point though, which is that after only being awake a few minutes, it’s VERY easy to just slip back asleep before you even realise what happened. I guess therein lies the challenge.

Most people who remain awake for upwards of 30 minutes and later find themselves in a lucid dream probably experienced MILD, and simply didn’t notice the hour or so of dreamless sleep that seperates their meditative efforts and the realization that they’re in a dream. That’s just my theory.

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